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Esferasoft is a leading Angularjs development company specializing in building software solutions using the popular JavaScript library. Esferasoft’s team of skilled and experienced developers have an extensive knowledge of the Angularjs framework and can create tailor-made applications to suit your specific business requirements.

From single page web applications and realtime simulations to mobile app development, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that make use of the features and capabilities within the Angularjs framework.

Esferasoft also offers comprehensive support services for all applications developed at our development centers. Our solutions are cost effective, robust, feature rich, secure and scalable for both startups and established businesses. We can ensure that you get the best out of Angularjs technology with the help of our experienced professionals.

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Angularjs development services

Esferasoft provides fast and dependable AngularJS development services . Our experienced team of developers takes advantage of the powerful AngularJS framework to deliver applications that optimize user experience, deliver scalability and maintainability.

We offer our customers a full suite of services ranging from custom website and web application design to intricate UI/UX prototyping. Our versatile technology stack enables us to combine both front-end and back-end technologies that can result in extremely reliable products.

At Esferasoft, we use the latest versions of AngularJS as well as other JavaScript frameworks to ensure every project is built with cutting-edge practices in mind. With our wide range of developers you can count on us for any specific requirements you may have for your projects.

Custom Angular Development

We provides Angular Development Services for our clients. We have a team of expert and experienced developers who can provide custom Angular development services.

The benefits of using the Angular framework are that it is flexible, scalable, and maintainable. It also allows developers to build interactive web apps and websites that are responsive to any device.

We offer custom Angular development services for all types of projects such as mobile apps, websites, complex business applications, etc. Our team also has expertise in other frameworks like ReactJS and VueJS which we can use in case you need those frameworks as well.

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Ajax Development

We provides Ajax in Angular Development.

We provide ajax in Angular development. We have built some of the most popular and widely used plugins for the most popular frameworks on the market. These plugins are all developed with modern nodejs technology and are always updated to work with the latest versions of their respective frameworks.

Web & API service integration

Angular is a development platform for building complex web applications. It provides an easy-to-use development experience with a rich set of tools, components and services.

We provide Web & API service integration in Angular Development to make the process seamless and efficient. We use our own APIs to integrate with various content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.

We provide Web & API service integration in Angular Development to make the process seamless and efficient. We use our own APIs to integrate with various content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.

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Angular Maintenance and Support

Angular is the most popular framework in the world, and it is used by more than 5 billion websites.

We provide Angular Maintenance and Support services to all our clients. We offer 24/7 support for any issues related to Angular. We have a team of expert Angular developers who can help you with any issue that you may be facing with your website development process.

We have been providing Angular Maintenance and Support services for many years now, and we are one of the leading providers in this industry. Our team of experts has deep knowledge about developing complex websites using Angular, as well as customizing them according to your needs.

UI/UX development

Angular is a popular JavaScript framework that is used for building single-page applications and desktop applications. It has a lot of features that are useful for the UI/UX development and it makes it easy to build interactive web apps.

The Angular Material library is a UI/UX library based on Google’s Material Design. It provides components that can be used in Angular projects to create attractive, responsive, and highly customizable interfaces.

We offer Angular UI/UX development services in different areas such as:

– Web application development

– Mobile application development

– Branding

– Wireframes

– Prototypes

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Angular Consulting

We provide Angular Consulting services to help companies build, develop and maintain their IT systems.

Angular Consulting is a company that provides Angular development services. We are a team of professional developers with extensive experience in the field. Our team has worked with many companies around the globe, including Fortune 500 enterprises, small-to-medium businesses, and startups.

We provide Angular consulting services for software development,

software maintenance, digital marketing and customer support.

What makes us your reliable Angular JS Development Partner?

At Esferasoft, the development team offers bespoke Angular Development Services with the goal to achieve the highest customer satisfaction.


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