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The Challenge


The objective of this software will be route optimization for drivers given information of school, pick up time and student address. It aims to give the most efficient use of driver time while maintaining the best possible pick up time for students/clients.

Seamless Experience

The app is intended to provide the flawless user experience for a safe and comfortable journey of students. It follows the precise structure, where users can input the required information and find the verified drivers easily.

The main aim of this app is to ensure that parents and students find taxis easily accessible and at their doorstep.


The other major challenge was to develop a safe and secure app where students can enter their information with full confidence and trust, while keeping aside any kind of security threats on data.

The Solution

App Routing

The routing mechanism is developed, with the help of which drivers will be able to pick up school students from their homes and drop them at the defined school location. The app routing process was simple so that both drivers and students can easily understand it and know their exact location while riding.

Good User Experience

A good user experience is necessary in all kinds of situations and therefore our app development and designing experts made sure that a seamless user experience of the app is offered to its users, especially when they are students.

Full Verification

In order to make sure that students are in safe hands, our app development experts added all required identity verification modules for drivers. This led to some genuine and successful registrations of only those drivers who really wanted to earn money.

Success Story

This US based student taxi app is one of its own kind with verified drivers and students data. The app has received a lot of accolades from the app reviewers and locally. The school students and their parents appreciated it and have started recommending this app to their dear ones already.

Apps like these are sufficient enough to gather the attention, especially when developed for a specific set of users. Furthermore, such kinds of apps are necessary to make daily commuting more easy and convenient for students.

Based on this case study, if you have a similar taxi app idea, then don;t hesitate to connect with our representatives who will guide you through the whole app development process.

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