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You can say it either ‘social media contest’ or ‘social contest’ platforms, undoubtedly, it is booming in the realm of social media, which is not only elevating the level of rivalry, but enabling every kind of businesses to run on a digital & better way. In order to host social media contests that can enhance consumer engagement, boost followers & build profoundly powerful the loyalty of the brand, undoubtedly. Before taking any step to launch the next contest, follow these three rules:

Rule #1: Make The Contest- so easy to join.
Rule #2: Make Sure The Contest- aligns with the brand.
Rule #3: Most Importantly- Make it fun.

In case if are handling small businesses or startups, and are seeking the low-budget way in order to grow the brand online, engaging more customers & increasing sales in a broader & measurable way, it is better to consider the contest in the following social media platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram.


Gazillions contests have always been performed on Facebook, you need to make sure that you stand out from the crowd. One of the best & productive patterns of triumphant contests is that they appeal to the lifestyles as well as the interests of the targeted market of the brand. On the other hand, the not-so-successful attempts usually come from the companies, which giveaway items that are not really related to their brand. When you stick to the brand, you are more likely to attract the followers who are interested in your organization, but not merely the prize that is being given away.

For instance, someone is handling the contest and it is making a lot of things in every way, then the most important thing is that their focus is so easy to use- this is also one of the major appeals to entering.

If you are planning to make the social media contest, then bear in mind that “keep it simple”.

The next example is that- if you are running an art gallery or theatre or something, then you can host a like-to-win contest & educate your audience with a little art. Plus, you can include “brand-related giveaway” or a gift card to a famous local restaurant.


The social media contests that are hosted on the Pinterest tend to generate innumerable user engagement due to the fact that they naturally tap into regular use of Pinterest~ according to sources.

While creating a social media contest, it is pivotal to keep in mind that it will not work only for targeted audiences, but it is created like that only which can work across all social platforms & channels.


Today, 150+ million users are on Instagram~ according to sources in order to get absolute success, all you need to do is to post pretty, HD & engaging pictures with filters as well as a witty caption in order to gain more followers.

For instance, The National Geographic is one of the widely known brands that triumphantly jumped on the Instagram. The brand invited photographers & nature enthusiasts shared one of the most engaging & the best photographs with hashtags, then those photographs were selected each week and posted the National Geographic blog as well as Facebook Page. With the help of other social channels, National Geographic was able to tap a large number of audience that led to enhance in participants. And, we would love to say that this is something kind of work to consider while planning your own ‘social media contest’.

A list of other diverse campaigns/contests that pan out the way as you expect-

  • Twitter Contests
  • Photo Contests
  • Voting Contests
  • Video Contests
  • Feedback Contests
  • Newsletter Contests

When you would follow above-mentioned platforms as social media contests, then they can surely lead you to get what you want from your small business or start-up!

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