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The transportation sector sets the trend for on-demand mobile apps and services, and it has become a comfort solution in a big way in many parts of the world. This technology has now extended to the fuel delivery app business. Now, with Cafu digital services, you can demand fuel anywhere, anytime. Let us look at this phenomenon of on-demand software solutions in full-depth.

What Is Cafu And How Does It Work?

Cafu is an on-demand app for delivering petrol and diesel in Dubai. The software is also extensively used in Sharjah, Ajman, and other parts of UAE. It ensures prompt delivery of Super 98 and Super 99 fuel to Middle Easterners. The popular start-up solution caters to the retail oil and gas sector. Traditionally, automobiles need to be physically at the petrol stations to get a refill. The fast pace of modern life and hectic business activity demands innovation. To satisfy these demands, Cafu uses digital technologies to eliminate this location constraint. Cafu works in a simple, secure, and reliable way to satisfy the customers. It uses state-of-art technology and streamlined delivery mechanisms.

  • The mobile phone number is essential to access the fuel-delivery app.
  • Download the app on an Android or iOS device.
  • Set the car details like ownership, make, model, registration number, etc.
  • Input the payment details of your Visa, Mastercard, or Apple Pay accounts.
  • Specify the location where you want the fuel to get delivered.
  • Also, mention the volume and type of fuel and confirm the order.
  • The Cafu truck will arrive and refuel without any extra charges.
  • The contactless fuel service operates any time of the day or night.

How Cafu Became The World’s Most Technologically Advanced On-Demand Fuel Delivery App?

The fuel delivery business has multiple stakeholders with diverse interests. The customers, who are vehicle owners, want quick delivery, whereas the gas stations have to handle the necessary logistics and safety standards if they plan on a delivery model. And of course, the oil and gas companies are also an essential part of this supply chain. With Cafu, a technologically advanced platform is now available to manage such oil demand for all these players. The on-demand solution is a Smartphone app. This digital service is not only feature-rich but also trustworthy. The customers and delivery agents have their own unique Cafu apps. The developers implemented necessary and advanced features to facilitate data analytics and cost-efficiency. The proprietary software also strives to improve customer experience.

  • Cafu uses cutting edge flowmeter utilized by multinational oil and gas companies.
  • The app will ensure the delivery of a precise amount of fuel without any inaccuracies.
  • A fuel pump with an automatic nozzle fills up the customer’s gas tank on time.
  • The customers receive petrol certified by ESMA (Emirates Authority Standardization and Metrology).
  • The delivery vehicles come with the latest safety technology to avoid disasters.
  • The HAZMAT certified CAFU pilots trained to handle emergencies, and spills will be assisting the process.
  • They come well-equipped with First Aid kits and fire extinguishers in hand.

The Cafu app did not just factor in demand and supply parameters. It also facilitates real-time services without loss in quality or safety. Even the payment gateways ensure transparency, flexibility, and customer-friendliness. Besides, the developers took advantage of GPS for offering the correct location without any diversions or delays. But Cafu is not restrictive to simple digital solutions either. It relies on powerful AI and ML techniques too. The algorithmic power help to deliver knock-out IoT solutions. The proprietary brand also carries out research and development to innovate new technologies for increased mobility, energy efficiency, and smarter lifestyles.

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How Cafu is Dominating Oil And Gas Sector?

Cafu eliminates the need for fuel hoarding at home or in vehicles. It also reduces the refilling time by delivering petrol or diesel on site. The app is ideal for householders, picnickers, working people, and businessmen. Besides, digital technology handles emergency requests without any hassles. No wonder, Cafu app created a storm in the market place. The on-demand technology altered the landscape of oil and gas transportation and logistics. The digital solution is not just simple, smart, and affordable. It has also become prevalent among diverse consumers. The gas stations, customers, and oil companies rely on Cafu. And the app delivers the results without any fluctuations in the pricing mechanisms. The software got upgraded back in 2018 to include many more exciting and user-friendly features. Subsequently, it received more than 10,000 downloads. The subscriber base had considerable growth all around the Middle East. Cafu now dominates the oil and gas sector without any doubt. Even the feedback reports speak well of the app. All the stakeholders, including end-users in the retail business, are fully satisfied. Customers find themselves hooked on to the branded app as it is convenient and user-friendly.

