7 Best Automation Testing Tools to Rule Your Software Development in 2022


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Introduction: What is Automation Testing & How Does It Work? The Trending Automation Testing Tools in 2022

  1. Cucumber
  2. Selenium
  3. Eggplant
  4. Kobiton
  5. Katalon
  6. LambdaTest
  7. Appium

Businesses developing their own products have a set of tests in place that must be accomplished before the products are released. The primary aim is to confirm that the final product is of high quality. These tests can be broadly classified into two categories: manual testing and automation testing.

We’ve all seen constant pressure to produce software faster in the previous year. Automated testing has emerged as the most critical tool for expanding DevOps. Companies devote a significant amount of time and attention to developing end-to-end software delivery programs.

More than 80% of companies have included automated testing processes in their workflows.

Test automation allows you to shorten the software development lifecycle and provide faster validation for different product development stages. Test automation is valuable since it aids in the early detection of faults or errors during the development phase, enhancing the team’s efficiency. On the other hand, most businesses utilize automation just because others do. And they may have to deal with challenges such as;

  1. Companies are unsure how to go about implementing test automation.
  2. They don’t use the proper automated testing methodologies.
  3. Companies may not know when to use test automation and when not to.
  4. They may also be unaware of the best solutions for their needs.

So, to thrive in test automation, they must first grasp what automation testing is and which standard automation testing tools they can use to launch their final product effectively.

What is Automation Testing & How Does It Work?

The term “automation testing” refers to a software testing method. Instead of manual testing performed by humans, this technique uses a software tool to test other software, hence Automation Testing.

Once you enter the test data into the System Under Test, the Automation Testing technique often compares the obtained outcomes of test cases with the projected outcomes and further controls the tests’ execution. Test automation can help with both functional and non-functional testing.

Furthermore, Automation Testing is capable of producing pervasive and analytical findings. Typically, development cycles require running the same test multiple times. Users who utilize a test automation tool can record the test suite and run it whenever needed without relying on human intervention.

However, in most situations, the goal is not to eliminate manual testing; instead, the goal is to reduce the number of manual tests conducted.

The Trending Automation Testing Tools in 2022


Cucumber isn’t meant to be an automation testing tools; it’s meant to facilitate discussion and clarify requirements before your team spends time creating code. Cucumber’s main feature is to facilitate communication & collaboration, although many teams use it as a foundation for automated testing. Cucumber reads the code written in plain English in the feature file (Language Gherkin).


Hire 7 Best Automation Testing Tools to Rule Your Software Development in 2022

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Selenium is the most well-known and commonly used automated testing tool available. It’s a free and open-source platform that runs on various operating systems and browsers. Selenium is more suitable for web-browser-based applications, and it is supported for automation testing by some of the leading SaaS providers, such as SauceLabs and BrowserStack. Selenium allows testers to develop scripts in various computer languages, including Ruby, Java, Python, PHP, etc.


TestPlant created Eggplant to give testers the ability to perform many sorts of testing. Eggplant, like Selenium, is not a single tool but rather a collection of tools for automation testing, each of which does different sorts of testing. It’s a functional testing tool used for performance, stress, and load testing. The primary benefit is that testers can interact with apps similarly that end-users do.


As one of the first automated testing tools to go mobile-first, Kobiton distinguishes itself. In addition to using online browsers and desktop apps to test software, users can now use mobile devices to run automated tests. It offers a variety of test kinds, including performance, visual, functional, and compatibility, for both mobile and IoT apps and is AI-powered.


Katalon is a cross-browser tool that gives analysis results and test recording. It was launched in 2015. It’s a test automation tool based on the Selenium and Appium automation frameworks. Because it can generate and reuse UI test scripts without coding, the platform stands out for its versatility and ease of use. It’s also simple to set up and run on macOS, Windows, and Linux.


LambdaTest is a cloud-based desktop and mobile application automation testing tool. Manual and automatic cross-browser testing is possible with this application, which supports over 2000 operating systems, browsers, and devices. It allows users to run a range of tests in the cloud to find any flaws or malfunctions that would otherwise be impossible to uncover and do so early in the development process before anything goes into production.


The most popular open-source tool for automating mobile app testing is Appium. It supports native and hybrid mobile web apps testing. It even supports a variety of programming languages and is cross-platform compatible. It’s a background server that remains operating. It can be used in conjunction with the testing framework, which offers a more extensive set of features.

Final Thoughts

Bugs and code troubles are frequent when developing a software project for your company. The most important thing is to release the final MVP once extensively tested. Several tools are available to assist us in this endeavor, and there are a myriad of automation testing options available out in the market. The ideal option is chosen by the test application and its technology, as well as your company’s needs.

Please let us know in the comment section below which one you choose and the experience.

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