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Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services – The Safest Zone For Online Retailer's Success That Together Form A Reliable And Inexpensive Computing Platform.

EsferaSoft Solutions aids to make the cloud-related services, seamless & cost-effective for both higher education institutions & federal agencies. Our squad of experts is AWS (Amazon Web Services) certified who provide, for installation, configuration, training & on-going support, the potent mixture of architectural & technical guidance of in terms of appropriate cloud selection, plus dedicated professional services. In order to support AWS services through our company, we cut down the costs, enhance service delivery as well as productivity around whole enterprises.

But building on AWS is very different from normal product architecture. You will face challenges like

  • Determining which of the many component services offered within AWS (EC2, S3, Amazon RDB, Amazon EBS etc) would be a good fit for your requirements.
  • How to take advantage of the architecture provided by AWS so that your product can run at peak efficiency?
  • Building in redundant components and fault tolerance so that any kind of outage will not result in loss of service.
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Build Your Cloud Based Product With An AWS

Millions of customers are currently using AWS cloud products and solutions to create cool applications with improved flexibility and reliability.

Amazon Consultancy Services

By outsourcing Amazon Consultancy Services to EsferaSoft Solutions, providing an array of entities of store set up & management services. We're helping you out:

  • Set up Amazon Pro Merchant Account
  • The Complete List of the products, including product description, images, cost, etc.
  • Optimize the store with SEO strategies
  • Create & manage the Amazon Product Ads
  • Support Amazon APIs & AMWS (Amazon Marketplace Web Services)
  • Manage Amazon Competitor Cost Analysis
  • Give whole backoffice support, including inventory management, order processing & email chat support.

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Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS)

At EsferaSoft Solutions, we provide Amazon MWS, it includes multiple marketplaces, which show you separately where you can sell your products. Providing several features such as:

  • Inventory Management: Here you can perform batch uploads of inventory, add products, check inventory levels, perform general inventory management tasks & examine price information.
  • Order Management: You can upload here order information, acknowledge orders, obtain payment data, & schedule reports.
  • Reports Management: You can generate a variety of reports, the query of the status & download them.

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Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

In order to hire EsferaSoft Solutions, vendors can take advantage of all the resources & benefits associated with Amazon while signing up for fulfillment by Amazon. Check out what it includes:

  • Amazon's Name Associated With Vendors' Products: It is a quality guarantee, which most of the buyers appreciate, and making them more prone to support the seller because of that.
  • Subsidized Shipping Fees: Due to the fact that Amazon has a relationship with the shipping companies, the vendors use the services that will be able to pay less for shipping.
  • Multi­Channel Fulfillment: Amazon does help to ship & handle inventory that is being sold in multiple channels, but not just for Amazon marketplace.
  • Shipping Standardization: The entire FBA orders are processed in exactly the same way as Amazon handles its own merchandise. It means that when one purchases an item, Amazon picks the product from their inventory, packs the item & ships it to the buyers. Via Amazon FBA services, Amazon does take care of all the heavy lifting.

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