Refund Policy

Here at Esferasoft Solutions, we have a standardized refund policy that you can depend on. We are committed to delivering the best service so all our customers are satisfied, and this policy is in place to define our terms under which we can offer refunds.Esferasoft’s refund policy explains the process and expectations you can expect in doing so. You should never feel that your company won’t be there for you & make sure to follow through with the process clearly outlined below.

Our fair assessment practices make sure we provide the best support possible. Take advantage of our excellent customer service and let us process your refund for you!Policies are our way of handling different types of claims, originating from lots of different sources. To settle these claims, we use a variety of measures to take care of our clients.

Coverage & Scope

Esferasoft’s Refund Policy covers (a) Our company’s actions and approaches to refunds, (b) the policies of companies which we don’t own or control, and (c) the policies of individuals who are not employed by us or managed by us.Part of these terms & conditions includes a strict code of ethics around operating the website and any third-party websites that are listed as links on

Filing A Complaint

It is highly important that you are satisfied with our solutions, so we want to be sure that all of your questions are answered before you ask for a refund. If not, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at and we’ll address any comments or questions.

A refund claim should be filed if a misunderstanding about the service for which you paid occurs after one or more negotiations.

When Do You Qualify For Refunds?

When you issue a complaint with Esferasoft, we have the best intentions to provide you with an ideal solution. But in the event that we cannot provide one, refunds can always be made.When planning for refunds, we check for the soundness and validity of the case. If these conditions are met, then the refund may apply*.

The post-sales operations/services or the Development have not started yet. Currently, all our focus is on resolving any issues that were raised during development so that we would be ready for launch.You have not violated our payment terms. Your explanation for requesting a refund are valid and provided all the evidence with reference to your claim of a refund. You have presented all the required documentation with your request.Important Note: If any of the points mentioned above found violated, your claim will be considered void and all details of your claim are final.

How The Refund Takes Place?


To ensure that your refund queries are processed accurately and independently, we check them for veracity. We match the query with the agreeable parameters, provide you with an analysis of it and make sure to fulfill not just what is judged acceptable, but also what is not. We arrange for refunds in permissible situations and settle fully or partly as needed.


Make sure you’re aware of the terms and conditions of your proof agreement.


Some businesses offer refunds on products, but some significant delays may occur before they are credited back to you. For example, some take 7-10 business days after the refund agreement is signed. After you’ve applied for your refund, it will be credited back to your account with which the product was originally purchased and the currency in which purchase was made will determine how much money it is worth.If the amount you refunded differs from the amount you originally paid, your bank may charge exchange fees or exchange rate changes may be used in regards to refunds.There are many risks related to investment, but things might end well if you put in a lot of hard work. It is up to you whether or not you want to take on the risk.


Esferasoft Solution may at any time, without prior notice and in its sole discretion, amend this policy periodically. You are expected to check the policy from time to time for updates. For more information on our Refund Policy, contact us at


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