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As an India based IT company, we have been delivered 7000+ projects in every niche. But here we are feeling privileged to share some insights of our iOS & Android development work process & how we apply this smooth going work process to work as our mobile app developers do.

Our company strongly believes in continuous improvements, exploring new horizons & sharing of knowledge – whether you would become our future clients or join our team. That is why from the very moment new developers get entrance to company. The first & foremost, we’ll tell you the complete hierarchy of our mobile app development team.

Generally, there is five stages of professional advancements of mobile app developers at Esferasoft Solutions, the mobile &

web development company in India

Junior, Middle, Senior, Tech Lead & Technical Director when it comes to the hierarchy of mobile app developers. Each of these places is achieved by a vast experience, handwork, personal & professional improvement. In this way, we are capable enough to deliver the best in mobile applications – iOS & Android app development.


  • Software Development Time Estimation:
    One of the essential skills, since it teaches to understand completely the processes of mobile app development & evaluate your skills. Only experienced developers of the
    iOS app development company in India
    familiar with a variety of technologies & the iOS developers who has suitable experience in software development. We completely fulfill these essential requirements when it comes to iOS mobile app development & they will help out in the future.
  • Database Creation:
    Our developers work on different technologies, Core Data is one of them. It is the fastest & most efficient database when it comes to iOS. We start off with to create a quality database from initials. Our iOS developers hugely concentrate on – software stability & resilience.
  • Collection Objects:
    They will help us to master database creation. Technologies involve here: NSOrderedSet, NSArray, NSDictionary & their mutual variants.
  • The Basic UI:
    Technologies include: UICollectionView & UITableView. Both are most important UI elements of UIKit.
  • GUI Layouts:
    Graphic User Interface (GUI) is the foundation of a great UX (user experience) that is any

    mobile app development company

    in India should know how to manage the diverse elements of the GUI.
  • UI Lifestyle & Interactions:
    Technologies include: Standard UIViewController & UIView.
  • Client & Server Communication
  • In-app Purchases
  • Online Payment
  • Apple’s Guidelines:
    You can check here, this is what we follow during the creation of mobile apps. There’s another document, which is extremely valuable for developers in the App Store Review guideline.
  • UIGestureRecognizer:
    It enables to fully control all gestures used within the app.
  • Creating Customized Elements:
    The technologies are involved in order to create customized elements: CoreGraphics, CoreText.
  • Social Network Integration:
    In the part of advanced app customization, our iOS developers learn how to enable users to sign in with their social network accounts. Also, learn how to perform standard actions such as changing profile pictures.
  • MVC & MVP Architectural Patterns:
    What are the main differences between two? What are they used for? These questions, our team of developers generally looks to deliver the best in mobile applications.

If we get more deeply into the concept of iOS mobile app development, all these technologies are absolute quintessential. Our most of the junior mobile app developers also deal with the tasks, such as embedding video player & making certain actions to perform only on specific devices, from sending emails to automate calls to assigned numbers.


Working with a broad variety of projects in niches: mobile app & web development is always a challenge. However, there is a complicating factor comes along with the new projects & new clients across the world.

Every client has different preferences, style of works & expectations, but we have been successfully delivered to them. That’s why – we have a lot of interactions with the clients of every stage of the project.


Lastly, We Put Our Clients First

In closing, at every stage of the process, we always put our clients first.

We do listen & value them.

With enough enthusiasm, dedication & great efforts along with the support of senior mobile app developers, that’s why our company as the most recognized mobile &
web development company in India
is able to deliver high-quality mobile applications with simple functionality within weeks.

It’s not just a trend for us, we mean it!

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