Key Features

Cafu app sets up a communication network between various stakeholders. The gas stations, delivery agents, and customers become well-connected. There are multiple app versions targeted at these various stakeholders. The specific apps also have different features to facilitate key requirements. This fuel delivery app is customer-friendly as it gives the user freedom to choose the time slot and place of delivery. One can also clearly specify fuel quantity and type. The app is also intuitive to navigate, use, update, and maintain. Here are some exciting features that enrich the user’s experience.

  • Full registration of users to avoid any discrepancies.
  • Simplified fuel request processes with a finger tap.
  • Conveniently share location without any loss in privacy.
  • Track the order in real-time for self-assurance and reliability.
  • It has an integrated payment system that is smart and confidential.
  • Check the delivery schedules to make an accurate order on time.
  • Delivery with 15 to 45 minutes of booking the slot.
  • You can cancel an order on time to avoid penalties.
  • Interact with online chatbots or receive customer support.

The fuel delivery agent’s app manages real-time requests and has a dashboard, notification, and route optimization system. Administrator app features ensure key metrics and performance analytics. Advanced features that integrate GPS, gaming experience, and car care services are on the anvil.

Cafu Market Size

The modern automobile users fall under two main categories. They are passenger cars and commercial vehicle services. Global car usage also touched 1 billion by the year 2018, which includes 80.8 million new cars that exited showrooms. So, the market size and potential for the fuel-delivery software are considerable. The on-demand economy is dependent on young, tech-savvy users. The urban youth, in particular, prefer dynamic and flexible technologies. The market segment that was ready to explore new digital solutions was 41% in 2017. The potential tech-adoptees are also at a high of over 24%. And the rising annual household incomes also augur well for Cafu-like apps. Global reports suggest that the UAE market has 3.4 million cars on the road. Cafu charges 18 AED per order or 26 AED for monthly subscriptions with unlimited orders. So, the average monthly revenue per Cafu customer is (18 + 26) /2 = 22 AED. The annual revenue per customer is 264 AED (for 12 months), which puts the potential market’s annual estimate at 264 * 3.4 million = 897 million AED. This customer-friendly business model is affordable and scalable. The growth in UAE market demand caught global attention. The regional expansion of on-demand fuel apps already started in recent years. The customers of Jordan, Oman, and Egypt are up for grabs, so are the global users.

Value Proposition Advantages

Cafu is not just about delivering a technology platform. It creates value for the oil and gas industry by connecting various users. The end-users save time, energy, and effort in refueling activities, while retail outlets can plan and reduce costs. The job of delivery agents also becomes safe and easy. The contactless model creates a futuristic vision for the technology, energy, and transport sectors.

  • Digitization and metrics ensure a superior customer experience.
  • Spillage reduces through proper planning and safe delivery.
  • It becomes possible to build smarter, sustainable cities with few petrol stations.
  • Transparent fuel supply using flow meters and automatic pumps.
  • Real-time delivery, order tracking, and low costs to satisfy the customers.
  • Strict compliance with safety and health standards of the region or state.

How Does Cafu Acquire, Engage, And Retain Users?

The tech-friendly Cafu app reaches a diverse market in the UAE. It also markets scalable services in the region to attract new customers. And, the on-demand fuel-delivery brand leverages social media to engage and retain a loyal clientele. Some of their advertising channels and initiatives include

  • Offline advertising to create brand and technology awareness among late adopters.
  • Social media campaigns to acquire digital users and channel them into a sales funnel.
  • Involving celebrities and influencers to entertain and engage the youthful customers.
  • Awards and rewards for adventurous, frequent users to acknowledge their power.
  • Large-scale referral campaigns with free giveaways amounting up to 100K AED.
  • Google Ads and online marketing tactics to funnel back the bounced traffic.
  • Traditional billboards in Middle East countries to raise brand awareness.
  • Easily-recognizable Cafu-branded delivery vans to create a visual impact.
  • Attract skeptical customers through free refueling, discounts, and festive offers.
  • Enhance the customer experience using use-first, pay later service options.
  • Be a responsible corporation by raising social awareness through tree planting, charity, etc.

