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You may find it daunting, nevertheless, in order to perform your app much better in the marketplace, there are two ways to be at the top of search results. Alike websites, SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization also plays a pivotal role. Here as the mobile app development company, we’ve accumulated some ideas and are going to proffer you with cutting-edge solutions to do just like this.

On mobile app marketing strategy & app store optimization (ASO), in this blog, below is our advice, let us dive into it:

1. Name & Icon

First & foremost thing, all you need to think a good name for your app as it should be easily understandable instead of simple. Also, avoid to being over-clever, since, if the name is too complicated, that is not good.

  • You can stick to your business’s name only if it is recognized or if it is going to be.
  • The icon is also an essential plus enormous part of the very first impression. That is why it should be unique as well as simple.
  • Follow the branding guidelines of your company & logo, in case if you have them. Since the icon reflects the true reflection & the essence of your business’s mobile app.
  • The key is that don’t overdo things by trying to add up too medium images. Plus, don’t forget about the guidelines of geometry, size & colors that are different in every app store.

2. Tagline

It will also important to draft the tagline after the app’s name. You should always use the relevant keywords. The experts from the professional SEO Company India say by doing so, it increases your rank by 10%.

  • Try to avoid the keywords that overkill. Fill the tagline with only very important keywords. As it does not look spammy and scare away your potential customers.
  • In each mobile app store, the number of characters in the text is restricted differently. The tagline should be short enough as it fits best within 25 characters. Since the longer tag line is usually cut off in order to read it completely and this is due to the rules.

3. Description & Keywords

The App Store Optimization (ASO) is based on – keywords & keyword phrases in the tag line, description & URL.

  • For keywords, the app store offers 100 characters field. And, you should make the most of it in order to maximize the keys. On the other hand, Google Store lets you write a description as it has to keep the customer’s attention. It also keeps simple & a straightforward language.
  • Apart from SEO, it would be best for you to think about what will vibrate with the customers first?
  • The majority of users does not read the whole text. Therefore, the most important information must be available to someone who is searching for.

4. Screenshots

All these visual effects do not directly impact on search engine ranking. However, they mostly make your app more attractive.

Choose one of the most vivid screenshots that flaunt the core features & opportunities of your app for daily use.

5. Audience

All you need to think about the potential customers. It is pivotal to adapt the mobile app to the foreign marketplace if you are hoping for a global audience.

Speak their native language, especially when the app stores allow you to localize the app listing in order to make search easier for worldwide customers with different languages. Use keywords in their native language as it will exponentially raise downloads.

6. App Indexing (for app promotion)

You can enhance the app traffic through content integration & indexing. It is one of the best ways to draw traffic, customers & downloads directly from the web or mobile search results pages.

The users see the app while searching for similar information. All credit goes to mechanisms, which match related queries to your information.

7. Feedback & Updates

Users would like to read the feedback from other users. It is important to monitor your app reviews, plus pay attention to them. One of the best apps has always a huge fan following. Thus, speak to your clients in order to show they appreciate the feedback & get high star ratings.

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