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The Challenge


The client contacted us and shared the requirement regarding portal development. As we have already worked on such portals. Our team was confident enough to build such a solution in Ruby on Rails.

Personalised Learning Experience

After gathering initial specifications, our team presented a detailed document outlining our proposed solution. We kept on improving the proposal until it fully meets the client’s needs.

The development task was split down into sub-tasks. We communicated before each step to confirm requirements, and we run-through that section to get detailed feedback

A Centralized Students database

The client wanted us to develop a database system that stores information about all the students in one place safely. The challenge was to develop real-time analytics that is enabled to fetch the student information at the time of signup. It includes student’s contact information like the student’s name, address, phone number, and email address.

The Solution

Third-Party API Integration

Learnosity, a powerful API based tool is used to deliver the online assessments dynamically. The purpose was to integrate Learnosity API ( a third party API) with the system, that fetches data from the latter in order to conduct tests and generates final reports with full accuracy.

Database Integration for Student’s Real-Time Analytics

The clever portal offers a synchronized database where students and teachers login for all of their online learning programs and resources, personalized for each student’s needs. We integrated database that fetches student’s details from 90 geographically distributed schools across different locations.

Success Story

The project started with a few schools initially and currently, 90+ schools are listed on the website already. It’s almost two years of our partnership, and we are still following the road map to make it vast.

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