Cafu – Various Market Segments

Cafu does not rest on its laurels but takes the bull by the horns. The Smart app pioneer explores new business opportunities to enter new markets. More flexible and scalable services are helping to satisfy diverse customers. The marketing team befriended delivery agents and gas stations for brand promotion. Yes, the refueling service focuses primarily on delivering for automobiles. But high-quality petrol and diesel powers many other vehicles. Cafu targets these new market segments to increase sales:

  • Sophisticated citizens lead a classy lifestyle in yachts and boats. Cafu plans to target them to create a viable and high-end consumer market.
  • Two-wheelers and motorcycles create a unique lifestyle for users. These customers might require an emergency service during their adventurous run in difficult terrain.
  • Corporate fleets facilitate transportation for a responsible workforce. Cafu delivers reliable, on-demand service to improve their business productivity.
  • Tourists to the Middle East usually get attracted by desert-centric, adventure sports. These companies find it better to adopt the Cafu app for their sports vehicles.
  • Cafu Essentials offer a tech-based solution to carry out car maintenance. Superior automobile care and real-time engine oil change services increase the vehicle’s lifespan.
  • Cafu online games entertain tech-savvy users. The gaming experience improves driving skills and improves brand loyalty.

Cost Structure To Maintain Cafu Advantage

Cafu’s leadership in on-demand fuel delivery in the Middle East is gaining more attention. The brand value of the app is dependent on customer loyalty and revenue model. The cost of Special 95, 98, and Diesel D are AED 1.80, 1.91, and 2.06, respectively. Monthly subscriptions and daily sales rake in the profits. Earnings per customer stand low as there is no additional delivery fee. But still, the app-based service earns millions of AED per annum due to the customer volume. Also, Cafu maintains a cost advantage by relying on asset creation and data analysis, like

  • Customer experience enhancement through transparent payments.
  • The key metrics for revenue generation monitoring are app downloads, monthly active users, number of orders per customer.
  • Monthly subscriptions, delivery time, canceled orders, and response times are also under the spotlight. The key performance indicators get studied to ensure a superior service.
  • Cafu also invests in AI and machine learning technologies. The company creates an impactful brand experience to engage the customers.
  • Gas companies and delivery partners are hand-picked with care. Their teams have credible associates who can adhere to high standards.
  • Digital technology and cutting-edge fueling equipment are Cafu’s hallmarks. High-quality fuel, standards compliance, and marketing strategies also impact the cost structure.

Steps to Develop Online Fuel Delivery App Business

An on-demand fuel delivery business, like Cafu, requires a lot of expertise. The business model has to factor in costs, revenues, technology platforms, and range of services. Also, the company has to liaison with the supply-chain stakeholders. It has to partner with delivery systems, gas and oil retailers as well as wholesale dealers. All these operations require sophisticated automation.

If the business owner requires an on-demand fuel delivery app or web software, he has to hire experts or out-source the software development process. A smart and sophisticated solution has clear terms and conditions of service. It makes room for ownership, licensing, user behavior, and accounts maintenance. It should also accommodate user eligibility, prohibited activities, payment schemes, user-provided content, online and offline marketing needs. But before this step, there are many other stages to cross. Let us look at the different stages of building up a futuristic business:

Supply Chain

The company has to partner with gas stations and suppliers as per the rules. The grass-root level work requires strict adherence to regulations. It is crucial to seek the necessary permissions from concerned authorities in advance. The type, nature, and quality of fuels vary from one user to another. Thus, the supply chain should have the capacity to satisfy diverse needs. All their documentation and digital parameters should be a part of the initial brainstorming session.

Delivery Mechanism

The branded fleet of fuel delivery trucks has to be ready. The hardware and software requirements, GPS, and information criteria for the delivery truck app, data, communication, and scalability evaluations are areas where you need to focus on during the development.

Standards And Feedback

Standards and compliance mechanisms have to be reliable. The fuel attributes like temperature, pressure, volume, etc. must get quantified. High-end solutions should make room for smart sensors and IoT digital devices. Also, choose the right cloud solution and data analytical tools.

Software Solution

Develop the on-demand fuel delivery app using the above-mentioned requirements. Design and build an integrated solution, and ensure safety, compliance, mobility, and flexibility with an eye on sustainability. Also, select and install durable and robust hardware and network connectivity. And make sure the back end software is well-interfaced with multiple device compatibility.

