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First and foremost, what exactly does the backend mean? It refers to the software and database that support your mobile app development efforts – the technology that allows you to create an application and then push it out into the world through your app store of choice. Without an easy-to-use backend, you won’t be able to manage your mobile app development efforts effectively, so keep this in mind as we go over some of the basics of Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS).

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What is (MBaaS)?

MBaaS, a pre-built cloud-hosted infrastructure, allows web and mobile apps to access storage and backend APIs seamlessly.

It is simply a way to empower mobile developers with ready-to-use backend mobile resources, APIs and cloud storage so that the mobile app development process can quickly be accelerated. It saves them from repeating the tedious backend configuration and server development processes.

You can save time and improve the UI/UX of a mobile app to offer a better user experience.

A backend for mobile apps is the software that enables mobile applications to store data in remote servers. When an app needs to store data, it queries the backend for mobile app development. The backend also provides various functions that enable developers to query and manipulate stored data from their apps. There are many different backend types, but they all have in common that they provide developers with services when building their apps.

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It includes providing a database with storage capabilities, authentication tools, push notifications when data changes or events occur, and many more features that make backend development easier.

The market for MBaaS is expected to be valued at 5.9 billion USD by 2025, per a report by MarketsAndMarkets. This MBaaS industry was only worth 2 billion USD in 2020- there is still a lot of possibility for growth in MBaaS in the coming years.

How does it all work?

A mobile app is an amazing piece of work and a demonstration of human ingenuity and creativity. Users may not be able to see the whole app if they only use the interface. However, this is not true.

Each mobile app has two parts: the Frontend and the Backend.


The frontend is the interface users see when using a mobile app. This involves creating a wonderful “User Experience” (or “UX”) for users of the app that encourages them to return and use it again.

This is where a mobile application’s UI and UX magic are created. This is the part of an app that users download from the app store and install on their phones.

Frontend developers focus on the user’s interaction with the app. They are responsible for presenting the data from the backend.

Errors are alerted, notifications are made, alarms are set off, and data is input and sent to the server to process. The frontend can be either native (where the tech stack of the platform will be used) or hybrid (where a platform-agnostic language like Javascript can be used)


The backend works completely behind the scenes, but it’s very important. It’s responsible for data verification, authentication, processing, storage, and security. The backend of mobile apps is hosted on a remote server that communicates with the front end.

To ensure a seamless computing experience for the end users, the backend server needs to store, retrieve, and sort important information accurately and quickly. Any hiccups in the backend can negatively impact millions of users.

Developing, deploying, and maintaining the application code on the server side of a mobile app is called backend development. It encompasses all the activities behind the scenes as users interact and use the application.

Business logic determines which data to produce, when to present, and how it should be displayed. Apps without backends are of little use. Backend development is what gives any dynamic app its strength.

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Component of MBaaS

Web Servers

Doesn’t matter if your backend is on-site or in the cloud; your app will need a server. It listens to user requests and allocates resources required for the whole network to work. The available resources for storing data can include databases, web services, file storage, and so forth.

In general, the server is just one part of the set of programs and tasks, like downloading requests for FTP and serving emails, that your business must deal with on a daily basis. A good server is important, but not just for a mobile application; what matters is what you need it for and the job you want it to do.

A shared cloud server will suffice if you’re launching a small-scale solution. But if you want to develop a highly-scalable and global solution, you’ll need a dedicated physical server to ensure zero downtime and top-notch performance.


The database is one of the essential parts of any mobile application. When the user on the app’s front end submits a query, the database accepts it, retrieves the data, and processes it before returning it to the user.

Developers can also accept and process requests using a database system that allows users to enter and modify data in their databases. There are several database tools for the developer.


It facilitates connectivity between a server and client and can be managed at both the presentation and business layers of an app.

This solution ensures that cloud and on-premise applications can collaborate to provide data integration and error-handling services. In some cases, a good middleware solution can benefit things like user engagement, process management, content management, and authentication.

Now that you understand the major aspects of mobile app backends and what you’re going to need to start investing in mobile application backends, let’s find the perfect one for you!

Benefits of MBaaS

No need to manage servers

Mobile Backend-as-a-Service is the benefit of keeping someone else responsible for the backend development for mobile apps. You don’t have to worry about any backend development for a mobile app developer or managing servers. MBaaS takes care of all the work involved with backend development for mobile apps so that you can focus on your product. All you need is a developer who knows how to create the frontend design and interface for your app, which is much simpler than coding the backend.

Increased productivity

Mobile backend development for mobile apps is the newest trend in the industry. It has become popular because of its many benefits, one of which is increased productivity. MBaaS allows you to increase your productivity by saving time on backend development. It means you can focus more energy on the tasks most important to your business while MBaaS handles the rest.

Reduced hosting costs

One of the many benefits of MBaaS is that it significantly reduces hosting costs. This is because the MBaaS provider takes care of all the backend development for mobile apps so that you can focus on the front end. Plus, this service typically comes with an API specifically tailored to your business needs, so you can add new features without updating the entire system. There are also no additional fees for adding storage or bandwidth – those are included in your monthly fee.

Improves Lines Of Communication

MBaaS makes company apps easier to use. With a reliable mobile backend, communication between the app’s users and those who downloaded it is seamless.

Push notifications, for example, are one of the main ways companies can direct users to their apps to see updates and other information. They are now expected to receive notifications whenever they download new apps. Sometimes, even rely on them for reminders.
Push notifications can increase app retention by as much as 500%. Push notifications are an essential part of engaging mobile app users.

