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Initially, the objective of Angular – HTML enhanced for web applications.

Google has launched a JavaScript based open-source front end web application framework for building mobile & desktop applications, six years ago. After the first release, the final version of Angular JS 2.0 was released on September 14th 2016. The best feature in Angular 2 is that it is well written & it ensures to revolutionize the enterprise app development.

With Angular 1, web development companies began building single page applications that embraced interactive features that offered a real-time experience. However, with the previous version of the framework, one of the widely-used products were built from scratch i.e. Tinder, YouTube for PS3, & so on.

The web application should be dynamic & static in general. Thanks to Angular that allowed experts to use HTML as a template language & the components of applications were expressed clearly.

Rather than writing long codes, Angular has already simplified the development of web applications for web development company in India. It means that everything will happen within the browser. The core features was embraced by Angular 1 are – Data Binding, Controller, MVC, Deep Linking, etc.

So, the question is what Angular JS 2.0 is all about?

Angular JS 2.0

There are so many people who still believe that Angular JS is one of the best JavaScript frameworks for building complex web applications.

Now, Angular JS 2 is meant to be a complete re-write up over previous version i.e., Angular JS 1. This is due to the core structure has changed completely in the latest version.

Apart from providing Phone Gap for building mobile applications, plus so many updated features, the latest version of Angular JS 2.0 claims to be a very polished support for MVC (Model View Controller) & MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) architectures.

A team of professionals from the best web design and development company India, EsferaSoft Solutions is going to highlight some of the features & updates as what Angular JS 2 is all about? Let us dive into the concept.

Great Support For Mobile Development

The latest version of Angular 2 provides so many mobile development features. It is meant to focus on making the – mobile-first platform.

Enhanced Emphasis On Simplicity

The entire design is extremely simple now. Due to it’s loosely coupled model, dynamic loading, better template management & other features. Angular 2 aims to simplify the application development phases as much as possible.

Difference between Angular 1 & Angular 2.0

Whether you are technically strong or a layman who is looking for a framework in order to reach your website to the next level, then we’ll differentiate between two versions of JavaScript frameworks:

Angular 2 has come out with the new features such as Dynamic loading, simpler routing, reactive programming support with the use of RxJS, Asynchronous template compilation, etc. as compared to the previous one.

Opt For Angular JS 2 For Building Apps

  • The amount of JavaScript coding is reduced & it will be easier for one to see the potential of applications.
  • The client-side will be decoupled from server-side, therefore, development work will be advancing in parallel.
  • As a developer, you don’t need to programmatically manipulate the DOM.
  • The new version will auto-inject services into the applications. Hence, you will be able to develop features instantly. Google ensures that you will get full control over initialization process.

Wrapping Up

There are so many companies who deliver web development services India & have adopted iconic JS framework – Angular. From now onwards, developers will soon adopt the latest version because of two-way data binding, client-side MVC framework, Directives, Filters & Templating & so on. The web development companies will build web applications much easier since the arrival of Angular JS 2.0.

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