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Commuting can be a beast, albeit a very necessary and consistent beast.

Carpooling concept is one of its own kind, that is loved and preferred by the people. With big ride-hailing giants like Uber in the market, the idea of carpooling has been applauded by the large segment of audience especially for daily commuters and long travelers, who can’t travel alone or afford the daily cab wages as a single entity. The major reason behind the success of carpooling apps like Bla Bla, Carma and Waze is a clear fare structure that lets users divide the money by sharing cab with someone. Carpooling, commonly known as car-sharing, ride-sharing or lift-sharing is the shared use of a car by the driver and one or more passengers. In this article, we will cover the major features of Carpooling apps, the concept and the development cost to build carpooling apps like bla bla.


Below are the Steps followed by On-Demand Ride-Sharing Apps

1: Request a Ride

2: Accept a Ride

3: Host a Ride

4: Ride

5: Do the Payment

6: Give Rating

Famous Carpooling/Ride Sharing Mobile Apps

Let’s have a quick look at the list of famous carpooling Apps across the World:

Carma Carpooling

This app doesn’t follow the normal concept of ridesharing and promotes itself as a dedicated peer to peer carpooling app. It uses real-time transportation technology, matches users with nearby commuters, and enables them to share the cost of driving.

Bla Bla

France based online marketplace for carpooling lets it’s users connect with nearby commuters and allows them to share the cost of driving.


The ride-sharing apps let users request a ride, whereas drivers need to pass a DMV and background check before proceeding further.


Considering itself as a game-changer, the app allows users to add 2 pins on the map, and it will find a car heading to the user’s destination. This helps in matching multiple passengers together and keeping the fare at the lower end.

Careem Sawa

Sawa by Careem allows users to book a single seat and match with the driver who is offering carpooling service. The riders/passengers can avoid the waiting hours and long traffic.


The app connects users and drivers based on the passenger’s phone GPS location. Based on the comfort, users can select from everyday cars, taxis, SUVs, and black cars of increasing luxury.

How to Make a Profitable Ride-Sharing App?

Esferasoft has developed native ready to launch ride share mobile apps for both iOS Android users. Our ready to launch ride-sharing app will save your huge development cost and a long delivery time frame.

We are offering

2 Mobile apps and 1 web admin panel in Esferasoft ride sharing platform. Below is the list of detailed features of each module.

Real-time Matching

Passengers match a car that goes the same way in real-time with a vacant seat and have a comfortable, reliable and cheap ride to their destination

Verified profiles

Users get profile information about the driver and other co-travelers, allowing them to travel more comfortably with others and get an opportunity to meet new people.

Real-Time Updates

Users can track drivers in realtime on a map to their pickup location, get updates when their car arrives via SMS and push notifications.

Seamless Payments

Support for multiple payment options that allow users to easily pay for their trips.

Security Ratings

During emergencies, passengers can use the built-in SOS button, share the ride with family friends or employer.

Easy Onboarding

Email, phone and social login for users of your app.

Ride Now/Ride Later

In a few steps, passengers can locate and book a shared ride easily or schedule a ride.

Co-Traveler Profiles

Users can know who they are traveling with to make traveling with strangers comfortable.

Manage Rides

In one place, customers can manage their current and pending requests for rides.

Fare Estimates

By providing their destination information, customers get estimated fares.

Multiple Payment Options

With various payment methods like cash, paypal, wallet, customers can pay as they like.

Notification Alerts

Using push requests, reviews, updates, SMS and email, customers receive important notifications.

SOS Button

Built-in panic button in the app for customers to use during emergencies.

Cancel Booking

Choice to cancel trips if changes are made at the last minute.

Contact Driver

Through calling a driver, customers can organize a pick-up.

Rate Driver

Driving rating leads to sharing feedback and experience on the trip.

Help Support

FAQs,feedback and support ticket options for users.

Book For Others

For specific needs, customers can arrange a ride for friends and family.

Hire Profitable Ride Sharing App Development – Ready to Launch with Robust Features

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Easy Sharing

The driver mode makes it very easy for drivers in a few taps to share their ride and start rolling with others.

Real-time Requests

Drivers get notification on their smartphone for ride requests en route with an option to accept or reject instantly.

Scheduled Requests

Drivers can share a future trip with others and get match requests in advance.

Track Payments

Drivers can easily accept all fellow passengers ‘ payments and receive feedback on their journey.

Built-in Navigation

Drivers can use best directions, ETA, and more with Google Maps navigation.

Contact Passenger

Drivers can call passengers to get instructions for pickup.

Driver Dashboard

Drivers get their earnings info, upcoming trips, reviews and more.

Rate Customer

Two-way rating system to provide everyone with a reliable rideshare service.

Driver Support

Support drivers with in-app assistance ticketing and FAQs for their questions.

Secure Login

Authorized login to the web-based panel for admins.

Admin Dashboard

Access a high-level view of key business indicators and use in real time.

Manage Drivers

Approve registration, set commission rates, transactions, monitoring, etc.

Manage Customers/Passengers

Know your registered base of users and other useful information.

Manage Fleet

Add fleet details, view usage, assign to drivers, track maintenance and more.

Manage Tariffs

Set and manage your fare with options for distance, time and flat pricing options.

Reporting Analytics

Make smarter business decisions by using in-built analytics data

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