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Esferasoft's delivery management software offers a sophisticated agent tracking system designed to streamline and enhance your entire delivery process. Achieve greater efficiency in your delivery operations with our powerful and comprehensive management software.

Delivery Management Solution

Customer App, Delivery Agent App & Manager Dashboard

Get a complete on-demand delivery management suite with Esferasoft. Customers can seamlessly request services via mobile and web apps, track their deliveries in real-time, and make online payments using multiple gateways, ensuring a smooth experience.

Uber-like Delivery Management Software for Customers/Managers

Keep customers informed during delivery with real-time SMS alerts at every stage. Our Uber-like delivery management system offers live tracking on Google Maps and lets customers chat with their assigned agents for seamless communication.

Route Optimization for Multiple Deliveries

Route optimization engines select the most efficient routes, allowing you to manage multiple deliveries effectively, saving both time and cost.

Ideal Delivery Management System for Your Industry

Delivery Management Solution

Pickup and Delivery

Food Delivery

Delivery Management Solution

Courier Delivery

Movers & Packers

Flowers Delivery

Grocery Delivery

Explore On-Demand Delivery Management Software Features

Delivery Agent App

- Automatic dispatch of deliveries
- Optimization of routes and navigation
- Alerts and reminders for tasks
- Tracking agent earnings

Manager Dashboard

- Comprehensive business overview
- GPS tracking of agents and task status
- Performance insights for agents
- Management of ratings and reviews

Customer App

On-demand delivery management application
- Real-time tracking of deliveries
- In-app chat with assigned agents
- Support for multiple payment gateways

If your industry isn't listed, reach out to us to build your custom on-demand delivery management App.

Power-packed features

Centralize All Deliveries in One Place

Utilize a comprehensive dashboard to manage and track everything from delivery scheduling software tailored for small businesses.

Auto Pickup & Delivery Dispatch

Streamline delivery dispatch for your food delivery management app, assigning orders to the nearest available agents automatically. Utilize delivery tracking software for optimal efficiency.

Live Agent Tracking

Monitor delivery agents in real time on an interactive map, receiving continuous updates on their progress through the free delivery management app.

Performance Analytics

Gain valuable insights to pinpoint operational bottlenecks, assess driver performance, and more using our complimentary delivery scheduling software.


Integrate your existing delivery order management portals and website to Esferasoft App.

Customer Ratings & Reviews

Enable customers to rate their delivery experience and provide service feedback through our delivery software application.

Try Esferasoft's Delivery Management Software for your business

Frequently Asked Questions

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It takes three to six months to build a custom pickup and delivery app similar to Gojek Clone, though it can take longer if your project is more complicated.

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With customised solutions and easy-to-use interfaces, our pickup and delivery app development shines in providing scalability and smooth integration for your business requirements.

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Features like real-time tracking, order management, route optimisation, safe payment integration, customer feedback systems, and user-friendly interfaces are frequently included in our app development packages for pickup and delivery.

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The anticipated cost, which varies based on the complexity of your project, might range from $20,000 to $80,000+. Affordably priced solutions with transparent pricing and adaptable bundles meet your needs.

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Implement strong authentication, encrypt data, conduct frequent audits, and keep up with security best practices. Collaborate with our skilled developers to protect your app and user information.

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Pickup and delivery via an app is convenient since it allows for safe transactions, effective scheduling, and real-time tracking. It also improves customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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