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You may not aware of the fact that both landing page & home page are not the same things. However, there are many visitors who are bound to land on the website of digital marketing company’s home page, for instance. Still, both terms “Home Page” & “Landing Page” are synonyms. Nevertheless, they have different objectives.

We, as a web development company in India, are here to embark with the idea that sets them apart.

  • Home Page: The primary objective of a home page is to inspire the visitors to go to another page of your website. A good web page is that completely satisfies the users’ information requirements.
  • Landing Page: The initial objective of a landing page is to be that level of a web page that satisfies users’ information needs.

So, it would be better to think of a landing page as a “response page”. Or, in short, we can say that landing page is known as response page. A homepage can be considered triumphant in a number of ways. Most probably, the landing page just gets a simple pass or fail grade, but nothing more than this.

Landing Page passes only it gets a click into conversion or fails otherwise.

Generally, landing page comes in two types such as:

  • Click-Through Landing Pages: The objective is to get visitors to click via any web page. This kind of page is most commonly used in e-commerce websites. Since visitors are likely to buy when first landing page on a checkout page. This page simply offers – product details as it will inspire the visitors to click & buy.
  • Lead Generation Landing Pages:They are used to capture leads through a form. Typically, it describes any offer or calls for visitors in order to submit an online address & data, in order to complete non-financial transactions only.

Generally, the landing page includes Pay-per-Click ads or social posts.

Landing Pages are simple.

The key to success of a landing page is – simplicity, clarity or accessibility. If there is a cluster of webpages then you may at high risk of cluttering the minds of your visitors – that is simply bound to lower conversion rates.

Thus, landing pages should be as simple as you can build. Here are some pivotal tips that you should consider to understand profoundly the role of the landing page in the success of digital marketing services. Have a look.

1. Navigation

Let us start with the navigation.

Don’t you want your visitors to navigate? Navigation typically means engaging your visitors & not to leave. You definitely want them to click only on one thing as the button presented. Keep in mind, do not put so many navigation options on a page, because you will have several interlinking. And, it demands careful consideration.

2. The Instant Keyword Connection

There is another thing that landing page should not have is – an overly clever headline.

  • The headline should be crystal clear & it provides the crystal clear connection to language. Since you do not want to force your visitors unnecessarily or give any mental gyrations.
  • Add simple lines that ensure visitors as they have arrived at the right page to fulfill their requirements.

3. Show Precise Information

Most landing pages feature at least one image. Do not overdo with it. Like headlines, the image must help to confirm actual reason.

  • If you provide a set of information such as an eBook, webinar, report, etc. Or, if it is related to the product, then show the product.
  • Use images of a person or a group of people featuring visual cues in order to make it relevant.
  • However, using an image is not compulsion, but it can make the page more attractive to visitors, impact conversion rates as well.

The main objective behind landing page design services is that they prominently display what is being offered.


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4. Social Proof

Social proof is more powerful & important more than anything else.
Put yourself in the visitors’ shoes when it comes to the landing page. Then, you should consider the following pages such as:

  • Testimonials
  • Reviews
  • Social Media Posts
  • Actively Participating in Social Media networks
  • You can mention numbers, in terms of satisfied customers, shares, etc.

5. The Simplest Form

Unless you are developing click-through landing page, the page will require a simple form. The result is evaluated by the number of visitors come to your website who complete & submit it.

Consider the following:

  • Longer forms:It reduces the number of leads.
  • Shorter forms:It results in more leads, but you’ll get less qualified leads.
  • Avoid difficult requests.

6. Attractive Buttons

The buttons might not be considered as an unimportant thing, but they are highly effective when it comes to the landing page.

  • The attractive yet functional button must include design & copywriting best practices.
  • The high converting button should be clear & specific. Also, it is often written in the first person.
  • Use some action words such as ‘take’, ‘get’ & ‘reserve’ instead of ‘submit’ or ‘click here’.
  • Make the buttons that stand out with the use of contrast colors.

7. Guarantee

In order to write down a guarantee on the landing page is all about giving your visitor a parachute.
A guarantee page does not mean offering the money back to your visitors. You may also guarantee to resolve their issues. It just offers satisfaction & trust to your visitors.

8. Testing

By running A/B tests on landing pages, you can perform testing. With split testing or A/B testing, you can compare against a variation, which includes a major difference of some sort of. In testing, you can consider button & page design, offer, social proof & anything featured in the post.

9. Thank You Page

Once you get a lead from your landing page, then collect data of all your customers, your potential customers should be thanked. The thank you page must include some essential elements such as social media sharing links, additional offers, etc.
In a nutshell, the specialized landing pages are designed to produce click-throughs, for more information about professional landing page & web design services, contact us today.

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