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Esferasoft specializes in crafting tailored and high-quality real estate app development solutions to meet your business needs effectively.

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What are the Reasons to Develop Real Estate Apps Similar to Zillow or Dubizzle?

Mobile apps are dominant in the real estate market, utilized by 83% of house hunters during their search.

Explosive Market Growth

Explosive Market Growth

The global real estate app market is projected to achieve a remarkable $6.32 billion by 2027, expanding at a CAGR of 18.2%.

Tech-Savvy Generation Z

Tech-Savvy Generation Z

Gen Z, the largest generation after millennials, is leading the mobile-first trend, with 68% using apps during their home search.

AR Integration

AR Integration

Apps are incorporating AR technology, enabling users to virtually stage properties or visualize renovations, significantly enhancing user engagement by 100%.

Enhanced User Experience

Enhanced User Experience

Features such as virtual tours, mortgage calculators, and neighborhood guides are enhancing overall user experience.

Enhance Your Real Estate App with Automation

AI-Powered Recommendation

Esferasoft employs advanced artificial intelligence to analyze extensive data sets, delivering personalized recommendations that enhance user engagement and streamline property searches.

Mortgage Estimator

Our real estate app includes an intuitive online mortgage estimator, enabling users to accurately forecast monthly payments based on property cost, interest rate, and down payment details.

User Reviews and Ratings

Facilitate transparency and credibility within the community by allowing users to rate and share feedback on their real estate experiences, fostering trust in properties and agents.

Featured Listings and Promotions

Boost property visibility and accelerate sales through our featured listing options, maximizing exposure to a broader audience of potential buyers.

Secure Payment Options

Integrate multiple secure payment gateways into your real estate app, ensuring seamless transactions and enhanced customer satisfaction with instant payment processing.

Create a Multi-Million Dollar App with Esferasoft

Connect millions of homebuyers with thousands of real estate professionals locally!

We are the top-ranked real estate app development company in the region.

Our Comprehensive Real Estate App Development Services

Real Estate Management App

Enhance your real estate operations with our property management app development solution. Effectively manage property listings, track transactions, and facilitate smooth communication between buyers, sellers, and agents.

Enterprise Real Estate App Development

Tailored for large-scale real estate enterprises, our property financing applications are designed to support strategic business objectives through robust software development.

Real Estate Web App Development

Crafting dynamic and responsive websites, Esferasoft's real estate app developers showcase your property portfolio with engaging web3 solutions that captivate potential clients.

Property Search Applications

Integrating advanced features like advanced search options, voice control, and interactive maps, our property management apps enhance user engagement and retention

Property Valuation Applications

Enable users to estimate property values accurately with our real estate Android development solutions. Features include price details, location data, property age, and more.

Real Estate Management App

Our iOS real estate app development solutions enable seamless browsing and searching through extensive property listings, simplifying the property selection process.

Property Marketing Applications

Empower businesses with targeted marketing campaigns through mobile apps that leverage user data for personalized notifications, attracting potential buyers.

Property Financing Applications

Streamline mortgage and financing processes with property financing apps that enhance customer experience through features like loan calculators, document submission, and interest rate comparisons.

Real Estate Agent Apps

Develop agent apps to manage property listings, communicate with clients, schedule appointments, and stay organized on the go with our real estate app development company.

Looking to Validate Your Idea?

Save money with an MVP approach!

From business model planning and UI/UX design to app development, tech stack finalization, maintenance, and beyond — we handle it all without breaking the bank!

Looking to Close More Deals and 10X Your Profit?

Acquire a Comprehensive Tech Suite with Premium Features to Launch Your Real Estate Business

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Admin Panel

Build an Airbnb clone app to manage and track your business in real-time.

Have a Distinct Real Estate Application Development Idea?

Dream it, Plan it, We’ve Got You Covered!

Real Estate Solutions Tailored to Every Stakeholder and Business Model Requirement

Properties/Real Estate Buyers

Utilize our real estate app development services to provide potential buyers with a user-friendly interface. Grant easy access to location maps and virtual property tours for enhanced property exploration.

Real Estate Companies or Sellers

Optimize your operations with our real estate mobile app development solution. Streamline the review of potential buyers' licenses and credit checks, ensuring efficient transaction processes.

Real Estate Aggregators

Integrate our real estate app development services seamlessly with your website. Explore dynamic features such as property image/video display and personalized payment processing to enhance user engagement.

What our client says

Harness Advanced Technologies with Our Real Estate App Developers to Help You Stand Out



Harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in our iOS real estate app development services. Predict trends, analyze customer preferences, and offer personalized assistance to enhance user experience.



Integrate IoT capabilities into your online residential property app for smart connectivity. Enhance user interaction with seamless device connectivity, creating a cohesive and interconnected real estate ecosystem.



Leverage blockchain technology in our web3 real estate app development solutions to ensure secure transactions. Enhance transparency and trust in property dealings while safeguarding user data and transactions with robust security measures.



Transform property exploration with AR & VR technologies. Our real estate mobile app development solutions enable users to experience virtual property tours and visualize spaces, revolutionizing how real estate is showcased and experienced.



Pioneer the integration of Metaverse technology in real estate apps. Create immersive virtual environments for each property, allowing potential buyers to explore surroundings and experience properties in new and interactive ways.



Optimize your application with cloud technology to ensure scalability, flexibility, and efficient data management. Provide users reliable access to real estate information anytime, anywhere, enhancing overall application performance and user satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Esferasoft offers comprehensive services including business model planning, UI/UX design, app development, tech stack finalization, maintenance, and more tailored for real estate businesses.

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A real estate app can enhance user engagement, streamline property management, facilitate seamless transactions, and provide advanced features like virtual tours and mortgage calculators.

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Yes, Esferasoft leverages AI for personalized recommendations, chatbot assistance, and data-driven insights to enhance user experience and engagement.

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We provide 24/7 support through various channels, including WhatsApp, Skype, and live chat, to assist with any issues and ensure smooth operation of the app.

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Esferasoft provides ongoing support and maintenance services, including updates, bug fixes, performance monitoring, and scaling as your business grows.

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