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Rappi, a Bogota based on-demand delivery super app that lets Latin American users shop for online groceries and other stuff. Rappi is currently operating in 55 cities across seven Latin American countries including, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay. Rappi is one of those startups that inspired a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs to start similar ventures or super apps online. For those people, we have collected the information here which will provide detailed information about Rappi, its Business Model, Rappi App, and Web Admin features, How it Works and how much cost is involved to develop a similar super app like Rappi.

Interesting Facts About Rappi

While doing research, we found these amazing facts that make this On-demand super app truly exceptional:

1. This amazing super app allows its users to order groceries, food or drug store medications.

2. One can trust Rappi to withdraw their money from their bank account via ATM and get it delivered to them safely.

3. The app simply loves its customers and that is the reason it offers to send money in the form of cash to someone.

4. Users can rely on couriers for personal belongings transportation which includes house keys, purses, wallets, etc.

5. The app is pet-friendly too as it allows its couriers to even walk their customers’ dogs safely.

6. According to SimilarWeb, Rappi’s app usage rank is 80th and Google Play rank is 155th.

Why On-Demand Startups like Rappi are Gaining a Lot of Attention?

Rappi has become a sensation and an inspiration for the startups especially in Latin American countries. Below are the reasons that led to Rappi’s success that bring a boost in the food delivery industry:


In recent years, the demand for last-mile delivery services has increased by almost 60 percent.


Startups are planning to make best use of those idle people who wish to monetize and earn money from any of their vehicles including bike, car, and motorcycle etc. This certainly helps in finding a good source of income above minimum wage levels.


In Latin American countries, where maximum population relies on minimum wages can earn three times more income by working in flexible hours.


Owing to the increased scope of on demand economy in the Latin American countries, the investors are open to sponsor such kind of super app ideas.


The on demand apps are focused more towards the end user, therefore follows the customer-centric approach to provide all benefits to their users.


One of the major benefits of on demand apps like Rappi is their ability to deliver on time. Thus, making themselves an efficient and in-demand among users.


Such type of super apps take full ownership of security and safety of the stuff and ensure to maintain the quality to be provided to users.


For more personalized services, a personal assistant has been assigned to each user who will be responsible for everything, from picking up medicine and bringing forgotten keys to paying invoices.

Rappi Business Model

Rappi can also be named as a Go To store for Latin Americans as it focus to provide everything with instant delivery. Right from delivering groceries, food, alcohol, pharmacy products, apparel, electronics, and courier services which will run your errands, pay bills and deliver cash, Rappi is a One Stop Solution.

The on-demand app solely aims to provide value services with its innovative and amazing business model. The super app only thinks about offering value to its customers, couriers, restaurants, grocery stores and CPGs.

It comprises of the following modules:

Customer app: A customer app simplified the process of ordering for Rappi’s customers.

Driver app: This serves to be a highly useful tool for the agents to ensure on-time deliveries.

Merchant panel: Designed for the store owners, it helps managing orders & their business.

Admin panel: A feature-rich, one-stop place to control, manage, and track every business activity helped in revenue generation.

Specifications And Technology Used

Application and Data



1. Google Analytics

2. Google Tag Manager

Business Tools

1. WordPress

2. GSuite

3. Intercom

4. Webpack

5. Nginx

6. Amazon Web Services

7. Amazon Cloudfront

8. Node.js

Cost to develop an On-Demand Delivery App like Rappi

The cost to develop an on-demand app like Rappi will be based on the following factors:

1. Your Needs

2. Requirement gathering

3. Your App Idea + Platform requirements

4. Technology Used

An on-demand app like Rappi will cost you between $4,000 to $20,000. However, it totally depends on the requirements and solution you choose.

If you go with ready to launch and Minimum Viable Product, then the cost can be up to $5000.

For a mix of readymade + personalized solution, the app cost idea ranges in between $10,000-$15,000

For a completely customizable solution, where everything  is done from scratch, will cost in between $35,000-$50,000

Why Choose Esferasoft for Rappi Like Super App Development?

1. Our 100% customizable solutions provide complete personalization to the system.

2. You will get a lifetime license for the solution, which means that ready to buy product will be your lifetime property and you don’t need to pay monthly/yearly cost.

3. Our solutions are fully White Label where you have full rights to use your business name anywhere in the solution.

4. We offer a full tech suite to build iOS and Android Apps in the latest technology.

5. Get extra advantage of our AI-based solutions.

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