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You may own & run the fabulous website with a plethora of amazing products & services that generally stand your business apart from others according to you.

What if your website does not get the top ranking?

Should you hire the team of experts to stay over there?

Nevertheless, if CTR (Click Through Rate) & Bounce Rate of your website are not favorable, chances are your website will be short lived at the top of all search engines. What we are trying to say that – everything starts with a great plan & by hiring the team of digital marketing experts.

Esferasoft Solutions is an eminent web development company in India, having plenty of experience in web, mobile application development & digital marketing, has prepared some amazing points & information about two – CTR (Click-through rate) & Bounce Rate. Also, we have some useful piece of advice every website holder (business, organization or brand) must keep in mind.

If you are starting off with it, then it definitely makes sense. When the user makes a search, they are going to click on results & you may think the most relevant to them. If the users stay on the page & are engaged, then it proves that the original search results were helpful to them.

Click-through Rate (CTR)

It shows how many visitors/users are clicking through to your website from the third party links (like email campaign, search engine, banner, from a link or advertisements). Or, in other words, we can say that it is used to measure how well your keywords & advertisements are performing.

CTR (Click-through rate) = Clicks ÷ Impressions

It also lets you know of the success of the campaigns. You can use this knowledge in order to determine which strategy is one of the most effective ways in order to invest your energy.

How to Boost CTR

1.Meta Tags & Description

It Is important to write a good meta tag description that is likely one of the most effective ways of increasing click-through rates. Technically, description length should be up to 155 characters & title length should be up to 55 characters.

2.Title Tags

This is one of the most crucial parts for result listing. If the main key phrase is placed at the beginning of the title, then it is more likely to grab readers’ attention. It is pivotal to use all 55 characters in the title in order to make it read well as well as engage the users.

3.AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

It can definitely help the website to stand out from the crowd when it comes to mobile search results. Since AMP icon is placed next to your listing. These pages also load fast on the mobile network & it can possibly make your website’s bounce rate, even more, lower.


It also helps out to improve click through rate. It is easier to implement microdata for the things such as ratings can give search result listing more appealing & making you stand out from the crowd.


The URL of the web page must reflect the content or title of the web page. Make the URL easy to read, plus it is also shown in the results & therefore, it can help out to click through rates.


Before fixing out the bounce rate, you need to fully understand the actual meaning of the concept & what is all about bounce rate?
Bounce Rate is – when the visitor come to your website through search results & hits the back button in a fraction of seconds & go back to search results, quite often, they choose another website over choosing or preferring your website.
The main reason behind the concept, it is designed to tell you how your website or home page performs. Or, it tells you – how many people bounce or leave away from your website after viewing only one page.

Improving Website’s Bounce Rate

First & foremost, consider the entry or home page in order to decrease the bounce rate. Or, we can say start with the home page. That being said, the first impression is the most important.

Generally, websites do not get another chance to make a long-lasting impression on users/visitors. If you are planning to expand all your energy to attract the visitors, then you must be putting at least as much energy into keeping them.
This is where Dwell Time comes. Dwell Time is the amount of time as the user stays on your page and going through the information that you have crafted into the website’s content.

So it is essential to recognize why are visitors leaving your website more frequently? If it is so, make sure that website’s content & search terms should well match, and also it can cause high bounce rate or may be visitors are not getting what they are exactly looking for.

How does Google know about bounces? You don’t need to worry. Because, Google or any other search engine, is not spying on you or reading your Analytics. Search Engines only measure the time that the user clicked on search results pages to the visitors came back & clicked on another result listing. Browse through some important factors that you can decrease bounce:

Responsive Design

Critically, nowadays, the website is designed with a responsive layout, which will show your content well across diverse devices & screen sizes. In order to get rid of from higher bounce rate, the web page should be well coded & there should not be much code bloat as it can make slow down the page load speed & make it harder for search engines to index the content.

Page Load Speed

Visitors do not want to wait in order to get the information as what they are looking for. If the website’s page speed is higher, then this is one of the best possible ways to lessen the bounce rate. So keep monitoring every day on that. Check out your website’s page load speed with Google’s PageSpeed tool.

Moreover, there are other things that you should check out the quality of content, advertising & title & meta Description that you must need to check regularly & working on it every single day.

Wrapping Up

Last, but not the least, both Click Through Rate & Bounce Rate certainly affect your website’s search engine rankings across search engines. The above advice is the sure-fire way in order to improve CTR & lessens bounce rate. In addition, both can improve the quality of your website. They will more likely to buy from your online store.

To know more about how can your website serve right information in the right way, talk to one of our digital marketing experts today. Because we as web design and development company can serve you as what you have been looking for so far!

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