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A set of reusable PHP components, a web application framework & PHP Framework – Symfony for web projects. Symfony Framework­ one of the leading PHP Framework in order to create the websites as well as web applications. It is built on top of the Symfony components.

Symfony 2

When it comes to Symfony2 is framed on a standard foundation on that one of the most or best of the PHP applications that are developed.

Yii (Yes It Is)

Whereas, (“Yes It Is”) Yii is a component-­based PHP Framework, which is used in order to develop “large-scale web applications”. In web programming, Yii­ the framework is marked by optimum reusability. It is also responsible for enhancing the speed of the development process.

Moreover, both (Symfony2 & Yii) are PHP development frameworks, nevertheless, there are still key differences between the two that we’re going to elaborate here. In actual, you must love both PHP development frameworks, but PHP development company is gradually switching to Symfony2. There are some good reasons why is it going to like this?

Check it out the brief explanation into the world of the two most preferred MVC frameworks:

A brief comparison between the performances of the two (Symfony2 & Yii)

Before we dive into the concept of the performances of two PHP development Frameworks­ Symfony2 & Yii, here’s a roundup of the fundamental features of the two frameworks. As long as ORM is concerned, Symfony2 uses Doctrine2, on the other hand, Yii uses Active Record ORM that is directly inspired by the Active Record of Ruby On Rails.

Doctrine2 comes up with a ton of advantages for PHP developers. How come? Doctrine2 existences are simple PHP. In entity annotations, the metadata is reflected. Whereas, Data Base Management is the easiest job on Doctrine2.

Both (Symfony2 & Yii) frameworks nicely integrated models, pages & queries. Although, Yii uses the fragment­level caching page. Numerous developers are of an opinion that Yii framework is pretty simple in order to use as well as implement as compared to Symfony2. In contrast, Symfony2 is recommended by numerous PHP developers for the easiest fixtures as well as migrations, which normally come up with Dosctrine2.
Although, this is not it!

A detailed comparison between the two (Symfony2 & Yii)

Whilst comparing between the two PHP development frameworks­ Symfony2 & Yii, we’ve taken into the account a slew of functionality features, and all these are developer’s point of view. Check it out­ what we got after we installed & used both the frameworks.

Installation­ – Yii Is On The Top

If the installation process is endless, as a web developer, you must be pissed off. In that case, Yii will be automatically your next & right choice. When the installation of the framework is done by using Composer, this is a something cakewalk for most of the developers. The modules of Yii are mini­ applications, which can be found inside the main application. On the flip side, the installation & deployment of Symfony2 is not a simple job for even most of the seasoned developers. Although, installation & deployment of Symfony2 is not at all simple, nonetheless, it is optimized so well that PHP Development Company gets ready for the solutions at the hand. It is kind of sweet!

Test Driven Development ­- Symfony2 Gets The Edge

Directly related to Yii Development Framework, one of the most frequent issues is with the “code testing”. It might sound surprising. That means the code testing is actually a complicated process on Yii. You might think that Yii services are interacting with each other genuinely a quite cool thing. But, this is not! To write a test, you are required to mock one service & then another one. Tight coupling is another feature that gets rid of.
On Symfony2, code testing is comparatively easier!

Development Pace ­­- Yii Wins The Game

The PHP development frameworks are created in order to eliminate the need of the repeating tasks. In that case, Yii wins the game in order to deliver robust & agile PHP development services as compared to Symfony2 when we talk about development pace as it significantly reduces the development time. Resulting, you spend less time on repetitive tasks as well as spend one of the best parts of the work hours in order to customize the web applications.

On another side, one of the novel web scaffolding tools is Gii that comes along with Yii. You can easily create code templates for controllers, forms, models, extensions & modules with the help of Gii­ this tool is configurable, and you can actually load it in different environments.

Although, Yii is itself is an excellent web application web framework.

Symfony2 Is A Preferable Than Yii Framework

Whilst using Yii, people started to experience problems initially, and it is genuinely difficult in order to keep the codes faults after 2­3 months of development. To keep a code base well-­organized is one of the biggest priorities. In order to keep all the things in mind­ Yii creates issues when it comes to code management. Instead of TTD issues, there are at least 3 more reasons-­ Why Symfony2 is preferable than Yii Framework?

ORM/Active Record

In order to implement the Active Record, it might be a great feature for web development from the point of view of beginners. Nevertheless, Yii Active Record is excessively simplified as well as tightly coupled. In Yii, we cannot create conditions dynamically & then merge arrays that are slow to process.
However, we need something more pragmatic, and Symfony2 is a natural option! Doctrine2 is the ORM of Symfony2 and comes up with a unit of UOW (Unit of Work) design pattern and so many other cool features.

Coding Style

The team of Yii follows their coding style, and it is completely another reason­ why moved away from Yii. To write class names, brackets & intentions can be so boring & lengthy. The difference in coding style is a major reason & many of rivals have also moved from Yii to Symfony2.


In order to get extensions in Yii, all you need to do is to go its official site, download it & copy to your project directory and so many things. This is genuinely something quite long procedure.
When it comes to Symfony2, the Composer lets you define the project dependency as well as run updates. The smart tools download everything that you need from extensions to the lib to the component to bundle, etc. With a single command, it also lets you download component dependencies, and you can actually update the recent versions of all components. In order to contribute to the community is also easier with Composer.

Pros & Cons Of Symfony2


In Symfony2, the MVC architecture of the framework facilitates web application development in that multiple people are working on the same project in large team environments. The process of modular development makes it more maintainable as compared to other frameworks.
• Built­in functionalities are outstanding in Symfony2.
• Comes up with a host of advanced features, including web development cleaner, intuitive forms bundles, etc.
• It is a cakewalk­ functional testing in order to ensure the controller is correctly interacting with the model.


There’s only one downside of Symfony2 is the development framework has a vertical learning curve-although the documentation is extremely helpful as in the developers may have enough time to learn things more profoundly.

Pros & Cons Of Yii


• Yii­ is easy to install, less time­consuming comparatively Symfony2.
• It is easily extensible.
• Comes up with a ton of features that it is directly related to its safety. For instance, Generate Password Hash, Validate Password, Generate Random Key, etc. These are one of the advanced security features that come along with Yii framework. It also simplifies the security.


Yii­ it does not come with “in­built” extensions that are required for large applications.
Ajax ­Functions ain’t well documented. It might raise a problem for newbies.


At long last, Symofiony2 is better performer comparatively Yii. On the flip side, Yii is quite simpler & coming up with more readable API. That’s why it is still hot nowadays. For serious development­ Symfony2 won the game. However, for beginners, Yii can be a perfect development tool.

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