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The Challenge

Live Tracking of Parcels

Live Tracking of parcels was the utmost requirement of the Airdely team. Tracking parcel features was highly important because it's going to give better visibility about where users' parcel is and when they can expect to receive it.

A Smart Auto Parcel Assignment Program

Airdely team was looking for AI / ML solutions to create a system for smart auto parcel assignments. This functionality was crucial to empower any property to easily enforce an affordable and scalable package management solution that enhances the delivery and pick-up experience for couriers and air travelers, reduces the potential for time delays in assignments and increases employee productivity by allowing staff to focus on their core tasks.

Integrating advanced search and easy to manage Admin Control

Our client wanted to index enormous amounts of data to provide the most comprehensible and customized search. To meet this requirement, Our experts team decided to use Integrating advanced search features in the website and apps. Another major requirement from the client was a robust admin panel to manage everything from day to day routine tasks to handle all complex tasks. Our team developed an AI powered admin panel to show each and every update of the business environment at one place.

The Solution


Extremely scalable Django Framework was chosen because of easy setup, tons of libraries and smooth deployment of the project. The top most priority of our team was to offer robust solutions with easy management.

Dedicated Team Assignment

We assigned full time dedicated resources to achieve the deadlines of the modules without any delay. This project was big and many modules were needed to develop. Therefore, our project management team divided the whole project architecture into milestones and assigned a dedicated team of project managers, business analysts, testing engineers, AI/ML development and UX designers to build a smooth interface of Mobile apps.

Multi-threaded Binary Search

Designed a simple solution via multi-threaded binary search for matching the parcel-jobs which was not left unmatched. Expectations were very high from our client end as many stakeholders were monitoring the overall progress specially to handle complex tasks. Our whole team did a great job to meet their expectations and deliver a highly robust mobile App and customized solution.

Secure and Safe

This system has to collect various information from users so it was recommended to keep everything secure and safe. Our database management team did tremendous work to deliver what we committed to our client. We developed the application by considering all the latest technologies stacks, security guidelines and database security.

Success Story

It is not always possible to go personally and handover an important parcel to the other part of the world. However, the Airdely’s business idea made it possible and received a lot of accolades for this.

When the client shared his business idea with us, we discussed all aspects of it for better understanding that led to the successful delivery of the project. We are proud and privileged to work on this amazing and innovative online business idea and we truly appreciate it. If you have any similar business idea and plan to launch it soon, then get in touch with the Esferasoft team who will make it possible for you.

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