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Being a real estate professional can be a burdensome task. Managing loads of data, filtering it, analyzing it, and acting upon it is something every realtor needs to do. However, with the demand for real estate on the rise, the amount of data is on a surge, and there is no looking back.

There is a solution that tends to make the lives of real estate professionals easier: a Multi Listing Service Software. Let’s dive into what is MLS software development and how it can benefit real estate companies, businesses, and professionals.

What is MLS Software Development?

Anyone associated or acquainted with the real estate business is aware of the importance of having a database that is up to date and facilitates seamless searching and analysis of property information. Realtors manage a large amount of data, and a Multi Listing Service (MLS) software enables them to organize the leads and data on the basis of various areas in a city or city in a state. An MLS software is utilized for all kinds of real estate listings.

Here is a quick overview of some of the critical features of MLS software development.

Contact Manager: Perform various functions like customer search, add/edit contacts, email MLS reports, prioritize & categorize contacts, mailing lists for auto-emailing prospects, and email MLS reports

Searchable MLS Listing: Allows customizable search, view listing history, export MLS data, listing watch, MLS area maps, and CMS comparison

Form and Contracts Management: Enables contract templates, view & edit forms and contracts, print & send contracts and forms, and use MLS listing forms

Add/Edit MLS Listings: Add or edit a listing, save notes, schedule listing entry, and use unlimited edits and photos

Client Portal: Features like secure login, search & view listing, agent website, and reports and updates

Manage Teams and Users: Add or remove office and agents, manage teams

Consolidated Platform: Functions like setup and preferences, user-friendly interface, view & edit forms and contracts

Benefits/Use of MLS Software development in real estate portal

A Multi Listing Service software offers benefits for both buyers as well as sellers and realtors. Let’s have a look into some of the advantages/applications of using an MLS system.

For Buyers

Before MLS, buyers had no choice but to work with various companies to try to cover the entire range of properties. With the help of MLS, buyers do not need to work with multiple agents as a salesperson in the MLS has to access to the property listed. Thus, the buyer can make a relationship with a trusted seller and seek comprehensive service and market coverage.

For Sellers

Before MLS, sellers, companies, and real estate agents sold their own listing without sharing their database with other companies. With MLS, real estate companies can now share their listings with other sellers or companies without seeking their permission. Thus, a salesperson in the MLS has access to all the listed properties, thereby providing him a broader exposure.

What we offer in MLS software development services:

The key to effective real estate buying or selling is searching and analyzing an infinite number of property listings. EsferaSoft provides an exhaustive range of MLS software development services. Here is a quick overview of what we offer.

MLS Software Development

We develop custom MLS platforms that offer curated searches based on advance logic algorithms. We also provide spreadsheet apps that are designed for seamless statistical analysis. We make use of open-source APIs to make powerful MLS solutions.

MLS API Integration

We offer MLS API integration services that allow the effortless development of real estate applications using JavaScript components. Our team of tech geeks all well-skilled in the integration of platforms like Innova and Matrix as well. In addition, we also provide exportable spreadsheet applications, custom appraiser tools, and curated search engines.

MLS Mobile App Services

We offer expert-level MLS mobile app services that offer agents and buyers real-time alerts and notifications on new listings, open times for properties, routing and driving instructions, and price reductions.

MLS Real Estate App Implementation

Apart from development, we also implement MLS real estate applications that include components such as agent-only profiles, sourced listing data, safety timers, property display on maps, off-market and active listing views, and comparative market analysis.

MLS Listing Software Solutions

We build MLS software solutions for a buyer and listing agents, which showcase listing information. We also develop MLS software programs for online usages, such as optional Google mapping, integration with external data sources, control over field display and layout, and user-controlled field-edit rights.

MLS Responsive Web Design

We offer custom MLS web design and development services that ensure responsive designs, automatically featured listings and flexible desktop options. We design MLS solutions for real estate agents and companies that automate admin tasks and website rebranding.

Our Real-estate Software Development Solutions

Here is a list of real estate software development solutions we provide that ensure you can leverage the power of data and listings in an efficient and productive manner.

Real Estate Management Software Solutions

Real estate management includes various microtasks that can be overwhelming for any real estate professional, irrespective of whether he is a realtor or property manager. Whether you need to manage a single property or a massive real estate portfolio, our real estate management software ensures effective organization of tasks and data, thereby assuring more productivity during they buying, selling, and management of a property.

Our real estate management software solutions include real estate management software development, implementation, and integration, along with real estate services, real estate integration, CRM development, mobile development, and workflow optimization.

RETS Integration Services

Compliance with Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS) is essential to adequately upload and download MLS data. Although this information is standardized, there are several factors that include high-resolution multi-media. We help you overcome this hurdle by providing RETS software development, integration and customization, client software development, automation solutions, MLS integration, and RETS SEO.

Real Estate Property Management Software

We enable you to move your property management tasks to the cloud by offering robust property management software solutions. You can now interface with systems and get access to property information round the clock. Our solutions also automate your tasks, thereby reducing your hassle and enabling you to focus on core tasks. We provide property management software interfaces, cloud-based property management systems, CRM applications, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

Real Estate Valuation Software

The valuation of properties is one of the crucial aspects of real estate management. Our real estate valuation software helps you determine real estate valuation and analytics for numerous properties, thereby enabling you to cut down the load and improve property data analysis. Our real estate valuations solutions include real estate valuation software, data analytics software, commercial analytics software, valuation models, capital analytics, predictive solutions.

IDX Integration Services

Our IDX integration services ensure real estate companies and firms can now seek an advantage from the Internet Data Exchange (IDX) system. Real estate entities can now integrate their listings into CRM, corporate websites, mobile apps, email marketing, and more. We also make sure you are compliant with the IDX rules, data formats, and standards to ensure the accuracy of the leads captured.

HOA Management Software

Homeowners’ Association (HOA) takes care of the dues and documents of single- and multi-family homes. Staying compliant with HOA can be a hassle, but our HOA management software services got you covered as we provide on-premise and cloud-based HOA management software, and database services.

Esferasoft for MLS software development


Esferasoft is a digital development, marketing, and branding company that offers best-in-class software development and design solutions across various industry verticals. Our team of expert developers is skilled in MLS software development, thereby ensuring you get the best of what you invest. Our solutions are tailored with transparency and trust to help you achieve your business and operational objectives.

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