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The future of UX is emerging to revolutionize user experience with eye-catching designs. User experience design has become the core for boosting traffic and conversions. Every business with an online presence needs a design that matches its customers’ tastes. The more powerful the design, the higher are the chances of conversion.

The stats suggest that 74% of the visitors will revisit your website if it is mobile-friendly, and a failure of app performance might keep 90% of the users away.

However, the logic is simple yet difficult to achieve.

You need to keep an eye on changing UX trends.

How does UX affect website traffic?

The market is swamped with competition and there is no shortage of designers. No matter what business you are into, your website/App/Product should drive a seamless experience. Lack of powerful UX puts away the best chances to convert potential customers.

Hence, to draw customers, your organization doesn’t merely need the best product/service, but an online presence that reflects what your company values.

With the change in customer’s tastes and emerging technology, UX designers are setting a high bar via impeccable AR interfaces, realistic animations, etc. As the previous design trends wind down, the new trends blur the line between the digital and the real.

The modern user experience design dominates the parameter for increasing traffic and conversions. To keep the users engaged, step up and leverage the changing UX design trends.

Be found! Skim through these latest UX design trends for 2022 to make your website/product/App modern and promising.

UX design trends for 2022

1. Anthropomorphic animations

Designers have taken a leap in the world of UX design with the adoption of AI. It’s just a matter of time before we have self-aware screens. Through anthropomorphic animations, we have interfaces that mimic human movement, such as nodding heads, blinking eyes.

This animation brings a subtle taste rather than a flashier animation to life. You may be immersed in exploring the product before you notice the figure next to it just brushed the dust off his shoulder. This subtle animation technique has given birth to more immersive and realistic designs.

2. Neomorphism

Have you noticed an app where when you click on any element, it seems like reaching out of the screen? That is the effect of Neomorphism. It’s a middle road between skeuomorphism and flat design, giving off a well-defined and innovative feel.

If you look closely, this version of the design is recognizable, detailed, and impressive. In this designing technique, the UI elements are placed in the background just like a watermark setting. It follows the rule of keeping the background color the same as UI elements.

The main ingredients of Neomorphism are Pale color palettes, close gradients, familiar shapes, accessible effects. This enhances the design with a natural flow and lightweight feeling.

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3. Illustrated Animations

Designs that leave an impression on a visitor’s mind. Illustrative designs are the new artwork developed to create attention-grabbing designs. These artworks are a blend of computer graphics and lines/curves.

Driving the web designs for several years, this animation is expected to be seen more in the coming future. A sophisticated and unique look to increase the curiosity in users that boosts their engagement.

4. Easy-Login

When was the last time you forgot your password? With everyday hustle, forgetting passwords doesn’t come as a shock. It is one of the most notable errors users make with online web platforms. Users sort this issue in either of the two ways, using the same password multiple or reset the password.

According to Cyclonis, 83% of the users use the same password for multiple websites. Thankfully, the solution to this pain point is the latest UI design trends of ‘passwordless’ logins. It allows users to log in through Google, Facebook, fingerprints, biometric, or faces recognition. This UX design has been emerging since 2016 and is widely used by various well-known companies.

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5. UX writing and microcopy

Microcopy that sets users’ eyes on the site, is the new fundamental for customer engagement and conversions. The point of communication is more than just creative and decorated words.

The evolution in designs has triggered the changes in microcopy, which now is more casual and to-the-point information. UX writing or Microcopy is the new space to be conquered by UX designers with the short appropriate sentences that set the brand tone. It’s about fewer words with a more powerful impact.

To stand out in the crowd, follow these tips for microcopy:

  1. Play straight, stick to the point
  2. Directly address the users with no generalization
  3. Use “present tense + active voice”
  4. Use numerals wherever they fit in

6. Voice User Interface

Voice assistants make your web platform look more advanced and tech-savvy. The voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, google assistance have created a wide spectrum of opportunities in UI.

When voice-based user interfaces are integrated with the UI UX design process, it impresses the visitor and keeps them captive. These voice-based interfaces eliminate the need to type and search instead users can interact with the site using speech or voice commands.

7. Dark Mode

The visibility mode is certainly gaining momentum with time. Implemented in iOS and Android screens, the dark mode facility is the latest UI UX design trend. Dark themes change the brightness and contrast levels of the user interface making it more attractive.

The mode is automated with the day and night light which turns off and on accordingly. These dark modes don’t only lower the eye’s stress but make the theme more attractive. These UX dark patterns, addictive design features are tricks to influence users through the lens of ethical framework.

8. Mobile-first Design

Smartphones have become handy from every usage perspective. The users are adopting mobile as their main device to surf the internet. According to Statista, around 54.8% of the users worldwide are accessing the website through mobile phones.

This hike in mobile users has called for mobile-friendly UX which needs to be rich in features, responsive, and functional. Thus, the mobile-friendly user interface isn’t a choice anymore, it’s a necessity.

9. Immersive 3D Elements

UX designing has expanded its horizons with Virtual reality and Augmented Reality. These latest technologies allow designers to integrate 3D elements into the web platforms which keeps the users curious and engaged. With the 3D-based design, web platforms bring a hyper-realistic feel to the user.

10. Incorporate Videos

Videos set the new trend of eye-capturing elements on the web platform. Many UX designers have begun to incorporate videos but it still has a long way to go. Videos will capture the visitor’s on your website/app/product as soon as they land on your page.

Online content is emerging like never before and videos are a huge part of it. It is the most convenient way to spread the words to the viewer.

Video content brings the online web platform into the limelight of the user making it more engaging and satisfactory. But, whatever video you are putting out there should be worthy of the user’s time, it should be connecting and realistic.

Inherit the best UX design trends

The future of UX is far more interesting than it seems. The world is changing and so are users’ expectations from the organizations. The companies keeping up with these trends and investing in their implementation will catch the users’ eye. Along with unleashing creativity, it’s time to pace up with emerging technologies and make your brand sound more exciting.

Though forecasting the future of design is tricky, once you have found a way to keep your design up-to-date-the you will be able to hit the huge traffic and conversions.

No matter what trend you are planning to implement in your next set of development, always remember to keep the product simple and seamless. Stay updated to be found.


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