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Esferasoft is a Android app development Company that specializes in creation of easy and accessible mobile apps, had been one of the pioneers and a global leader in both understanding customer preferences and delivering innovative, top notch product designs.

Esferasoft offers helpful support to its clients along with demonstrable proficiency as both a consulting firm and as an app development company. It is noteworthy that Esferasoft also boasts great skill at team-building, work management, and execution.

Esferasoft offers customized each services tailored to stabilize specific tech problems.

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Android app development Services

If you are looking for a skilled android software development company for creating apps, our team is the best option for your business. We have vast experience and skill in the app development space and provide top rated android app development Mangaware with competitive quotes, world-class support and personalized approach to every project.

We deliver Android apps that are simple to use and perform flawlessly on any device- be it a tablet or smartphone because we understand as well your policy dictates it. With our years of experience, we offer highly customised services including application architecture & design ideas, agile software methodologies, open source integration strategies & layouts enhancing your android apps with unparalleled levels of value after which you would receive endless hours of high productivity mobile application development.

Native Android App Development

Native Android App Development service are carried out with great care in order to keep the app quality and production costs low. App developers need to use app quality checkers, scaling documentation and build automation tools like buildpacks to ensure smoothest software integration while reducing their time, cost and effort. Native Android app development cost greatly varies depending on the scale of work required by an individual company. For a one-time project, Native Android Development cost averages around 30% of the overall project’s budget.
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User Experience Design

User Experience or UX Design means ensuring that the person using the app has a positive experience, without any drawbacks. Sharp UX Design saves time, provides improvements for your company, costs less and makes it easy to succeed with content marketing.

User Experience Design and how it can be applied in creating mobile apps for IOS mobile apps Unlikely
Specs are vital to many industries in achieving success in their product offerings. This requires a UI designer with expertise in both designing products and having comprehensive knowledge of all things app. That is not the case for every field.

As alluded to above, article sought on how user experience design plays important role at different stages of android app development irrespective of vertical tie-in.

Upgradation and migration of Android Apps

We provides Upgrades and Migration of Android Apps, users can refer to the cases of We provides upgrades and migration for both development as well as application-to-application conversions.

We provides upgrades and migration is a project focused on providing data from the initial installation and campaign participants to gain better insights about the campaigns’ success.

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QA & Testing

Esferasoft came up with a handy app testing service to help mobile application users to get real-time feedback on an app. They bring a solid blend of Domain expertise and technological advances in their solution.

This time-saving service helps app owners and developers get quick feedback on their app structure with comprehensive reports including screenshots, navigation paths, and critical data points.

Wearable Applications

We develop smart wearable technology which are impacting both personal and customer life. We leave our smartphones at home while we keep these devices handy to make life easier over time. Some of the most popular examples include Fitbit activity tracker and Nike + FuelBands.

This holds true for both customers and vendors who are adopting wearables for customer success work or sales reps who might use Wearable appliances to acquire target consumers at best possible price/profit ratio as well as a chance for consumers to physically see their quality from getting customer feedback through smiley face used on the widget not just by service professionals.

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App Support & Maintenance

We provide the best support service for developing and deploying your amazing mobile app. We likewise carry out a competent enhancement of your app’s features and functionality to present it with a friendlier UI, better performance and more productive data through state-of-the-art technology.

App development: From kicking off the design process right up to an enjoyable deployment, we do it all as architects in unison with expert IT staff while offering world class App Support & Maintenance services

Why Hiring Android Developers is Beneficial

Our cutting-edge technological infrastructure and agile software development process are the key secrets to your project success.

Focused Team

Our team stays focused 24*7 to monitor all the minute processes so that the quality of the app doesn’t get compromised.


Cost Efficient

We complete your Android App Development at affordable price without compromising the quality.


Dedicated Workforce

Hire dedicated workforce which is ever-ready to produce quality results by exhibiting their exceptional skills and experience.


Customized Solutions

We understand diverse business needs of each project and work accordingly to achieve exactly what our clients need.



We provide optimum flexibility with different engagement models and encourage discussions at any point of app development.


Privacy & Security

The Prime motto of our firm is to ensure total security and privacy of any client’s information. We sign NDA to ensure it.

Our Android Development Technologies and Tools

The Node.js experts at Esferasoft have experience in cutting-edge technologies to build a Fast,
Secure And Modern applications





We Help you achieve your Goals

We develop apps with a user-centric development strategy & client-first business model that makes our business’s first choice. Our expertise covers the most up-to-date platforms, technologies, application servers, frameworks, tools, and components to help you win the customers.

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On-Time Delivery


Pixel-Perfect Design


Live Apps on App Store

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