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Welcome to our platform offering ready-made telemedicine software solutions. In today’s fast-paced world, immediate access to medical care is essential. Our software enables instant connections between patients and healthcare professionals, facilitating timely consultations from anywhere.

Whether you’re a healthcare institution or an entrepreneur, our turnkey solutions are tailored to meet your needs. Say goodbye to lengthy development processes and hello to streamlined telemedicine services. Experience the future of healthcare with us today.


Future of Health Care Apps

The future of healthcare is changing rapidly due to advancements in technology. The world may soon exist in a metaverse where you can manipulate your environment and change your physical body virtually with any race or gender. Hippa compliance is enforced for medical data and communications in the industry. Telemedicine apps will have to be HIPAA compliant to ensure data privacy for patients.

With Metaverse, developers are able to create their own telemedicine apps without any hassle. It also provides a HIPAA-compliant architecture for the application which makes it easy to adopt in the healthcare industry.


We make sure to develop the mhealth apps that complies with the medical and healthcare regulatory standards set by HIPPA , HHS and ONC-ATCB.



Our duty is to ensure that the medical app our company adds to their website addresses all needs, including those of both professionals and patients. For this reason effective communication has always been crucial.



Our purpose is to develop ultimately easy-to-use & highly optimized mobile apps and websites, so the intended message can be delivered with simplicity.



When you're communicating between apps, it's important to consider all the security and privacy considerations in order to maintain user trust & confidentiality.

Our Core Values

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HIPAA Compliant apps

Our team strictly adheres to The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and provides efficient, secure ways of communication. This leads to the successful development of medical apps dealing with Protected Health Information (PHI).


Clinic Apps

Integrated platform for patients to get reliable, convenient, and timely appointments with their doctors. Not for a specific location, they can connect with any clinic in the world that provides treatments for their illness.


Medical & Wellness Apps

Medical & wellness apps make doctors’ and patients’ lives easier, by providing them with an option to connect virtually, and discuss all their health issues and therefore offering cost-effective healthcare services at home.


mHealth Connectivity

mhealth platform allows patients to find the best medical and healthcare facility within their location in a certain time. Such types of apps allow video conferencing with screen sharing, & Point-to-Point (P2P) communication between patients & healthcare professionals.


Health Monitoring Apps

Health monitoring mobile apps are one of the best ways to monitor any health & fitness related issues.These types of apps help in recognizing the early detection of occupational diseases that are caused by the harmful chemicals.


Remote Healthcare

Remote healthcare offers a lot of new smartphone apps and other monitoring tools for patients to connect with their medical records. You can make yourself as comfortable as possible, so your loved ones and nurses or doctors know when to visit you.

What A Healthcare App Contains

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Book in a Single Tap

If the doctor is available, then the patient can choose a time slot of their choice and confirm the appointment.


App Tutorial

New users can understand all the features and use them easily.


Patient Registration

Patients can register via the app in order to avail all the services.



Existing users can login on the mobile app and use its services.


Upload Documents

The health records or the medical history of the patients can be uploaded to the app in a few seconds. The doctors can view them during the appointment if required.


Doctor’s Visit

In case of emergency situations, the patient/user can request the doctor to visit their place.

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A healthcare provider needs to do the registration and pass the verification.


Availability Status

A slider is provided in the doctor’s panel to display the status of availability.


Booking Calendar

Doctors can add the appointments in their schedules to be aware about the next one.


Profile Management

Doctors can fill up all the details to make their profile look more impressive to the patients.


List of Appointments

The upcoming appointments can be viewed and managed using the on-demand doctor app.


In-app Prescriptions

The doctors can provide patients with a digital prescription if required.

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The delivery personnel can accept or decline a delivery request.



The delivery personnel can see the to & fro navigation with GPS.


Push Notifications

The delivery personnel will get the requests or instructions via notifications


Multiple Deliveries

The delivery personnel can cater to multiple customers at once.



Customers & admin can track the delivery personnel in real-time.


Third-party Integration

Our grocery app solution allows seamless integration of third party tools for better management capabilities.

What A Healthcare App Contains


Push Notifications

With push notifications enabled, the app sends alerts/notifications to patients about their next scheduled appointment, meetings, alerts, and incoming messages.


Filter By

Patients can find doctors by applying filters like Type of consultation, price range, date, location, and speciality.


Appointment Booking

Upon checking the doctors’ profiles, and viewing their information, patients can book an online appointment with the doctor they choose.


Medical Reports

In order to create a clear understanding of the problem, doctors can download medical documents like reports, PDFs or scans.


Find Doctors

Patients can find and explore nearby healthcare/doctor services within the app.


Transactions & Payout

Doctors can check their earnings and transactions within the app.

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What A Healthcare App Contains


With the help of telemedicine apps, patients can receive medical advice and treatment from doctors that are hundreds or even thousands of miles away from them. This way they can avoid long waiting times and the costs associated with travel. So, this has many advantages for patients in rural areas, who don’t have access to healthcare services in their vicinity.


Telemedicine apps are getting more popular with health care providers. They are not only saving time, but also making it easier to diagnose health issues.One of the many reasons this is happening is because it saves time and travel costs for the providers. This technology can also help to improve health outcomes by reducing the costs of medical errors and improving doctor-patient communication.

What A Healthcare App Contains

A clinic app is developed by Esferasoft Solutions to ease the communication between doctors and their patients. This online system allows both; doctor and patient to connect via booking an appointment through website or mobile app..

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