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If you live in America, you might have noticed high traffic of e-scooters on the road. E-scooters are the preferred mode of transportation for various people in America. People use them for covering short distances like to go to the activity classes, going to the tuitions and even in the big campuses of the educational institutions so that they don’t get tired walking from block to block. Before you understand the electric scooter system business’s giants, you must first understand the significant growth that this market has experienced over time.

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Growth of e-Scooter Sharing Business

According to the obtained statistics, the global electric scooter market in 2017 had a value of approximately $18,000 million. The growth since then is expected to be more than 13% every year. As people understand Global Warming better, they are starting to look at environmentally friendly alternatives, and electronic scooters are certainly one of the best options they can opt for.

The continued awareness is expected to fuel the growth of the electric scooter market. The leading brands in the industry have now started operating internationally based on their success. You can not only find scooter hiring services in the big cities but also in the countryside. This should give you an idea about how fast this market has become that it has even started to cater to the population living on the country’s lesser developed side.


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Electric scooters are not only environment friendly but they are also extremely convenient because you don’t have to get stuck in the heavy traffic while going to the office so you can reach the office at the right time. You should also adopt electronic scooters because they are economical as you don’t have to pay the fuel price.

Now when you have understood the value of the electric scooter market, let’s move towards the leading brands of the market

Bird – electric vehicle sharing

Bird is a California based electric vehicle sharing company. It is trendy in all the cities of North America for providing low-cost vehicle hiring facilities. They provide electric scooters at the rate of $1 for rent, and afterward, you are charged 15 cents for every minute. Bird was the first scooter-sharing company that valued dollar 1 billion in May that rose to the dollar two billion in June.

The company is extending its impact by acquiring an electric vehicle pioneer named Scoot in 2019. The clients of this company can locate and unlock their electric scooter with their mobile phone app that offers them many features that include a map that can help them locate the nearest electric scooter. The application has built-in real-time global positioning system tracking that allows the company and the customers to track a specific electronic scooter’s location. The electronic scooters and applications have a QR code integration that allows the customers to lock and unlock electric scooters. They can make the payment through the payment gateway and use the smart lock when their electric scooter is not used.

Lime electric scooter hiring App

The electric scooter hiring company Lime has the slogan of “your ride anytime”. Lime came into the limelight by being a scooter startup that provides people with affordable transportation throughout the city conveniently and eliminates the pollution that they would produce if they use alternative transportation modules. Lime has started working internationally and has launched hundreds of electric scooters in Madrid and the Spanish capital. Ironically, it has already crossed its milestone of 3 million rides through bikes and scooters.

The credit for the success of the Lime Company is given to its physical storefront. They have the complete opportunity to convince their customers to use their services to provide them with affordable mobility. Lime Company is also looking forward to initiating a Lifestyle brand based in Santa Monica, which would provide vehicle renting facilities to its customers. For this new business, they would need a full-time manager responsible for providing customers with complete guidelines and monitoring all the inventory and operations. The company has started its business in Sydney with a twist that they provide heavy bikes that operate on electricity as a fuel source differentiating it from competitors. Lime Company launched its business in Britain with electric bikes.

If you wish to ride on a Lime bike, you must install their mobile phone application on your Smartphone and search for the nearest electronic scooters or bikes. Once you have located the nearest vehicle, you can unlock it by scanning a QR code or entering a smart generated number that will help you in unlocking and then afterward locking up the vehicle when you are done with your ride. Lime mobile phone application ensures that you can make secure payments through their integrated payment gateways.

Spin e-bike rental app

Spin company has the slogan of “Ride your way,” founded in 2016 by 3 people. Spin is an electric scooter startup company that has gained investment from leading companies and has a funding amount of 8 million dollars. The company has made 125 million dollars through its security token offering that is based on blockchain technology. The company has its horizon spread in 19 Different cities of America providing state-of-the-art services to its customers throughout the year.

Spin Company started its business with a bike-share program based on electric bikes and scooters. The company is willing to start its services along with Lime Company and Bird Company on the streets if the Council approves. People who wish to ride through Spin company vehicles can access an electric scooter by logging in to the spin mobile phone application. After registering, they can locate nearby electric scooters using the map feature and then enter payment details to receive 1 free trip. The QR code scanning system in the application allows the rider to lock and unlock the scooter. The free trip feature is actually a big incentive for the local population to try out their services, and once they try, they are likely to keep using it.

Skip scooter app

Skip Company has the slogan of “The Best Way to Get There”. Skip company is based in San Francisco. It is a dockless electric scooter startup initiated by Boosted Boards Company. The Skip startup earned 6 million dollars in funding with the help of its great marketing strategies. Skip Company has also managed to gain permits for operating in Portland. It is basically an experimental program to understand the effectiveness of controversial micro-transportation adaptability in the city. You can download the skip Company application on your mobile phone to locate the nearby electronic scooters.

One of its distinct features is that it allows you to make a booking of a particular scooter in advance so that you don’t have to deal with the unavailability of a scooter nearby. You can unlock your electric scooter by scanning the QR code inside your Skip application, and once it is unlocked, you can ride it to your destination and then lock it. Skip application has social media integration, which is evidence of its strategic marketing because it allows you to share your experience with your friends and relatives. Social media integration is a promotional strategy because when you share your positive experiences of using skip applications for hiring scooters, your relatives and friends are influenced by your experience. Then they choose the same company for using scooter hiring services.

