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Our Artificial Intelligence Services

imageImage Captioning

See what our Artificial Intelligence thinks of your image with its deep neural networks.


Tired of waiting for support messages. Lets have some fun with our AI chatbot.

imageEmotion Analysis

Give a chance to our Unsupervise Lexicon Based to detect your sentiment.

imageFace Generator

Faces Generated by our Generative Adversarial Networks(GANs).

imageText Summarisation

Summarize long documents with a short and descriptive title.

imageObject Detection

Check our Real Time Object Detection Model.

Transformative AI Solutions


Computer Vision and Image processing

Automate your applications with advanced technologies like TensorFlow, Keras to capture and generate insights from images and videos. We offer custom computer vision and image processing solutions with advanced algorithms such as


Sentimental Analysis

We, at Esferasoft, combine Natural Language Processing libraries (NLP) such as NLTK and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms such as scikit-learn to perform sentiment analysis and extract meaning from product and service review in the form of text. Our robust sentiment analysis algorithm can


Auto Stock Trading

No more searching for hot commodities, sectors, stocks, indexes, or analyzing market opinions. Our auto stock trading algorithm does all the searching, timing and trading for you using our AI algorithms.


Recommendation System

We offer AI-Powered Recommendation as a Service to increase the sales and growth for your enterprise. We can deliver your own highly customized AI-driven eCommerce recommendation engine tailored to each Customer online


Health Care with AI

We help transform healthcare with AI‑powered solutions and state-of-the-art technologies such as PyTorch and Caffe. Our solutions assist doctors, patients and care teams with efficient, innovative ways to capture clinical information,


AI Chatbot for Client

Engage with clients using AI-powered chatbots. Our chatbots deliver smarter and personalized conversations, across industries while providing a seamless experience.

Industries We Serve

Powerful AI solution For Diverse Industries


Our Work

Our AI (Artificial Intelligence) as well as NLP (Natural Language Processing) Powered chatbot are most popular for consumer and Business communication channels. Here’s lists of technologies that we utilize to make a ground making chatbot solution.

Chat Bot

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) software which transcribe a conversation with a user in natural language. Chatbot applications efficient interactions between customer services and people, smoothing customer experience. Chatbot helps customer engagement processes and operational efficiency by reducing the man power and cost of customer service. We have created a simple lexicon model based on Naive Bayes algorithm. Applications 1. Prevent churn – Churn prediction is one of the significant use cases for membership based enterprises. To know the reasons for churn and understand churn is best for client lead conversation 2. Chatbots can include another layer of intuitiveness to online business, enabling clients to cooperate past menus and catches. 3. Automate Bookings and Reservations – Text based reservation frameworks can be simpler to utilize and can automate the hussle for your manually filling long forms.

Emotion Analysis

Emotions plays a crucial aspect in our life. They are represented in our day to day conversations.We have created our Emotion Analysis Classifier which is trained over different emotions on a larger dataset with the help of LSTM Neural Networks. Applications of emotional analysis are being used heavily in following fields: Competitor monitoring, Employee feedback, Computing customer satisfaction metrics, Social Selling, Reputation management.


1. Intent Analysis – Intent investigation fastens up the process by breaking down the client’s expectation behind a message and recognizing whether it relates a sentiment, news, showcasing, protest, proposal, thankfulness or inquiry.

2. Social Media Monitoring

3. Track trends over time

4. Keep a finger on the competition


Text Summarization

Automatic Text Summarization is one of the intersting and complex problem in AI. It is the process of filtering the most important information from the root source to produce a short and concise version of that article,conversation or a blog . Automatic Text summarization follows two approaches 1. Abstractive (where the model forms its own phrases and sentences to offer a more coherent summary), 2. Extractive (where important sentences are selected from the input text to form a summary) . Applications 1. Automatic summarization presents a chance to gather the nonstop downpour of data into little snippets of data. 2. SEO and Marketing – When assessing search inquiry for SEO, it is basic to have a balanced comprehension of what your rivals are discussing in their content. Long document summarization can be a useful asset to rapidly dissect hunderds of searched results. 3. Question Answering and Bot- Huge scale outline could turn into an amazing question answer nothing procedure.By gathering the most pertinent reports for a specific inquiry, a summarizer could mass a durable answer as a multi-archive outline.

Image Captioning

Given an image, how do we automatically describe what is init? Automatically generating a language description for any image has pulled in interests recently. The main reasons of this was it connects two major artificial intelligence fields: computer vision and natural language processing. The Convolutional Neural Network(CNN) are used to extract feature and last hidden layer decodes the language modelling up to the word level. The training is done with the COCO dataset of over 2 lakh images and their captions.
Applications 1. The useful application for image captioning is to retrieve information directly from any particular image in a textual format automatically. 2. Other field would be to serve as an intermediate for visually impaired people, where AI can help them look beyond images. 3. Image captioning would be to explain what is happening in a video, frame by frame.

Face Generator

Its an astonishing site when we see an AI creating a new fake human face. An algorithm which has been used on over 13 lakh american people images and fed to GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks). IN short the neural networks can fabricate the new faces which are not existed on the Earth based on a large dataset accumulated from different sources. The GAN network will intercept existing visual data and manipulate it into the new data.
Applications 1. Face Detection 2. Social Profile Verification 3. Advance Security 4. Attendence Monitoring Systems and User Authentications 5. Lip Reading

Who We Are?


We at Esfersoft have a reserch that create precise safe AI system that learn to takle issue solve complex problem and optomise scientific discovery for all We at Esfersoft have a reserch that create precise safe AI system that learn to takle issue solve complex problem and optomise scientific discovery for all We at Esfersoft have a reserch that create precise safe AI system that learn to takle issue solve complex problem and optomise scientific discovery for all. We at Esfersoft have a reserch that create precise safe AI system that learn to takle issue solve complex problem and optomise scientific discovery for all We at Esfersoft have a reserch

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Clients’ Appreciation

Vanita Kerai

Managing Director, Max7P

Their professional and knowledgeable team delivered a handy tool that helps event marketers streamline their activities. Esferasoft’s efficient communication and useful recommendations are highlights of their work, though they could improve on better managing their timelines.

Jeb Blount

CEO, Sales Gravy

Esferasoft Solutions Pvt Ltd transformed a volatile website into a functioning platform designed for optimal UX. While their competitors struggle to meet growing demands, Esferasoft’s responsive team can adjust to any environment and deliver practical solutions fast.

Steven Brown

Creative Director, Digita Comms

The app has received promising feedback and is about to launch in the Play Store. Esferasoft Solutions adapted to shifting requirements and quickly implemented all modification requests. Their comprehension of complex requirements allowed them to offer original ideas that improved the product

CA Shrenuj Jalan

CEO , Mayo International School

Internal stakeholders are pleased with the quality of the delivered system and the transparent communication Esferasoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provided. Their commitment to end-user satisfaction and flexibility in the face of shifting requirements helped them stand out.

Chris Weber

CEO, Fashion Circle

Receiving positive feedback from its clients, the platform functions smoothly and well, while the project's remote work was managed effectively. The team is very quick to respond to any issues that arise within it, ensuring that a direct connection to clients is always maintained.

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