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Esferasoft is a leading mean stack development company that provides high-quality services to businesses. They are proficient in developing applications, websites and other digital products using the latest technologies, tools, and frameworks. They also offer web design services for digital marketing agencies.

Esferasoft has been around since 2007 and has been providing high-quality services to businesses since then. Their team of expert developers is well versed in the latest technologies, tools, and frameworks which makes them an ideal choice for any business looking for professional help with their projects.

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Our MEAN Stack Development Services

Esferasoft is one of the finest web development companies out there since we not only work on creating websites and applications for your business at the basic level but also have worked on rectifying the common problems modern business models face in their online presence. Websites working efficiently both from front and back end, our websites are user friendly that further attract business profits.

Web Application Development

We use a variety of technologies like Node.js, MongoDB, AngularJS, and React to build the best possible web applications for our clients.

Mean Stack offers features such as:

– Composer – A dependency manager which allows developers to install, update, and remove packages from the project with ease

– Middleware – A collection of middleware that can be used to add functionality or extend existing functionality

– Service providers – A way for developers to register and configure services that can be used by other parts of the application

– Configuration management – The ability to define how configurations are stored in different environments without having to change code

– Database migrations – The ability to automatically migrate databases without having to make any changes in code

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E-Commerce Development

We provide E-Commerce Development services using Mean Stack.

Mean Stack is a platform that allows you to develop and manage your E-Commerce website. It has a wide range of features which can help you to increase your productivity, save time, and reduce the cost of development.

CMS Web Development

Ever-evolving content on the internet and the competition to make one stand out with their content is not easy. However, Content Management is made easy with the CMS that makes managing content simple and relevant without consuming a lot of time.We provide CMS Web Development services using Mean Stack. CMS stands for Content Management System, which is a software application that handles the creation, editing, and publishing of content on the website.

Mean Stack is a popular open source software stack built on Node.js and React. It helps developers build scalable web applications by providing a fast and easy way to create dynamic websites with less code than other popular stacks like Angular or React Native.

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Web Services and API Development

We provide Web Services and API Development using Mean Stack. Our software offers a wide range of features, including:

– Quickly create and test APIs

– Easily integrate with third party services

– Reduce the time to market

– Increase developer productivity

Real Time Analytics

We provide Real Time Analytics using Mean Stack. We use Mean Stack to provide insights and analytics in real time. This is achieved by analyzing the mean of a given metric across all the users who have access to that metric. For example, if you want to know what time of day people are most active on your website, you can analyze the mean number of page views across all users who have access to that metric.

Mean Stack is a Python library which provides data analysis and visualization tools for real-time data processing and visualization in Python programming language.

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API and 3rd Party Integration

We provide API and 3rd Party Integration with Mean Stack. We are a platform for developers to build their apps on top of our data, algorithms, and machine learning models. We help developers to create and manage the data, so they don’t have to worry about it.

The Mean Stack is a stack that provides APIs for machine learning models, algorithms, and data. It also provides an easy way for developers to integrate these products into their existing app or website.

Hire Full Stack Developer for MEAN Application

Esferasoft is one of the finest web development companies out there since we not only work on creating websites and applications for your business at the basic level but also have worked on rectifying the common problems modern business models face in their online presence. Websites working efficiently both from front and back end, our websites are user friendly that further attract business profits.



From app testing to support and maintenance, all of your needs for a full-scale website or application can be met with the skilled team of Esferasoft. We are equipped with the knowledge and skills to bring your vision to life.


Professional Expertise

With the knowledge and understanding of today’s internet market, our developers are equipped with the knowledge to make your website the next big internet sensation. Designed and curated to connect with your target audience and work as an SEO-friendly site to create an impact.


Strict NDA

We understand the sensitivity of the information our clients rely on us with and are constantly striving to go the extra mile to help you reach your goals. At the request of the client, we are willing to sign an NDA to make sure your business needs are satisfied.


Custom development

With the help of our experienced and proficient software developers, your website and apps are tailored to meet the needs of your specific client base and audience.


AWS Partner

With our expertise in web hosting, you can choose us to take your site online and create an impact on your audience today.

Eternal Expertise

We are expertise in Mean stack development and can provide you with the most appropriate solution for your project. Mean stack is a framework for building scalable web applications. It consists of three core components: MongoDB, Node.js, and Express.js.


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Why should you hire Mean Stack Developers?


Regulatory Compliance

We adhere to laws, regulations and guidelines related to your business processes while developing your software solution.


Powerful Integrations

Our team will help you integrate multiple potential features into your software, making it an even smoother, more enjoyable customer experience.


Immersive UX

Our team of MERN stack developers ensures your software applications are easy to use, streamlined and responsive.


Integrity and Transparency

We ensure complete transparency across the project by integrating project management tools like Jira & Confluence.


Non-Disclosure Agreement

We sign an NDA with our clients to ensure that their confidential information about the project is secure with us at all times.


In-depth Domain Knowledge

We have in-depth domain knowledge of the financial industry and emerging technologies, including blockchain, AI and IoT.

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