GOAT escooter rental App

Dock Company the slogan of “Dockless Scooter Rental”. If you are searching for the best electric scooter application company that operates in Austin, then look no further because GOAT has obtained all the legal and official permits through the Austin transportation department to initiate its pilot program. The company has shown a willingness to continue its partnership with the local cities for launching its electric scooter services throughout the country. The company has not yet achieved any venture capital dollars. However, it has deployed nearly twenty scooters. You will be surprised to know that the company had actually passed a permit for 500 scooters. It has not yet achieved the goal of using permission to its fullest.

When you install the mobile application, it provides you with access to the electronic scooters near you. Use the map feature to locate the nearest scooter and then unlock the scooter using your QR code scanner. After the scooter is unlocked, ride to your destination and then lock it. You can also book a scooter in advance by using the scheduling feature in the application; however, you might have to pay for it in advance. You can also share your ride details with your friends using the social media integration to ride with them if you have the same destination to reach.

Wind Mobility E-scooter sharing App

Wind Mobility Company has the slogan of “Smart E-Scooter Sharing”. This company is based in Berlin and Barcelona. Wind mobility is a micro-mobility company that initiated its operations in 2017. It was founded by Eric Wang. As its slogan indicates, Wind Mobility Company is dedicated to offering its clients the safest and convenient transportation services. It has raised 22 million dollars in funding and appears as a tough competition to other leading electronic scooter hiring service providers.

Wind Mobility Company is currently providing its electric scooter services in various cities across the country. The company has also collaborated with various companies, hotels and educational institutions to provide them with different hourly and daily rates so that their employees are motivated to use services from this company. Clients can download mobile applications on their iPhones and Android through the application stores, signup, and search for nearby electronic scooters. After locating your electric scooter, you can unlock it using the application and then pay through the payment section. At the end of your ride, lock the scooter and proceed walking inside your destination.

Scoot escooter hiring app

The Scoot Company started its operations in 2012 in San Francisco as an electric vehicle hiring company. It actually allows you to hire kick scooters in San Francisco. The company has made significant progress by adding a fleet of electric vehicles that serves the city population who need transportation services. The company’s kick scooters work great for people who want to ride in the morning or just go for a drive on the weekend. Booking an electric scooter through their application is a very straightforward process. All you have to do is download their application and search for the nearby electronic scooters. After completing your search, unlock your scooter by using the application. Finish your ride on the electronic scooter and make a payment. Don’t forget to lock the scooter before you leave.

Advantages of E-Scooter Apps

If you have an e-scooter hiring facility in your city, you must definitely use it instead of purchasing your own electric scooter due to several different reasons. Purchasing your own e-bike can not only be expensive, but it also requires maintenance and charging. You need to park it wherever you go in the right place so that other vehicles do not damage it. E-scooters, just like other vehicles, get outdated and the trends change therefore you will need to buy a new electric scooter every now and then when new models are launched.

Electric scooters are prone to theft even though they have built-in global positioning systems. You should avail the facility of hiring an electric scooter at low cost and then leaving it at your destination without worrying about where it will go. The company is responsible for charging and maintenance. To stay at the top of business companies, companies make sure their electronic scooters are well maintained and updated to the latest versions to attract more customers.

Having your own electric scooter is a burden when you have to carry it in places where you don’t have a parking facility, and you are not allowed to use it inside the building. If you don’t use your electric scooter for a long time or it is exposed to rain or excessive pressure, it can get damaged. When required you can hire one through an app and then you don’t have to be worried about it. In this way hiring an electric scooter is a new level of satisfaction. Hiring an electric scooter is not just cost-effective because you don’t have to purchase it, but it is also cost-effective when comes to fuel consumption as you don’t need to pay for the fuel.

Electricity is generally cheaper as compared to petroleum energy sources. Hiring an electric scooter costs you much cheaper than a cab. Electric scooters reduce pollution in the environment because you are not using a vehicle that is emitting carbon dioxide and other pollutants. As the world has its fair share of necessary operations requiring petroleum-based fuels, you don’t need to add unnecessary vehicles to it when you have an environmentally friendly alternative.

Mobile App Development Tips

Now when you know about successful companies that provide electric scooter hiring services, you can use any of them to have an idea of how they work. They are doing a great job in the electric vehicle hiring business and earning a fortune out of their venture. So can you! because this market has a huge potential for expansion as the customer base grows significantly every year. You can consider their growth and success to get inspired by their marketing strategies to start your own electric scooter-sharing startup. The first thing you need to do is get a suitable mobile application developed to help your customers hire an electric scooter.

A mobile application is essential for such a business’s success because it ensures smooth functioning and customer satisfaction with the entire riding experience. Before making any investment in such a business, make sure that you consult an attorney to prepare all the legal papers that you need to submit to the local transportation department for getting approval of operating in the streets of the city; otherwise, you might be fined heavily for starting such services without permission from the department. You need to tell the developer of a mobile application that you need map integration, a Global positioning system, and payment integration because they are essential for your business’s smooth functioning.

Some companies do not consider social media integration necessary in applications. Still, you must definitely tell your developer to include it in your application because it is a good marketing strategy. Although an independent developer can develop an application for your business, it is always better to get your mobile application developed through a company because their staff is experienced and specialized in providing specific mobile applications.

Companies ensure that mobile applications that they make have passed quality assurance tests so that there is no bug or error in the mobile application that can impact your business. Companies also provide maintenance services for the developed applications, so you don’t need to contact a developer repeatedly for updates and integration of new features. If you have some technical knowledge, you can easily understand that map, QR code, payment integration, and real-time tracking are not easy features to integrate into a mobile application without making an error; therefore, this work needs expertise and experience to be done.

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