Carpooling: Ride Sharing

Carpooling has proved to be an eco-friendly way to travel. It has resulted in establishing a more affordable and faster way to commute from one destination to another. Lesser cars on the roads mean less pollution and traffic blockades.


Ride Sharing


Mobile App Design


Ideation and UI Design


The Challenge

Our Challenge is to identify the problem faced by the daily commuters and driver whose destination are same. Designing a solution which could encourage them to create and share the rides which could help them in term of money, time, environment and traffic. It connects drivers and passengers willing to travel together through cities and share the total cost of the journey, therefore creating a global people-powered network with a trusted community of drivers and passengers.

Projects Name

Carpooling App


Carpooling App

Our Role

Ideation UI Design



Our Strategy

  • Earn extra income.
  • No constrained time schedule or targets.
  • Convenience with different passengers.
For Passengers
  • Reduced cost of travel.
  • Convenient and safe rides.
For Environment
  • Less carbon footprint.
  • Reduced emission of greenhouse gases.

Services That We Offer

Services we provide so that everything will be easily and affordable for passenger and driver.

  • Powerful Admin Control
  • Fully Automated
  • Track in real-time
  • In App Payment Gateway
  • Turnkey Solution
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Technical Services
  • Cost Effective

App Features

Social Media Login
  • Passenger can register and login through social media like Facebook, Instagram, and others, as opposed to entering the details manually.
Extensive Search
  • This feature will enable the passengers to search the nearest available ride by specifying the requirements for the ride.
Instant matching
  • The app will optimize the search process and match the drivers to passengers who have booked for the carpool depending on the routes.
Find A Ride
  • This unique feature allows passengers to search for rides and enter the destination point based on their desired time.

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