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  • UPDATED: November 9th, 2022

Is your website not ranking high on SERPs despite your recurring SEO efforts? Are your competitors outranking you, and you want to know how to outperform them? Or does your website take forever to load, which turns off your visitors and increases your bounce-back rates? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then Web Analyzer can help.

Site speed and performance play a critical role in the success of a website. Not only has Google made page load speed an actual ranking factor, but how fast your website loads across different locations, devices, and networks also impacts the overall user experience of your visitors.

While Google offers a free tool, Page Speed Insights, for analyzing the page load speed and other factors affecting your website performance, it does not provide in-depth insights into what’s impeding your website from grabbing that first spot on search results.

Web Analyzer is advanced, AI-based website speed and performance monitoring tool that enables you to identify roadblocks your website is facing, and how to eliminate them to generate more traffic, leads, and conversions.

How page speed and performance impact your SEO?

In 2010, Google announced page speed as an actual ranking factor that will influence your website ranking on search results. By definition, page speed refers to the time a visitor needs to spend until a page on your website is entirely loaded. The average page load time for eCommerce websites is 7 seconds; meanwhile, the ideal page load time for general sites is around 3 seconds.

Apart from being an SEO metric, page speed also has an impact on the user experience of your website visitors. If your site takes more time to lead, it will lead to a bad user experience, which can cost you a loss of traffic, brand reputation, and revenue.

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What can lower your page speed?

There are a few factors you need to focus on to keep a check of your site speed and performance. These include:

1. Host: The speed of your site largely depends on your host, and the plan you have selected. A cheap hosting plan can deteriorate your site performance, so it is critical to choose the right host that aligns with your business requirements.

2. Large multimedia: Images that are too heavy to load can lower your page speed. These elements require more data and time, which can slow down the overall loading speed of your web pages.

3. External embedded media: External media like videos and GIFs can significantly improve your conversion rate; however, they can lower your page load speed.

4. Unoptimized browser or plugins: Your website may work well on some browsers but may struggle to support certain browsers or apps, which can lower your page speed.

5. Too many ads: A lot of advertisements on your website will not only bother your visitors, but they will also affect your page speed.

6. Theme and widgets: Widgets and themes can improve the look, feel, and functionality of your website. But some of these components have high data consumption requirements, which can increase the load speed of your web pages.

7. Double-barreled code: Another factor that can lower your page speed is inefficient or dense HTML/CSS coding on your website.

How can Web Analyzer help?

Web Analyzer is a tool that helps you identify the bottlenecks faced by your website. From threat identification to API access, Web Analyzer offers a comprehensive suite of features that help you stay on top of your website performance. Here’s what Web Analyzer has to offer:

1. Test Throttle Bandwidth: Web Analyzer’s Test Throttle Bandwidth feature allows you to find out the time your website takes to load on different network connections, such as Broadband, 2G, 3G, and 4G.

2. Performance API Credits: The tool offers an Application Programming Interface that allows you to integrate your performance testing insights with your development and optimization environment.

3. Priority Analysis: Web Analyzer features a dynamic algorithm that allocates new servers for each test you run, thereby providing you with faster and more accurate results.

4. 24/7 Monitoring: With the notification alert feature, you can receive real-time, actionable updates and status reports of your website.

5. Developer Tool-Kit: This feature enables you to determine the user experience of your website on different devices and browsers; all you need to do is just select the device.

6. Custom Report Filters: Web Analyzer allows you to deploy custom report filters to get a to-the-point website analysis according to your specified criteria and KPI.

7. Testing Server Locations: You can analyze your website on multiple servers to determine if it performs the same across different countries and locations.

8. Webpages Statistics: Web Analyzer provides a detailed visual representation of your website performance across different time frames using graphs, charts, and other representation tools.

9. Threat Analysis: The tool automatically detects and updates you regarding threats and factors that are affecting the speed and performance of your website, along with actionable steps to fix them.

10. Load Testing: The load testing features allow you to determine how many users/traffic/requests your site can handle at a given point of time. This data helps you prepare your site for peak traffic situations.

11. Deep Dom Analysis: Web Analyzer tool analyzes the structure and performance of HTML/CSS tags on your website that can directly affect your site speed and performance.

12. Compare Multiple Websites: Compare your website with your competitor’s sites to figure out why they are outranking you and how you can outperform them.

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With SEO becoming more competitive, business owners need to focus on their online presence and visibility. Your website is the most vital asset of your business, and you need to deploy the right tools to ensure your site pleases both search engines as well as your consumers.

Web Analyzer is a powerful tool that can help you proactively optimize your website speed and performance. It offers a robust tool-kit to measure and analyze your site performance across various metrics and indicators to get a comprehensive overview of how to bring the best out of your website. Moreover, you can take a step further and unleash the true potential of your website with Web Analyzer Pro. Click Here to get started.

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