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Esferasoft is an innovative mobile app development company striving to develop purposeful and custom-made mobile applications. Operating since 2007, the company has gained a solid reputation in the app development industry, due to its well-aligned strategies and dedicated team of professionals.

Esferasoft is using cutting-edge technologies to build great mobile applications that not only adds value to customers but also brings recognition and success to their business. From strategy formulation to coding, testing & deployment, Esferasoft’s team of experts take care of all your requirements within an efficient manner. With their comprehensive knowledge in the field of mobile app development, this renowned company ensures top-level customer satisfaction backed by customer friendly pricing plans.
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Mobile app development services

Esferasoft is your complete destination when it comes to mobile app development services. We provide both iOS and Android app development services that will not just make your app look amazing but also equipped with features enabled by the latest technology like Augmented Reality and Machine Learning.

Our team of experienced developers is highly knowledgeable in creating custom made apps from the ground up that meet your business needs and users’ expectations. With their expertise, combined with our industry leading mobile development process, we ensure you get the mobile app solution at an affordable cost without compromising on quality.

Mobile app development Services

Agile app development for start-ups

For startups, the challenge of app development is to develop a useable but also cost-efficient solution. MVP (Minimum Viable Product) App development is the process of creating an app or software solution with minimum possible features and functionalities within a limited budget. It focuses on delivering basic functionalities along with user preferences and allows startups to test the viability of their product.

Moreover, MVP apps come with shorter development timescales which helps in providing quicker feedback and insights which can be used to iteratively improve upon existing solutions or build additional features. This facilitates agility in product design and faster deployments, thereby significantly reducing the costs incurred while developing an end-to-end application.

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Enterprise mobile app development services

Custom consumer enterprise app Development has become increasingly popular as businesses adopt new digital strategies to meet customer needs. Enterprises are recognizing the potential of enterprise app development and its ability to help their operations become more efficient, cost-effective, and profitable. 

Enterprise app development can offer various benefits such as improved workforce collaboration, increased agility and efficiency, enhanced decision-making capabilities, easy integration with third-party systems and software, unified data accessibility through a single platform, improved ROI due to optimized resource utilization and effortless scaling without compromising quality of service. 

Enterprises must consider the unique needs of their consumers when developing custom consumer apps in order to ensure that they are able to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to them.

Native ios and android app development

Esferasoft is a renowned software development company that provides top notch mobile app development services to its clients worldwide. With their experienced professionals, they have been providing effective solutions to build native android and iOS applications that are reliable, secure and feature-rich. Esferasoft helps in developing cost-effective Android apps with great user experience while following the guidelines laid by Google. 

They have expertise in iOS app development, providing feature-rich applications tailored to specific customer needs using Apple’s latest technologies such as Objective C, Swift language, Xcode, Cocoa Touch framework and Storyboards. They also provide support services for crash analysis and debugging performance issues to help keep the application competitive on marketplaces.

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Transition existing apps to Hybrid apps

We are specializes in migrating existing apps to hybrid frameworks. We provide our clients with seamless and cost-effective migration of their existing applications from one platform to the other. Our team of experienced developers is proficient in multiple hybrid frameworks and is capable of creating secure and scalable applications for our clients.
Hybrid applications combine the best features of both native and web apps, thus allowing users to have a better and more holistic experience. 

By migrating existing apps to hybrid frameworks, companies can utilize the latest technology and improve their user experience while keeping their current user base engaged. With Esferasoft, you can rest assured that your application will be migrated seamlessly without any compromise on quality or security.

App optimization best practices

Mobile apps are a fundamental tool for businesses in this digital era, as they help them establish their presence among target audiences and increase their market reach. However, developing an effective mobile app requires excellent optimization for maximum utility and effectiveness. We offers specialized mobile app optimization services to guarantee you the best performance from your application in this increasingly competitive market.

Our app optimization service helps clients create mobile apps that engage with consumers and facilitates more successful user experience. The company not only provides technical support but also helps clients identify serviceable user requirements to ensure that every aspect of the mobile application is optimized to perfection before its launching.
Moreover, We also offers assistance during the development process to ensure it meets industry standards and consumer needs. This ensures that your app performance is smooth, secure, and efficient at all times, giving users greater satisfaction with your product or service.

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Mobile app maintenance and support

When it comes to mobile application maintenance and support, we offer a full range of services. Our expert team assists in providing ongoing maintenance and support for all types of mobile applications, whether they are consumer facing or enterprise level applications.

We provide 24/7 monitoring of your app so any issues can be caught before they turn into an expensive problem. We can also help you upgrade your mobile application with the latest features and improvements to keep it up-to-date with the latest trends. Our goal is to make sure that your mobile application is secure and always running smoothly no matter the device.

Ongoing support and Maintenance

You’ve got a wealth of information about your customers and marketplace at your fingertips waiting to inform new, potent business opportunities and models. Our digital transformation consulting services, big data solutions and advanced analytics capabilities, — including compelling visualizations — accelerate your business transformation. You win daily with digital transformation solutions that provide actionable, real-time insights, which support smart decision-making and strategic innovation.
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Full-stack mobile app development services

we understand the importance of having a robust mobile app for your business, which is why we specialize in providing comprehensive and innovative full-stack mobile app development services. We strive to provide creative and impressive apps that serve users’ needs while meeting their highest standards of quality. Our team offers versatile solutions that are capable of delivering key functionalities quickly and cost-effectively, saving time and money. We have the expertise to deliver top quality user experience through our technical knowledge across platforms: iOS, Android, and mobile web. Additionally, our deep domain knowledge ensures that we can bring an extra level of innovation to every project by applying cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). With our full-stack mobile app development services, we help to power your business goals with an effective digital transformation!

Experienced UI/UX designers

We understand the importance of having experienced usability experts on your team to meet today's web and mobile demands.


Technology evolution

With our help, you can make sure that your brand remains viable in the future with successful marketing campaigns and connect with potential customers

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Custom app development

we specialize in custom mobile app development. We strive to provide the best solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.


Best rated apps

We believe in creating quality apps. Our award-winning apps are built to satisfy customer needs and provide an outstanding user experience.

Mobile App Development: FAQs

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Taking your business online can be highly advantageous, but the road is often bumpy. You must stay ahead of the competition and constantly adjust to ever-changing trends & advances in technology, such as IoT, Blockchain, AI & Innovation.Our services encompass different industries, from healthcare to entertainment, offering comprehensive digital transformation solutions.

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