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Kotlin for Android Development
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In the app world, Java has an opulent place, almost every app found in play store is developed using Java. Kotlin is a new programming language which is used with JVM, Android, and browser. Google has officially announced its compatibility with distinguished platforms and regarded it as a first class language.

Java application is compiled into a set of instructions called bytecode, it runs on a virtual machine called Java Virtual machine. New languages which are now introducing to the app world are made such that they can run in Java virtual machine.

Benefits of Kotlin

App developers are using Java from a long time and it’s not wrong to term it an old language. No doubt Java has served us remarkably by delivering magnificent apps and changed our lives but now there is a need for a new and improved language which can make coding easy.

Due to this Kotlin has entered the market with following benefits:


Kotlin works with all the existing android libraries, it is hundred percent interoperable with Java. Kotlin allows you to improve the features of your project without changing the code of your project which eventually facilitates you in compiling your project using both languages.

Easy to learn

For a Java developer, it’s easy to learn Kotlin. It contains various plugins which automatically converts Java to Kotlin. Moreover, Kotlin offers reference guide which contains key features of the language along with interactive exercises.

Execution and coding

Kotlin runs as fast as Java as it has same bytecode structure, some functions of Kotlin like inline functions runs even faster than the Java. Kotlin requires less coding, it basically reduces the boiler coding and thus makes the execution time better.

Easy to switch

Kotlin allows you to switch easily by using its Java to Kotlin converter tool. This tool helps the developer by converting complex Java codes into Kotlin without wasting any time. Moreover, Kotlin is open source language so for switching from Java to Kotlin you don’t have to spend your hard earned money.

Flaws in Java

Most of the people who used Java may feel skeptical when they are advised to switch to Kotlin. There may be several reasons for that, but when they came to know what Kotlin can offer them, they will never go back to Java again. Some Java versions used in android does not support lambdas, method references and streams, in that case, one needs to use the API from the older Java versions. However, there are some third party tools from which one can back port some of these features.

Java is error prone, the way it deals with null causes the dreaded null point extension which is also called billion dollar mistake. App crashes in android phones due to this null, null defines zero value and Java used it in its frame work and API which makes it more difficult for Java developers to solve the crash problem.

Java developers often ignore the way by which it implements nonstatic inner classes that keep on implicating the outer classes which are the prominent reason for memory leaks in Java apps. Developers love clean and concise code which are easy to execute and complied. In Java, developers have to follow many steps in a specific order which make the code lengthy and complex. A developer has to do many things in a specific way such as database access, fragments handling and much more.

Why you need Kotlin

Kotlin is developed to address the issues faced by a normal Java developer every day. Kotlin provides back end compatibility to most of the Java and Android versions. The null point which is the biggest flaw in Java is easily caught during compile time thus saves the apps from crashing at run time. All of the Android IDE versions work well with the Kotlin so you can mix and match both Java and Kotlin in the same project.

At the end, Kotlin is a wonderful language for app development and it can make your life easy with its remarkable features and benefits over Java.

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