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Esferasoft is a leading IOS app development company that specializes in creating innovative and intuitive user experiences for small, medium and large enterprises. Founded in India, Esferasoft is renowned for its team of experienced and dedicated developers who combine the latest technologies with design-thinking to create robust apps that provide a smooth customer experience.

From creating full-fledged enterprise solutions to developing custom IOS mobile applications, the company’s talented pool of designers and engineers strive to bring forth products that exceed expectations. Through agile sprints, iterative cycles, extensive testing, and updates – they ensure the perfect combination of functionality and performance with all kinds their user-interface designs.
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iOS mobile app development services

we offer comprehensive IOS mobile app development services to help you build a high-quality and interactive mobile app. With our years of experience in the industry, we are able to bring world-class quality, scalability, and support for your mobile application with our efficient and creative IOS app development solutions.

We understand that the demands of clients regarding the type of features and UX design differ from one another. Thus, we strive to provide customised services for each client to match their unique needs. We also understand that it’s not only about building a great mobile app – but also capturing users’ attention & providing excellent user experience over time as well making sure that your app stands-out among your competitors in the market.

We have successfully delivered numerous award-winning IOS apps to customers globally by deploying cutting-edge technologies such as Swift, Objective C, Core Data services and more! Our technical expertise coupled with years of extensive experience

iOS app development

iOS app development services encompass a whole set of activities from planning and design to the development and launch of the app. It includes creating unique features such as UI/UX design, user testing, API integration, content management system (CMS) integration, data management systems (DMS) integration, back-end servers for data storage and analytics. They should also ensure support for multiple device sizes, platforms and languages.

By opting for these services, businesses get access to experienced engineers who can deliver apps that meet the latest trends and technologies. This can enhance their organization’s reputation in the market and provide users with an unforgettable experience while using the app. Therefore it is important to understand what kind of services are included in iOS app development so that you can be sure you are getting the best possible solution for your business needs.

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iOS User Experience Design

We do iOS User Experience Design is the white paper published by Apple, whenever it releases a new device. Similarly, this document sets out the team’s vision for using and coding for their growing range of different devices.

The role “experience designers” play with their work on the devices that happen to use Apple’s OS at launch is down to contextual learning associated with each segment of software.

This document released under Apple’s Licensing Program has been in operation for about a decade now, drafted mostly during pre-release times and not updated often since launch

Upgradation & migration of iOS apps

Maintenance of those apps through following versions from a platform dependency- can be costly and time-consuming. There always exists the risk of integrating new features that don’t work as well with legacy infrastructure. Imagine, for example, if there is a bug in the latest version, since it was not possible to upgrade the compatibility layer – you would have to build the new features manually and fix problems again later.

Upgraded analytics – iOS performance > 75% and iphone performance > 70%.

While these changes might seem miniscule to some end users – they are significant enough to make life much easier for developers and provide an effective upgrade path to others. This concept has revolutionized software development by bringing better quality upgrades in a secure system. With no risk involved while upgrading your app service, enterprises were happy on providing fewer bugs than before (every 0 bug reduction could mean $ 3 savings).

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Financial & eCommerce applications

We provide Financial & eCommerce application development, Ecommerce applications (website Client data), Brand marketing, product Backend Apps development

Our clients include this various sectors of business along with our technical expertise in the particularity of the marketplace. We have the team members with strong commitment and expertise in consumer experience (user research, insights from marketing endeavors and technical capabilities). Moreover financial institutions capitalise on our designs so that their websites can enjoy a competitive edge in industries like healthcare, payments & retail.

QA & testing

We provides mobile app testing services that let you scan and fix bugs on product prototypes with the goal of improving their overall quality.

Our platform offers impartial objective feedback from real
testers from all around the world within minutes. With our services, you won’t need to contact a third party for sensitive monitoring purposes and short turn-around projects.

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App support & maintenance

We provide low-price mobile app support service in order to boost your business.
We fix issues on different mobile device platforms and release updates for bugs and improvements through latest apps.

Mobile applications have made our lives more convenient. Most of the people like using their devices to help access information on their phone or be entertained through games or apps rather than use a laptop or desktop computer. While we enjoy this convenience, it makes us vulnerable to hackers, malware attacks, malware options and even attackers that pose as advertisers in order to steal our information.

So, we provide support services for mobile application developers so that they can increase profits by providing a smooth experience while they explore new apps and ideas.

Why Hiring iPhone App Developers is Beneficial

Our pool of esteemed and proficient iPhone App Developers executes their expertise along with the cutting-edge technology to provide seamless services to our clients.

Specialized iPhone developers

We have team of developers who specializes in employing cutting edge technologies to develop robust iOS apps.


Cost efficient

We assure our clients to develop iOS apps at the most affordable rates maintaining the Top-Notch quality


Customized solutions

Our team exhibits its versatility by delivering customized iOS apps meeting diverse requirements of our clients.


Custom agile process

Our team uses custom agile process that renders an iOS app possessing minimum risks, maximum velocity, and transparency.


Own Rendering engine

Flutter uses Skia for rendering itself onto a platform-provided canvas. Because of the engine, UI built in Flutter can be launched on virtually any platform


High Performance

Flutter 1.17 improved rendering performance by 50 % on new iOS devices and reduced memory consumption by over 70%.

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