Cost Estimation Of Cafu App Development

Cafu is a world-class platform for delivering fuel on demand. The app development was self-funded. The proprietary solution matches the UAE’s monthly dynamic pricing policy. However, developing such a sophisticated app is neither easy nor inexpensive. The design and development of a similar mobile app are complex. The cost estimate also varies as the client requirements may vary. For example, oil pricing policies and delivery mechanisms vary across the globe. Also, different companies have diverse business requirements and sales targets. The cost of development depends on developers’ domain expertise and fee structure. Also, the following factors play a significant role in estimating the expenses.

Platform: Native apps run on Android, Microsoft, and Apple phones, whereas the hybrid, progressive, and web apps can run on web browsers. On-site, integrated systems, and cloud-based solutions are more expensive. But, they are more suitable for future IoT integration and scalability.

Features: The basic features cover registration, orders, tracking, payments, GPS, and schedules. While the delivery agents require dashboards, metrics, routes, requests, and notifications. More advanced features naturally cost a lot more to design and develop. They include location pinning, multiple payment options, fuel parameters, order history, billing, and price comparison.

UI/UX: Customer satisfaction has a good correlation with graphics, menus, colors, animation, and other UI elements. It is possible to enhance the customer experience through interactions, widgets, call-to-action, etc.

Back-end Technology: It involves hardware set-up, coding, analysis, updates, maintenance, backups, and upgrades.

Testing Requirements: The waterfall, RAD, and agile development methods have variable costs. The testing of some advanced apps can cost as much as US$5000.

If you factor in these requirements, cost estimates range between US$5000 to US$20,000. For essential to intermediate functionality, the costs will be around US$10,000. But a futuristic app requires around US$12,000 to US$15,000 or even US$20,000.

Why Choose Esferasoft For On-demand Fuel Delivery App Development?

If developed by amateurs, delivery apps like Cafu would be a bunch of interlinked problems added with more bugs. They are not like games, educational, or utility software. The software has to comply with high standards and regulatory policies. Besides, their functions, features, and maintenance have to be top-notch. Thankfully, Esferasoft has all the qualifications to develop such high-end Smartphone applications.

Choose Esferasoft for developing on-demand fuel delivery app. This ISO certified company is also a member of India’s NASSCOM. Their professional experts go beyond basic and intermediate skill levels, and they bring extraordinary clarity and business skills to the software development process.

  • This digital agency provides high-end, scalable digital technology. It can assist small, medium, or even large scale businesses.
  • The company can develop unique mobile apps for start-ups. It can cater to diverse business requirements without comprising on time or quality.
  • Their experienced team can deliver digital branding solutions. The UI/UX will also be contemporary, intuitive, productive, and user-friendly.
  • You can also rely on their expertise in AI and ML-powered techniques. Mobile and software solutions will satisfy the global gold standard.
  • They use innovative tools and cutting-edge methodologies for development. The designed software gets tested and maintained with great passion.
  • Esferasoft can build Android and Apple apps with expertise. They also deliver reliable hybrid, web, and progressive apps without any delays.
  • Apart from mobile apps, the company offers a wide range of services. They include AI consultancy, digital marketing, web frameworks, eCommerce, and online store development.
  • They offer a range of affordable solutions at fixed prices, including apps for grocery stores, ride-sharing, carpooling, and multi-vendor platforms.

The on-demand apps from Esferasoft help businesses to satisfy specific niche needs. They have these enviable features and benefits:

  • Start a business quickly with a ready to launch delivery and booking app.
  • Customizable apps facilitate future updates and upgrades.
  • The flexible software to alter based on user preferences
  • The first bug fixing and troubleshooting exercises are a part of the initial costs.
  • Upgrades and add-on features have transparent pricing plans.
  • The customer receives a proprietary solution with full ownership rights on source code.
  • Customers receive support (6 months -free) any time of the day or night.
  • You will receive a highly secure and trustworthy Smart app delivered without any errors.

Note: This to clarify that Esferasoft Solutions is not involved in the development of the Cafu app and in any other way. Our team of experts reviews the successful on-demand businesses and shares their insights and understanding via the Esferasoft blog.

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