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You may have noticed, however lately notified that the individuals & organizations have been able to post images, texts & videos directly to the famous search engine – Google. All top of it, it would be better to know about the feature – what is the feature ‘Google Posts’? It is an experimental feature from Google, which allows people & brands to create content directly on Google that happens highly ranked in Google search results for respective names.

The feature is still in experimental phase, but organizations & public figures can join the waiting list in future. In the feature, it will appear in both PC & mobile search results. However, the search results are dominated by a person, organization, posts & cards along with social media details & so on.

The general category search results seem to return similar search results by favoring the same particular organization or verified person that may be a cause for concern, even if you are running a medium business without your business’s strong presence online.

Apart from joining the waiting list for Google Posts feature, and learning to create technically & engaging content. It is going to play a fundamental role in allowing businesses, whether it is big or medium to keep with the rivals regardless of whether the card like feature eventually rolled out for us.

Here we’ll combine top quirky ways that you can make ready your website for Google’s usage of real-time cards & posts in search:

1. Set Up Google My Business Account

It allows you to update your business’s information around Google Plus, search & maps. It also enables you to control the majority of search results pages for your brand name. Well, it is worth doing to keep your business or organization in the running for future experiments.

For instance, search results related to offshore graphic design company India then it will include top places related to the company i.e. Its website, Facebook, Twitter pages & the Local Business Card that are on the right-hand side.

2. Optimize The Website

How can you get ready your website for Google’s basic requirements & ever-evolving tools? You can do this by inputting some additional throughout the website. For instance, every web page of the website must have a unique meta title & description.

  • The page title is one of the essential things among all as it would help search engines to understand what each page is all about descriptions encourage the searches in order to click on the results.
  • Next, for the best results, just keep your titles to the maximum of 69 characters & description to 155 characters. Concentrate only on one or two keywords so do not make search engines confuse.
  • You must optimize images on the website in order to increase the chances of them by appearing in search engine results.
  • When it comes to image, make use of image instead of generic image file names such as image0117.jpg. Write a file name of images before uploading it.
  • Make sure to fill in the ALT tag with the concise & a relevant description by using one of the useful targeted keywords.
  • Eventually, the URLs should be brief & must include the main keyword such as CodeIgniter development services. As you can use it to optimize your website in a great manner. Since a well-written URLs can act as their own anchor text while copied & pasted as a naked URL.

3. Not Take Mobile For Granted

A number businesses are still here who are lagging behind when we talk in order to convert the mobile traffic to their websites. The truth is that if your website has poor mobile experience can result in the website being ignored by search engines.

The mobile-centered websites set to become a major factor as in how Google determines the existing rankings & eligibility for upcoming features.

Therefore, you need to provide a positive experience with the intentions of mobile users & requirements. It does not merely optimize your website for mediumer screens, and it will put you in Google’s good books & the future-proof the online presence. By doing so, you will enjoy up to 20 to 30% increase in conversions.

One can maximize the conversion rates by just making it easier for all users. Plus, consider different ways of online payments such as PayPal in order to speed up the checkout process.

4. Make Shareable Content That Draws Attention

In a nutshell, make shareable, simple & great quality content for the website as it associates several benefits.

The web pages of a specific company, for instance, web design and development company India blog will be able to rank better for more keyword searches. By doing so, it will encourage to attract more links from other websites.

What would matter the most? In order to drive more traffic & draw attention to users is to gain links to your website from high-quality sources as it is one of the most effective ways to get ranked higher in search engine results.

Again, it is all about – quality over quantity. So one the best ways to attract good quality backlinks is – to use original survey reports as a PDF, infographic & interactive maps.

If you host original data & insights, it makes a difference. At long last, most importantly, there is one piece of amazing content that will give you the source of hundreds or thousands of contacts for your website.

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