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New programming languages are introduced to the world every day. But many of them fail to understand the needs of the programming community. Few however gained popularity in short time, among them angular JS and Google front-end framework are on the top. Both of them are backed by technology giants Google and Microsoft which put them ahead of its competitors.

Angular JS is an incredible framework that is used to build powerful interactive websites that offer pleasant user experience. It also has gone throw significant improvements and changes between its versions 1.0 and 1.3 and its new version are currently being worked on. This dynamic client-side programming language has great properties and overcomes a wide range of limitations in existing technologies like HTML and CSS. The following blog will emphasize on why it should be among your top consideration while choosing a framework.

Why choose angular JS?

It will not be going to lose its popularity to its competitor framework. Its incredibly easy to start programming in Angular JS, in addition to this as it doesn’t require any additional plugins or framework it provides a comprehensive solution.

1. It is reliable

Not all frameworks are made by hobbyists in the open source community. Angular JS is developed by highly skilled Google engineers which means you can learn from a large community who answers the questions as fast as possible. In addition to this, there are certain features of this framework that set it apart from its competitors such as its capability to build new features and its ever-growing community.

2. It has a lot of features

It is packed with a lot of features which helps in rapid front-end development. Let’s take a look at some of its stand out features:

1. Rest

This is becoming a standard for communication between the server and the client. With one line of the script, you can interact with your server and get your data. It follows the Model View that turns objects into models and make working with this framework easy.

2. Data binding

In Model view, you don’t need wrappers, getters or class declarations. You can express your data simply by using Javascript primitives or make it complex through custom types.

3. Extends HTML

You don’t need to build giant <div> classes to express each object in DOM. With this framework you can operate your HTML like XML, this will give you endless possibilities for adding tags and attributes.

4. It’s easy to learn

Angular JS is incredibly easy to learn. There is a number of tutorials available online through which one can easily learn how to create a smoothly operating website within 5 minutes.

What is the future of Angular JS?

Remarkable features of angular JS make it a primary choice for web developers. Most renowned websites and companies are trusting it to create professional and easy to use websites. There is an increase in the percentage of the websites who are using angular JS from 2011 till now.

Reasons behind its popularity

1. It follows model view model which makes it easy to structure the source code.

2. You can easily change or append data in it as it data models are plain old java objects.

3. No need to rely on other frameworks or plugins, it comes with a complete package.

4. HTML is used for templating which means designer and developers can work together.

5. It offers modularity which means it enables the developer to create multiple modules for a single module.

6. There is a feature called module separation in angular that makes testing easy by enabling developers to load the needed services and implementing automated testing.


Angular JS is great for developers and the aforementioned reasons are more than enough to convince you to make a shift to this new technology. But it would not fit in any problem domain like to write a game or a computational math program. However, for generic websites, it is a viable framework without any doubt.

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