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Most of us imagine robots when someone speaks about artificial intelligence. AI has several applications it’s not only a human-like sentient, it’s like a supercomputer who can take its own decision and performs the desired action.

Think artificial intelligence as an algorithm, not as an artificial body which is used to make a machine more and more smarter. Most of the industries are now using advanced machines for increasing their productivity and speed. Big IT giants such as Google have already started using AI for devising new machines. Their self-driving car is an example of such an extensive application of AI.

Web Designing with Artificial Intelligence

The Tech world is now focusing more on interactivity than creativity, engaging customers only through content and information is an old practice and companies want to enhance their approach.

A machine having artificial intelligence imitates some characteristics of the human brain, such as rational thinking, decision-making and problem-solving. Web developers and designers are finding new ways to integrate web development with AI for enhancing their client’s experience.

Customer’s preferences and the market keep on changing, a system or algorithm which can recommend changes in a website according to the user input is beneficial both for the company and the developer. There are thousands of graphics developers who are working tirelessly for making magnificent websites, but the demand keeps on increasing which makes it difficult for them to devise a new design every time.

An algorithm which helps in making mesmerising design demands for a cutting-edge technology like AI. Moreover hiring dedicated developers and designers are really expensive, which discourages small entrepreneurs and businesses. Different websites platforms which are free and easy to use can’t compete for industry standard.

So there is a big space for a technology which is smart and easy to use. The new AI technology helps in solving complex design issues, evaluates your business and make a blueprint for a website which you require.

Is it a threat to web developers?

Not likely because technology can’t replace creativity, however, it can change the developer thinking and businesses who build websites. It can’t replace web developers and app designers, but yes, it can enhance the web spectrum. Artificial intelligence is still evolving and we are currently experiencing it in chatbot.

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What are bots and how they use artificial intelligence?

A bot is a code which is used to perform a particular task, you must hear about chatbot, it will be interesting for you to know that it is the most common application of AI. Most of the websites provide chat for user interaction where a AI bot chat with a human following a pre-programmed script.

According to a research, more than eighty percent of the world population is dealing with a bot rather than a human. Customers are now moving towards virtual assistant, which provide them instant information. Not only Facebook and whats app are using chatbot services for customer support and assistance, but other sectors like banks are using it extensively for providing instant service to their customers.

Bots work through a scripted program and converse according to that program. For complex customer queries human interface is required and at that time customer care executive takes the queries and solve the problem. The world is still waiting for an intelligent bot who has the caliber to take a complex decision. Research is going on for making this a reality.

Machine Learning

A machine learning program interacts with a user and makes a better understanding of the user. Most of the machine learning systems currently are programmed to find the best results they reject the junk and provide limited results but that’s not much help.

At the end, web designing requires a lot of tedious work, with artificial intelligence businesses can save time and focus on important aspects. Web will take several years to become intelligent but here we get a glimpse of our amazing future today. For more info, check our artificial intelligence development solutions.

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