9 of the Best Social Media Marketing Extensions for Google Chrome


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Businesses spend too much money on social media marketing but few of them actually know that there is a wide pool of free extension available on Google Chrome that can help you automate your work and increase your efficiency in the workspace. Here is the list of the top social media marketing tools that can help you save your time and effort at work.

1. Stay Focusd

Sometimes its hard to stay focus and it happens to everyone. If you are social media marketer and wasting your precious time on watching videos and music then “Stay focusd” is a remarkable tool for you. This extension helps you stay focus on useful work and restricts your time on time-wasting websites. You can easily block certain content like photos, videos from the entire page or a specific website.

2. Grammarly

Publishing a content with errors is not less than a nightmare for social media marketing manager. Once in a while error can happen to everyone but Constant errors can damage your brand reputation. With “Grammarly”, you can make sure that what are you writing is free from any errors. Grammarly check can catch 250 types of errors which comprise punctuation, grammar, spell checking conjunctions and much more.

3. Pablo

If you have heard about “Buffer” than you can easily understand the “Pablo” extension. Pablo helps you create images for facebook post in the correct size and format. After installing this extension right-click on any web-based content and open it on Pablo. From there you can alter its size, add logos and graphics on it.

When your work is finished download it or share it to your buffer account.

4. Bitly

“Bitly” is an important chrome extension used for creating, tracking and sharing shortened links. Bitly has all the features that someone would expect from a URL shortener. It is famous because it lets you add links in bundles which help you keep track on a series of same links. It also notifies you when your shortened links reach a predetermined level.

5. MozBar

SEO is vital for content marketing but often considered difficult. People who are new to digital marketing often find SEO tools to be too difficult or advanced. “MozBar” is a simple yet effective alternative to people who are new to SEO.

You can check the page authority and domain authority of any link with MozBar. To get the list of the inbound links to any content just click the page analysis and get valuable information.

6. Lightshot

Capture Screenshot of any selected area by hitting the “light shot” icon. This is a simple, convenient, lightweight tool that instantly gives you the link to your screenshot,t so that you can share it with others quickly.

7. Figure it out

Do you have global clients? Then calculating time zone is a real challenge for you. But don’t worry, with “figure it out” you can easily figure out the time zone of your client.

Figure It Out allows you to add 10 regions which will help you schedule your posts and meetings with your clients with easily.

8. One Tab

Do you open too many tabs and get confused afterward? Click on “One Tab” and it will convert all of your tabs into a list. One tab allows you to restore them individually or all at once. In addition to this, you can also separate the tabs by grouping them with certain names.

9. Hangouts

Social media marketers love to talk. We are always online and keep in touch with our colleagues, clients, and friends. Google created google hangout keeping this in mind. This tool runs in the background and notifies you when your colleague messages you.

Stay tuned to know more about social media marketing services in India.

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