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food delivery apps on the internet have transformed and elevated this sector. Nowadays, the demand for apps that deliver food is growing, and in the near future, the industry is expected to earn $200 billion in 2025. Based on the study of Zion and Zion, the survey has discovered that 41% of customers use multiple delivery services at least every month.

Food delivery apps are in high demand due to the convenience of eating food in the comfort of their home. Numerous apps have been launched in the last few years and have seen a significant increase in demand. One of these apps can be described as DoorDash.

DoorDash, compared with other food delivery services, is extremely user-friendly and has a wealth of features. This is why it has acquired popularity and success. Food delivery apps do not just help the user as well as the restaurant owner but restaurants as well.

Want to Know the Cost To Build An App Like Doordash?

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Before we dive into the basics of building an app for food delivery similar to DoorDash, Let’s look at the market analysis and data from Food Delivery apps and DoorDash.

Food Delivery Applications

1. Revenue for the Online Food Delivery segment is expected to grow to US$3339,257M by 2022.

2. The market for food delivery apps will generate the highest revenue from platform-to-consumer deliveries. The segment is projected to grow to a market amount of $215,955 million in 2022.

3. 31% of respondents in the survey said that they used service providers from third parties at least two times each week.

4. The popularity of food delivery was seen as 57 percent of millennials stated they prefer restaurant food delivery since they can watch films and television shows in their homes.

5. The online food platforms work excellently with high engagement rates. 88% of users often or do not leave after signing up.

6. According to studies, 63% of those between the ages of 18 and 29 tend to utilize apps for food delivery.


Source : Statista

DoorDash App

1. DoorDash is one of the most famous food Delivery apps in the United States.

2. The app’s growth rate jumped to $850 million up to $2.9 billion last year; the DoorDash app saw an increase of 241% in 2020.

3. DoorDash holds 45% of the US food delivery market, according to Edison Trends.

An Introduction to DoorDash App

If you are unfamiliar with DoorDash, it is a popular food delivery service (or on-demand restaurant food delivery) that started in 2013 in San Francisco. It connects consumers with food sellers by letting them order food from nearby restaurants.

Three types of people can use this app. The first type is the customer, the second is the restaurant owner, and the third is the Dasher, who is in charge of deliveries. Catering can help to promote a restaurant by connecting them to their clients and, in some cases, by enabling them to serve food at the consumer’s office or home.

The wide adoption of this app is a result of its superior functionality. Restaurant owners’ benefits include reducing delivery costs and improving customer experience. These changes may also generate jobs for Dashers and reduce costs for consumers who desire food delivery.

Why DoorDash app got success

If you think building a food delivery app will be so easy, then you need to think again. It is not as uncomplicated as it seems, and you must consider many things before deciding how much it costs to build a food delivery app. The primary reason behind its success is its business model, where one restaurant buys into another restaurant’s order flow, which means no more marketing.

They are growing rapidly because there is potential for many customers in an area with limited options, mostly due to geographical limitations. It could be a new way for businesses to enter their market at their own pace without needing multiple storefronts or too much cash.

Top 5 Alternatives/Competetive of DoorDash App

We have listed here the Top 5 Alternatives of the DoorDash App in the market with their little description.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats provides home-delivered food that satisfies the end user regarding interface and support of features. It has entered the market competently and worthily since it was established in 2014.


With roots in Bangalore, India, Swiggy is more convenient to do business with and is backed by cutting-edge technological support. The app assists users with ordering food and items for the kitchen, like groceries. In 2014, the app went nationwide and now reaches 500 cities in India.


Offering consumers the fastest way to find great places to eat and order food. Zomato’s food delivery app is available in 23 countries. Since 2008, this app has been a restaurant aggregator and food delivery app for major restaurants.


Tapingo is an integrated mobile food-ordering service. They’re unusual because they provide food to the university campus and cafeterias. It was established as a customer e-commerce mobile app in 2012.


Through this app, users receive meals as a subscription which means they’ll receive pre-portioned ingredients on their doorstep. As of 2011, HelloFresh has provided great meals and essential delivery services.

What factors impact the cost of DoorDash, like app development?

The DoorDash application works similarly to that of Uber Eats or GrubHub, combining all different delivery services into one user-friendly mobile app.
DoorDash provides consumers with an app that allows them to order food from local restaurants and deliver it directly to their doorsteps. The app has gained popularity among consumers and businesses, helping the former save time and money by allowing them to order fast food without leaving home and helping the latter reach more customers who might otherwise avoid delivery charges by visiting restaurants instead.

Features and Functionality

Delivery apps have a long list of features that make them both easy to use and simple to track orders. These features will also considerably affect how much your app costs to develop. The more complicated your order system is, the more expensive it will be to develop.

UX, Design and Branding

Choosing the right design when developing your food delivery app is crucial. To do so, you need to consider your customer’s point of view and create an intuitive user interface. The interface is more advanced and simpler, but it comes at a price.