Enhances The User Experience 

MBaaS providers can also improve the user experience. MBaaS providers also use API technologies to create seamless app user experiences.

The API is the interface between your mobile app, web server, or database. It allows your front end and back end to communicate.

APIs also allow you to connect to other services in your application. Users can, for example, access social media accounts via company applications by using the respective APIs of each social platform.

APIs allow users to view social media pages, create posts, search functions and create stories. You’ll make your users’ experience easier and more enjoyable by making it easy to access their social accounts.

Betters Storage 

Cloud computing is being adopted enthusiastically by companies. Cloud computing currently accounts for 30% of enterprise IT budgets.
One of the biggest benefits of MBaaS for your app is its ability to run on the cloud. MBaaS providers can extend clients’ access to cloud storage. It could eliminate the need for companies to spend more money on server management and storage.

The cloud is also considered a strong option for cybersecurity. According to a Salesforce study, 94% of businesses experienced security improvements after switching to cloud services.


Sone Best Mobile Backend As A Service (MBaaS)


Firebase is a popular alternative to Parse. Their SDK is easy to use and can save data within minutes. Firebase makes it easy to authenticate with Google, Facebook, Github, Twitter, and Email. Anonymous users, which Parse loved, will be available to dedicated Parse users.

Firebase is the BaaS closest to Parse. It’s backed by a large company with a great reputation in big data. Firebase works across platforms and has a lot of features. Firebase is also free initially, and the price increases as you grow. Firebase is more well-known than other BaaS providers, so there are more tutorials. It makes Firebase one of the easiest options for developers to learn about.


Kinvey offers the most diverse range of MBaaS services in many ways. Its code allows for the rapid development of iOS, Android and HTML5 applications. Its core services include push notifications, authentication, location services, and the database. You can also find many code snippet libraries. You can also add many more.

Kinvey is user-friendly, but its pricing and support are not suitable for small businesses. It’s OK, though, because Kinvey is more focused on the Enterprise sector.

Apple’s CloudKit

CloudKit’s greatest strength is its seamless integration into the Apple development ecosystem. Apple must continue to improve CloudKit’s functionality and make it a reliable tool for developers. CloudKit today is essentially data storage with basic iCloud authentication support and an API. It adjusts the pricing model based on your app’s number of active users.

There are some caveats to this ease of use. There is no functionality available to implement server-side logic. A drawback to iCloud is that users must be signed in to access any data. Modern apps use backends in a more complex way than what CloudKit offers. Apps require advanced user management capabilities that allow identity management, access to data stores and files, and the ability to create custom logic to tie everything together. CloudKit, on the other hand, is a great tool for developers who want to create simple apps.

Esferasoft is an expert in MBaas app development, and you don’t have to take any headaches; we can do all the frontend and backend from our side, including server management, API integration and more. Hire MBaas Expert now!

How Esferasoft Can Help To Make Mobile Apps Better

The decision to Hire MBaaS Development Company to help you build your own mobile app may not seem the most intuitive move. Yet, if done correctly, it can be one of the finest decisions you have ever made for your business.

Esferasoft has been in the industry for more than ten years and has helped many companies build their first mobile app. We’ve seen how much effort goes into building an app, and we understand how difficult it can be to handle everything independently. That’s why we want to assist you when building an app with new features, such as data sharing and collaboration with other apps, to make sure that you can focus on what is most important.

As customers’ needs are changing rapidly, it is becoming more and more difficult for businesses to keep up with the changes. One of the most crucial aspects of customer service is providing a seamless experience across all channels.

This is where MBaaS (mobile backend as a service) comes in. It provides a comprehensive set of tools that enable companies to create mobile apps without worrying about developing and maintaining their backend.

Esferasoft has been providing on-demand mobile enterprise solutions for a decade. With our dedicated team of mobile app development and research experts, we are better than qualified to help you with all your needs.

Our clients come from diverse industries such as healthcare, insurance, banking and finance, retail etc. We have expertise in building data-rich enterprise applications that cater to the everyday needs of business executives.

Final Thoughts on MBaaS

It’s not easy to build backends for mobile apps. To make sure that it can work, one needs experience in mobile app development and backend coding languages. It’s easy enough for an experienced company like mine, though. As a mobile backend service company, we’ve built the skill set needed to provide such services for companies in all phases of the startup life cycle. We have everything you need – including Hire MBaaS Development Company, who knows what they’re doing.


How does it work?

An application can request API access to resources like push notifications or digital goods in exchange for an API key fee payment. The API key generates an authentication token which can be used to approve requests from the application. The token expires after a certain amount of time or number of requests, and the app must then be re-authenticated using the API key.

What are some common use cases?

MBaaSs are commonly used in enterprise applications, providing developers with connectivity to user management services, device-to-device communication services, data storage, and analytics without requiring any backend engineering work.

How can Esferasoft help you with your MBaaS?

At Esferasoft, we are a leading provider of MBaaS solutions. We specialize in delivering enterprise-grade BaaS solutions to their customers.

Esferasoft enabled enterprises to develop and deploy mobile backend (MBaaS) solutions. They offer extensive tools and services for enterprises to develop, deploy, and manage MBaaS applications.

We provides a comprehensive suite of BaaS products that includes:

  1. Mobile Application Development Platform
  2. Mobile Backend as a Service
  3. Data Management Platform
  4. Integration Platform
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