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Ecommerce App


Mobile App Design


Ideation and UI Design


The Challenge

People tend to avoid the entrance in the traditional locations, either because of the persistent sales rep who always tries you to buy something you don’t want or because there’s just no way for you to get to the store or you simply don’t have time to spend out shopping. The idea of not having to deal with all of these setbacks got my interest, so I decided to do a study on how the users usually interact with shopping apps and if there was any way to make the experience a bit more simple and pleasant.

Projects Name

Ecommerce App


Ecommerce App

Our Role

Ideation UI Design



Our Strategy

For Driver
  • Driver will submit all vehicle documents.
  • Accept or reject the order received.
  • After accepting go to pick up order from the store.
For Store Owner
  • The owners can also track customer orders until is successfully delivered
  • They can add any new products that are available for purchase
For Admin
  • Check upon the refund request if needed.
  • Admin will manage the reports (can edit all the reports).

Services That We Offer

Customer Driven- High-performance Commerce We help you take your brand to millions of customers at scale. An eCommerce that is faster, easier and simpler built with cutting edge technology

  • Easy Registration
  • Driver earning history
  • Admin can cut commission from the driver
  • Multi payment mode
  • Manage ratings and feedback
  • Live Tracking
  • Secure Payments
  • Cost Efficient Solutions
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App Features

Faster Performance:
  • Since the loading time is reduced, the customers will find it easy to checkout orders in a few seconds.
Access to Stores:
  • The user can have instant access to products from multiple stores. They can run a comparison and then buy the best one.
Marketing Costs Under Control:
  • The money spent on marketing will be reduced as the app will help you market your brand easily.
Customized Shopping Experience:
  • You can provide the customers with a personalized shopping platform that will help them buy products that best suit their needs.

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