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You may aware the fact that – a number of downloads starting with the search.

According to sources, more than 60% of mobile applications downloads are found via app store searches. It means that thousands of downloads happening every day begin with the search bar. It explains the huge opportunity.

Users do visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to look for a solution to a problem. On the other hand, they know exactly what they are looking for. The entire process hinges on discovering as it starts with generic keywords typed into search bar & ends with the download of the app.

App developers of the mobile development company, & marketers spend hours each month are looking for methods to stand out search results. In other words, there are a myriad factors that contribute to whether an app shows up in search results, including keywords in the app title, how recently the app is updated & the number of recent downloads. Nevertheless, all the factors do influence search, an app’s rating & reviews are what stand out.

Why are Ratings & Reviews Important?

The main thing is that – Google & Apple want their users to provide the best mobile applications. Therefore, the review & rating system is the way of giving users a chance in order to shape an app before downloading it. However, a handful of negative reviews can be enough to fail completely an app’s download numbers.

That’s why it is important to take utmost care of mobile apps’ reviews & ratings.

What Does it Mean Exactly?

It means that – there are things that you can do as a mobile applications development company to expand your chances of generating positive reviews. The best thing an app can do is to acquire five-star reviews if you want to actually compete with your rivals.

In this blog, we as an India-based mobile development company is going to answer the most frequent questions that you may ask before hiring us:

– How can mobile app get more positive reviews?

– How can your app get better reviews?

So if you are desperately looking for an answer to grab good reviews, you are in luck! Esferasoft Solutions has not just built plenty of apps on major platforms, but we also believe in that we should familiar our clients to understand it completely. Read on.

Three Things to achieve better REVIEWS

Numerous other steps are involved in order to achieve the chances of building app that people love & are eager to review with positive feedback.

1.Hire The Great Mobile App Development Team

Whether you agree or not, behind a great mobile app, there is always a great mobile team. Whether your team is in-house or you outsource, the talent of your team can make or break the chances for success.

2.Study The Competition

You need to know what you are up against. If you are creating an app in a competitive market, make sure that at the very least, the app matches the rivalry in terms of design, capabilities, features & usability.

3.Invest in Design

There’s no room for doubt in that app should work. Simultaneously, the design also must not be dreadful. It has been like pulling teeth just to benefit from the app.

Now, what else you can do to generate positive reviews for the app?

Don’t launch your mobile app with a ton of bugs

Downloading any random app & being a buggy product is one of the worst experiences in mobile. In the world of apps where we’ve been spoiled by several amazing apps, but users have little tolerance for buggy apps that only cause headaches.

That is why it is important for app developers to test their apps for bugs before & after launch. It is not enough to test only on one device, either you need to invest in testing your mobile app on multiple devices so that you don’t receive negative reviews.

Invest constantly in quality customer support

One of the biggest challenges for mobile app developers is connecting one to one with their users. In general, Apple & Google do not make it easier for app developers in order to interact with their users due to privacy.

In addition, there are many app makers have built their own in-app messaging features where users can interact with customer support.

By investing in-app customer services, one can take advantage from a very effective way of handling support. A great messaging support system offers a great user experience & even an opportunity to encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews in the app store.

Ask your users for reviews, but do it strategically

By asking users to leave reviews is a good strategy for getting more positive reviews too, but often you see mobile apps put those requests in the wrong place. Suppose that you download an app to give it a try & before you even have a chance to do anything. What would you do?

Moreover, most of the ones ignore the requests & others get annoyed & exit the app & never come back. However, both represent poor experience that should be avoided at all costs.

Therefore, in order to drive positive reviews, a tow-tired pop-up is the great way to capitalize on key experiences within the app.

Include CTA (Call-to-action) in your emails

Here we as android development company talked about the importance of communicating with your app users. The importance of communicating with your users one to one, you can make direct requests. It is an easy to ensure that every interaction contains this request is to up to date signature with a call-to-action, which drives people to the app store.


As far as ratings & reviews are concerned, they have become essential in the mobile app market. Mobile app developers are becoming desperate in order to grab – genuine public feedback! But don’t buy it when online marketers tell you as they can get you a plethora of reviews.

All you need to hire genuine mobile app development company like us. Discover more about mobile application development services & get in touch with us today!

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