How to Take Control of Google’s Branded Search Results – ORM

Proactive Online Reputation Management (ORM) has been increasingly growing & becoming pivotal more than ever when it comes to your company’s success.

The brand’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is one thing that any potential customer will learn about your brand or company. It has become the public face of a business eventually.

As everyone aware of the context that – the first impression is hard to build.

In point of fact, according to studies, over 90% Internet users never go to the past or on the second page of search results. Therefore, it is complicated that the first page must be informative, useful & must have ultimately positive views of your company, business or brand.

What is ORM (Online Reputation Management)?

Fundamentally, an Online Reputation Management (ORM) – is the process of controlling what shows up when someone Googles your company’s or brand’s name.

In today’s world of the Internet, there are most of the businesses who are subjected to a negative online attack in some ways. This kind of attack generally comes with a high-risk chance & it directly affects search result pages & it will remain in this prominent position for everyone in order to see them. However, the risk is common due to the fact that – negative material is considered as interesting by many Internet users. If your agency is the one who is suffering from negative online reputation, then here is the guide by the experts of web development company in India, we’ve compiled a pivotal question that you should ask yourself before heading to hire a company i.e. Is it worth investing a massive amount of money & time in SEO & PPC campaigns?

How to Set Up Strong Branded Search Results

In order to set up a strong branded search results, all you need to maintain an extensive presence across all channels & the web as well on a variety of websites & profiles. Check out few practical steps that you can take in order to gain & dominate your company’s search results:

#1 Sitelinks

The extension of the official website can make double your SERP (search engine result pages), rendering customers multiple opportunities in order to visit your website through its inner web pages. The sitelinks will only be displayed only if in Google’s words – “they are useful to user”.

Therefore, it is important to give the website the best fighting option of getting – sitelinks. In order to do this, make sure your website is well-organized as well as user-friendly along with a clear page hierarchy, plus consistent internal linking structure by using relevant & descriptive anchor text.

In brief, we can say –

Website must be Well-organized + User-friendly + Clear Page Hierarchy + Consistent Internal Linking Structure = Sitelinks


If we say “user-friendly” website, we also mean robot-friendly. Therefore, search bots will be crawling the website & will decide how relevant each web page is.

Make sure that – your website does not embrace crawl errors within Google Webmaster Tools. In addition, make sure that constantly submit up-to-date XML Sitemaps.

#2 Sitelink Search Box

#3 Knowledge Graph/ Google My Business

If you have not already signed up, verified or optimized your website for Google My Business (GMB), then you will definitely miss the trick.

By adding this, you can enhance the chances of an informative “Knowledge Graph” box appearing on the right hand at the top of any brand name search results.

GMB – Google My Business of any brand generally displays some information such as contact details, business opening times, reviews, images & social media profiles. In addition, having multiple locations of your business, there is also the potential for a Google Snack Pack to be flaunted that can promote you to a degree, which is equivalent to top five organic listings.


How to Optimize Business’s GMB (Google My Business) Profile

In order to optimize your business’s GMB profile, plus to increase the chances of Knowledge Graph & add Snack Pack listing, all you need to make sure that all business locations are claimed accurate information that is comprehensively completed for every location, including contact & address details, opening hours, etc. Every detail should match those listed elsewhere online, for instance, corporate directories (Yelp, Yell, etc.) & official website or blog.

In addition, make sure to add images of your business & verify all your social media accounts with Schema Markup on the official website in order to increase the chances of being listed in Knowledge Graph.

#4 Images

Usually, Google displays an image widget on the first page of results for your brand name. In order to increase the chance of images that you can control appearing on page 1, here are the number of ways that you can take. Here web development company in India has listed few yet effective things that you should follow:

  1. Make sure images are not published anywhere or images must be unique.
  2. Make use of high-resolution, well-optimized & compressed images as long as quality would not suffer.
  3. Make sure image title tags, use ALT tags with descriptive text & your brand name keyword when it is applicable.
  4. Build internal & external links to images by using descriptive anchor text.
  5. Embedded images must be relevant & surrounded by high-quality content.
  6. By using multiple locations of images, such as Flickr, Instagram, can render additional opportunities in order to rank multiple pages.

#5 Google News

Those companies that have regular news about their brands that may be selected by Google News widget as it is displayed within SERP. The content must be relevant, original & well-written & be news applicable in terms of context.

#6 Secondary Website

Generally, the website of your brand should rank no. 1. However, there is also an opportunity in order to control another position in other results. Due to the fact that there are so many businesses who are setting up the subdomain & 3rd party blog services such as Tumblr, WordPress, etc.

#7 Social Media

#8 Google Autocomplete

Before hitting the “enter” key, you’ll notice the most immediate set of search results as they are given by Google’s suggested search results. All these results are created based, on – search volume, which is mentioned around the web & several other key factors.

In Google Autocomplete, there is only up to 4 results will be displayed, however, it can be increased up to 10 results by manually going to Google search settings.

Outwith Google

According to most of the popular search engine – Google is the best place to start with in order to revamp your business’ ORM. Bear in mind, do not ignore other search engines as well.

In order to build a solid reputation, all you just need a good SERP across all channels as a customer could potentially use to search for your business.

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