Launch Your Custom Rental Platform Quickly with Our Airbnb Clone Solution

Esferasoft offers the optimal Airbnb clone vacation rental script to kickstart your online rental marketplace business effectively.


Our Comprehensive Solution for Developing a Diverse Rental Marketplace Airbnb-Like App

We excel in Airbnb-like app development, creating dynamic rental platforms for selling products, properties, and professional services.

Explore Building an Airbnb Clone App for Your Travel Marketplace Business

How Does the Rental Airbnb Clone Script Operate?

Transform Your Vision of a Rental Marketplace Business into Reality with Our Innovative Airbnb Clone Software Developed by Top App Development Experts.

Unlock Your Business Growth With Our Airbnb Clone

Accelerate Your Business Growth with Our Airbnb Clone Solution

Secure a Robust and Powerful Solution for Your Airbnb Clone App Development

Social Media Integration

Enable seamless customer login and social sharing via popular platforms like WhatsApp, enhancing user engagement and reach.


Expand your market globally by integrating multilingual capabilities into your Airbnb-like rental app, ensuring accessibility for international users.

Advanced Analytics

Utilize comprehensive app analytics within our Airbnb clone script, presenting data in both tabular and graphical formats for detailed insights.

Booking Management

Replace traditional booking methods with modern in-app booking features, allowing users to schedule services or purchases effortlessly.

Rating and Reviews

Incorporate a robust rating and review system to gather user feedback and improve service quality based on customer insights.

Multiple Payments

Facilitate secure and convenient payments worldwide using integrated methods such as Stripe and Paypal within your Airbnb app development.

Real-Time Chat

Enhance user support with a real-time chat system, enabling direct communication for sales and technical assistance.

Discount Coupons and Promos

Boost conversions with built-in discount coupons and promotional offers, enhancing customer acquisition and retention strategies.

Business Dashboard

Monitor business performance with an analytical dashboard, tracking earnings, deliveries, and operational metrics seamlessly.

Elevate Your Business to Unicorn Status with Our Airbnb Clone App

Comprehensive & Fully-Customizable White Label Airbnb App Development for Your Marketplace Business

A Feature-Rich Website

In addition to white-label Airbnb app development, we provide a high-performing website that caters to diverse marketplace needs, allowing you to sell products, list services, or operate as a peer-to-peer online platform.

Customer’s Mobile Apps

Our Airbnb-like app development solutions are designed for scalability and ease of use as your marketplace business grows. We create powerful apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

Smart Host Panel

Utilize a smarter admin panel with our Airbnb clone app to easily track orders, pay vendors, and monitor user activity all in one place. Start your business effortlessly with our popular Airbnb clone script.

A Master Admin Panel

Our Airbnb React Native clone offers vendors a user-friendly module to track sales, analyze performance, and manage requests and listings efficiently.

How it's Works

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Customer Website & App

Our Airbnb-like app development solution ensures your customers can access and use the app with ease.

Login & Registration

Develop an Airbnb clone that enables your customers to log in using Gmail or Facebook.

Browse & Search

Customers can browse and search by location, duration, price, and room type.

Simple Payment Method

Our Airbnb clone script offers secure and multiple payment options.

Real-Time Chat

Integrate an in-app chat mechanism to resolve client issues promptly.

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Powerful Host App

Build an Airbnb Clone App and equip yourself with high-end features.

Simple Listing

Easily create, maintain, and update unlimited property listings with our Airbnb-like house rental apps.


Receive alerts whenever a reservation is made with our Airbnb clone app development.

Calendar Reminder

Develop an app like Airbnb and synchronize with Google Calendar to efficiently manage reservations.

Recurring Payments

Boost sales and reduce customer effort with recurring payment options.

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Admin Panel

Build an Airbnb clone app to manage and track your business in real-time.

Order Requests

Develop an app like Airbnb to view and manage all bookings with live status updates.

Manage Profiles and Settings

Build an app like Airbnb to efficiently manage settings, provider profiles, and revenue tracking.

Catalog Manager

Implement a catalogue manager within your Airbnb clone script to maintain consistent and high-quality data integration

Promotions and Coupons

Create, monitor, and manage offers, promo codes, and discount coupons seamlessly.

Create Your Own App Similar to Airbnb with 100% Ownership of the Source Code.

Explore Diverse Industry Solutions with Us!

Experience a live demo and try our solution before making it your business choice.


Considering Starting a Marketplace for Grocery Business?


Explore an Online Marketplace for Laundry Business.


Establish a Peer-to-Peer Platform similar to Fiverr and Scale Globally.


Develop a Vacation Rental Marketplace akin to Airbnb.


Deliver a Seamless Food Delivery App and Website Experience to Your Users.

Home Services

Discover How Home Service Marketplaces like Urbanclap Operate.


Expand Your Global Presence with an App like Alibaba.

Beauty Services

Create Your Own Marketplace Offering Comprehensive Beauty Services.

Seeking Business Growth?

Develop a Marketplace App Similar to Airbnb and Ensure 10X ROI.

Thriving for Business Growth? Build a Marketplace App Like Airbnb & Ensure ROI by 10X Contact Now

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Building a marketplace app like Airbnb can help you tap into the growing sharing economy, generate revenue from transactions, and create a community-driven platform.

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Typical features include user profiles, listing management, booking and reservation systems, secure payment gateways, reviews and ratings, and real-time messaging

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Yes, our solution offers fully customizable features to suit your business needs, ensuring flexibility and scalability as your platform grows.

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Yes, we offer ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure smooth operation, updates for new features, and technical assistance as needed.

Explosive Market Growth

The global real estate app market is projected to achieve a remarkable $6.32 billion by 2027, expanding at a CAGR of 18.2%.

Explosive Market Growth

The global real estate app market is projected to achieve a remarkable $6.32 billion by 2027, expanding at a CAGR of 18.2%.

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Absolutely! Our solution supports social media integration for easy login and sharing, as well as multi-language capabilities to reach a global audience.

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