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Beginning of Esferasoft

“Incredible History Of Esferasoft Will Be A Never Ending Story Of Success”

  • 2007

    How Esferasoft Was founded

    Mr. Vipan Arora co-founder of Esferasoft and his friend whose hardcore and long lasting efforts build the base stone of an organization Esferasoft in 2007. The origin story is quite fascinating as they started it from a small gloomy room and spent several sleepless nights to come across different aspects of business. Luckily, they grab an opportunity from a US based entrepreneur for designing of a website and accomplished successfully that incredibly changed their life.

  • 2008 - 2010

    Set Up Our Presence

    In 2008, Esferasoft got a chance to setup an office with a team of 15 and this decision proved a big twist in the story as it provided a great exposure to their distinction and eminence. Now their business had left behind all the barriers and came on a smooth platform which made possible to enlarge the circle of business by establishing it at new office with the team of 35 creative & virtuous individuals who actually build a memorable history of Esferasoft.

  • 2011 - 2013

    Relocated At New Office

    Esferasoft setup its office in Mohali with the team of 55 brilliant engineers. And now in 2013, this organization got registered and became a recognized entity that later on turned into a huge organization. After getting the registration, it started expanding its reach for wider exposure.

  • 2014 – 2016

    Esferasoft Got ISO Certification

    In 2014, Esferasoft got ISO certification and now it is recognized internationally. Now Esferasoft introduced with a training team that imparts real time training and share concepts of development and marketing. With the progress and achievements, it's team size got increased to 100+ employees and at the same time, it integrated three times more quality infrastructure and methodology which made it a people oriented company.

  • 2017

    Established A Branch Office

    Esferasoft opened a new branch office in Dehradun with a team of talented engineers who are skilled and polished, and would definitely give amazing results as they have already started with favourable upshots. It has a well-equipped training section along with its core parts of development and designing.

  • 2018

    Moved to New Work Space

    Esferasoft phenomenal growth over the past few years makes 2018 the perfect time to relocate. We moved to Phase 8 Industrial Area Mohali in a new state of the art office, which facilitates us to win large amount of businesses with enhanced amenities and big office space. Moreover, we have initiated work on Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning.

  • Future

    Today's Success, Creates Future

    In such short span of time, Esferasoft has proved its caliber and excellence. It shows that its fortune would be miraculous and those days are not far when it would become the top most brand in the sphere of web development and its solutions. It has already geared up with master planning.