Mobile App Revolution: Redefining The App Interface


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Are You making the most of Mobile App Revolution?


Well this is the age of smartphones and they have made life a lot easier for all users, allowing them to function several things at just one tap and click. It can perform endless actions, from shopping for your favorite merchandise, book a movie ticket or find a doctor.

However, did you think what makes these devices so smart?

Well, certainly there are smart applications which are so powerful and useful. Easy to install in the mobile phones, these apps tap the computational powers of the mobile phones and deliver desired results.

Lately we have discovered that the mobile apps have gone through a paradigm shift and today people look at them as beyond entertainment. With the arrival of mobile operating systems, such as iOS, Android and Blackberry OS, mobile apps are highly featured, well-functioned and more useful with being capable of handling some serious issues. Even though there has been a big leap in mobile technology in the last few years, still it is believed that the real mobile revolution is yet to begin.

What leads to Mobile App Revolution?

Several factors are involved behind the mobile app revolution like better mobile phones, organized marketplace for app download, timely updates, advanced mobile app development service and the introduction of some very useful and revolutionary apps. Today mobile apps are considered quite valuable as they solve various intricate tasks.

Why do most and most people love mobile apps?

These apps prove to be very useful and solve complex problems that the users come across.

With them the security of the mobile phones has enhanced and they are considered reliable.

Some apps even work as wallet and make shopping, booking tickets and pay bills way easier.

These apps boosts mobile app revolution as friends can be invited through the app

and this makes the app viral.

There are apps providing office solutions such as iOffice and Microsoft Office and they enjoy great prominence among the professionals.

How mobile apps revolution is changing the scenario?

The mobile apps certainly rule and today most smartphone users depend on these apps to execute tasks such as shopping, banking and others. Office apps help the professionals in performing their work even when they are not present in the office. In fact, the rage can be judged from the survey saying that 87% of the time people spend on the mobile phone is dedicated to apps and just 13% on the browser. The best thing is that in-app purchases offered in the app enables the developers to earn good amount of money even when the app is offered for free. Looking at the way mobile app development company in India are improvising, it won’t be a surprise to see them soon surpass the desktop application in terms of popularity and user base.


Now it is quite clear that the mobile apps are booming and they will continue to prosper in the coming days as well. However, some still have concerns regarding the safety and security of these apps, thus it is expected that the new apps will focus on these aspects offering a more secure and reliable app ecosystem. At the same time, these new generation apps will be high on usability and are very inclusive.

At Esferasoft Solutions, we offer Mobile App Development Solutions for diverse arenas at cost-effective prices.

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