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In the marketplace, there are huge number of eCommerce platforms, and obviously it is difficult to figure out what platform would work effectively or which one is better that could meet your requirements. Whether you are a blogger,designer or entrepreneur who works with online then you’ll definitely need an eCommerce platform that would make your task simpler. Today, digital content is really meant for every individual. Since, emergence of PDF, graphic designs, articles, the marketplace rocks, due to digital content. People would love to purchase online because of its ease & comfort. So, the question is which platform is better for online commerce that could make boom in the niche of e-commerce development services. The decade where we are right now, it’s booming across the globe. Everything is just a click away for ever individual. Now, the question is that how can you take this the most into the market? There are plenty of options are out there but which one should you follow? This content, you’ll get appropriate knowledge regarding this. The first thing, just check out multiple online commerce platforms such as:


Reason To Support

This is one of the most amazing solutions for setting up an online store. It is not merely easy but giving non­technical nous to use and providing the simple interface for inventory management, payment integration and content generation.One of the most appealing things about the software is a huge marketplace for Shopify Themes­ it is available for both free & paid for online owners. Bestowing you customized themes for your own Shopify stores.

Reasons To Oppose

  • It costs a huge amount of money that could be the biggest reason for its reasons to oppose. You can also start with a monthly fee that is 14 bucks per month. And cost increases, if you want to add extra features.
  • Big transaction fee! Yes, that’s true! You can also find out credit­ card fee, along with typical transaction fees.
  • In a nutshell, there is an application where there is a cost of that too.

Woo Commerce

In a nutshell, this is one of the most popular “open” eCommerce platforms like Shopify. From small to large sized online merchants, it is designed for each and everything that meet your requirements. It is famous due to its simplicity to install. Since it is a part of WordPress plugin if you know how to use then it would be a cakewalk for you. The more exciting is about that it is totally free. Do you want to use its full potential? You can download it on top of the theme of WordPress or you can purchase it and it also supports 100+ payment gateways, including PayPal.


  • Free to download & open source platform
  • Speedy & easy one­page checkouts
  • Pleasing plus aesthetic themes


  • The next thing is that it is free download yet you’ll need add-­ons that get sometimes hard. In addition, they are free for one time only.
  • It has extremely limited support yet its open source platform.

Square Space

This is a SaaS-­based content management system that is composed of blogging platform, website builder and hosting service.


The most appealing thing in this is that it’s aesthetic appeal, amazing templates and great design concepts that are pretty catchy. The templates are “responsive”, undoubtedly, this is plus point that it embraces.


When it comes to drawback of it is that it uses stripe for payment processing and it may be better suited for those selling real products. The most negative part is that­ it can’t integrate with WordPress.

  • If you want to add products to bulk then go for Shopify e-commerce.
  • If you use WordPress then go for Woo Commerce.
  • If you would love to use the platform with visual appeal then opting for Square space.

And if you are going to decide that which one would be perfect & easier platform then it has never been easier.However, we should have plenty of questions & knowledge regarding this to make the best platform for you own online store.

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