Development Team

The time your team will spend developing your food delivery app can significantly impact how much it costs to build. You should carefully consider what kind of features you want your new food delivery app to have and how complex those features are.
The more complex, the more time will be needed to build it, which increases your costs.
Be sure to consider hourly rates for each team member; we recommend hiring a remote design or development agency so that you’re working with people in-country and helping you avoid travel expenses, too.

Business Model

Of course, you need to know how you plan to make money before you spend a dime on your new business.
If DoorDash charges restaurant owners for their service, customers pay indirectly. When we say business model, we mean exactly what it sounds like: how you make money and who pays for your services.
This is an especially important question if multiple stakeholders are involved in your idea; odds are they will be bringing their ideas to the table. Finding out how those fit with each other early on can prevent many headaches.

App Platform

The platform you choose will play a huge part in determining what it costs to build your mobile application. This is because different platforms have very different capabilities and resource needs.
For example, developing an Android app is much more difficult than developing an iOS one since Android apps can run on any hardware. In contrast, iOS apps are tethered to Apple devices. Likewise, cross-platform tools like React Native make it easy to create a high-quality product quickly. At the same time, native platforms have a steeper learning curve but offer greater performance and user experience (UX).

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Food Delivery App

The cost of developing an app such as DoorDash depends on several variables. It cannot be easy to establish an appropriate budget before you know the needs of the business to use features and the app’s capabilities. However, we have generalized our pricing and have presented estimates for various aspects.
The expense of creating a food delivery app like DoorDash can range from $10,000 and $70,000. The costs and the final cost are based on several factors, such as the number of features available, the quality of the app, as well as demands of the marketplace, and even the business needs.
Let’s now look at the pricing structure from the viewpoint of dividing the app development into three areas: the customer app Restaurant app, and the System Admin app.

App for Customers

The app is designed for customers and includes features such as login, managing catalogs menu, browsing ordering, and many more. The cost of creating a custom application for one platform begins at $10,000. The cost of developing an app that is cross-platform starts at $12,000.

Restaurant app

The app for restaurant owners offers different features than the app used by the user. The features could be restaurant management, orders, payment management, tracking delivery, etc.
The price for creating an app for partners and restaurants exceeds $10,000 per platform, and cross-platforms begin at $13,000.

System Admin App

The System Admin application is managed by the app’s administrator, which is why it requires features that allow for easy app management. These functions include managing payments, managing multiple profiles, and other things.
The expense of creating an app similar to DoorDash for administrative purposes starts at 12,000 dollars for one platform and can reach a maximum of $16,000 for cross-splat of the app development.

Esferasoft Is the First Choice To Develop App Like Doordash

With plenty of business ideas floating around, now it’s time to turn those ideas into reality. The best mode to do that is through mobile application development – and, for that, Esferasoft is your top choice.
Esferasoft is the first choice for any organization that wants to develop an application similar to DoorDash. This is because Esferasoft provides all kinds of app development services, which can be trusted for its quality work.
With our extensive experience and expertise in everything from data security to cross-platform compatibility, we’ll help you create an easy-to-use app that quickly catches on with users. Take advantage of our affordable rates and stellar customer service, and we promise you won’t be disappointed with your results.


Food delivery apps are an innovative way to attract and retain customers, so it’s no surprise that most businesses want to have one. However, building one isn’t cheap, so business owners need to understand what goes into making a successful food delivery application before jumping in head first.
Our goal with this post was to outline some of these costs and provide tips on avoiding unnecessary expenses along your journey. Hopefully, now you have a finer understanding of how much it costs to build a food delivery application and what factors will affect your door dash, like app development costs.
Are you ready to get started building your food delivery platform? Hire a Food Development app development company! We’ll help build your custom restaurant management system from scratch and ensure that everything is integrated seamlessly.

The quality of developers is always a top-of-mind concern for startups in an evolving on-demand world. How much it costs to build an on demand delivery app depends largely on how well you take advantage of custom technology, marketplace opportunities and vertical market needs. Hire a food delivery app developer to get ready faster, reduce your timeline costs, and maximize your ROI. It will ensure your business takes off briskly, leaving its competitors behind!


Why choose Esferasoft?

As you move forward with your food delivery app project, you want to be sure it doesn’t stall in any way. That is why you want to partner with a company that can help you reach your end goal and offer great support. We have ample experience helping clients develop food delivery apps, and we do not doubt that we can assist turn your ideas into reality. Let’s work together! 

How much time does it take to build a food delivery app?

The first version of the food order app with roles for the customer and administrator can be created within 2.5–3 months.

What steps to make a food delivery application?:

Five steps to follow
 1. Keep track of trends in the food delivery industry.
 2. Models of food delivery should be chosen.
3. The target market should be researched.
4. Pick the main features of food delivery services like UberEats.
5. Develop a Food Delivery App using the chosen technology stack.

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