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There are different types of entertainment in this digital era. When it comes to youths and teenagers, they prefer sports. Sports are of different genres. There are mobile applications, sports games and the likes. Since sporting activities consist of many interesting features, they are irreplaceable.

You can easily find mobile sports applications on cricket, basketball, football and the like. Mobile phones are now more powerful and they can easily run sports applications. With a smartphone and a good internet connection, you can watch live matches, read sports news and play games. Some of the best sports apps are discussed below

Bleacher report

With the use of the bleacher report app, you can read all the latest news on any sport of your choice. If you put on your notification, you will get frequent updates without even launching the app. As you will be updated about the development of your favourite team, you will also learn about the latest transfer news.

Bleacher reports mobile app can be easily customized. You just have to select your team and the kind of news you will like to receive. It is available for download on the Google play store and apple store.

Unique features
  1. Customization feature which allows you to select your favourite clubs
  2. Frequent score updates and the latest news in all sports
  3. Favourite sports pages can be bookmarked for fast access
  4. Easy access to stories from the best sportswriters
  5. Carousel of your favourite team displays on your home screen



Apart from keeping you updated with the latest sports news and scores, you will have access to game analysis on theScore. Another great feature of this app is the calendar. You can easily check when your favourite team is playing and be updated about all their events. It gives you the best virtual experience of all the best sports apps.
The Score is available for download on google play and the apple store. Due to its small size and simple interface, it can work on almost all smartphones. To keep up with the latest features of the app, you have to continue updating. You will be notified once there is an update available.

Unique features

  1. Customizable news feed
  2. Dashboard for live scores in different matches and sports
  3. Group chat for fans.
  4. Social stories for players and teams

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Apart from getting live updates, you can stream live matches on SofaScore. You just need a stable internet connection. SofaScore shows live matches in up to 25 different sports. As it can run on smartphones, it can also run on some android smartwatches. The live updates involve small videos where you will be shown how a goal was scored. Regular updates are always released for the app.

Since players don’t stay consistent all season, player’s ratings are changed on SofaScore. You can always use the ratings to know the current form of players. As it can be installed on android devices, it can also be installed on Apple devices.

Unique features

  1. Easily runs on powerful android smartwatches.
  2. Interact and discuss with fellow fans through the chat option
  3. Season statistics and data on team performances
  4. Quizzes to improve engagement
  5. Battle draft feature.

BBC Sport

If you are new to a particular sport, BBC sport is one of the best sports apps for you. You will have access to updates, highlights, and news. Since it has privacy features, the data of all its users are kept secure. It is well-optimized to run on smartphones.

When you launch the app, the home screen will display. You can customize the features of the home screen to bring news on your favorite sports. Just like all other best sports apps, BBC sport can run on android and iOS. Since it has a simple interface, you don’t need a high-end smartphone to run the app.

Unique features

  1. Live-steaming of matches and frequent highlights
  2. Customization of the home page
  3. Streams match with Chromecast
  4. Personalized pages for different sports
  5. Users can share recent updates with other people

MSN Sports

For quick updates and scores, you need the MSN Sports app on your smartphone. With around 150 leagues, you can learn more about your team, rival teams and new leagues. To get regular information on a team or league, you should use the following option available in the app.

While reading articles, you can easily navigate by swiping up and down on your screen. MSN sports offers in-depth pre-game analysis to its users. Information you get from the analysis can help you place bets on football matches and games in other sports. As MSN Sports can be downloaded on the apple store, it can also be downloaded on the Google play store.

Unique features

  1. Follow your favourite teams
  2. Latest updates on scores and sports news around the world.
  3. Display match venue of popular sporting events
  4. Simple and easy to navigate user interface
  5. Pre-game and post-game analysis and statistics

Yahoo sports


Access to yahoo sports is free. Even without paying or subscribing, you will be granted full access to information and updates on football matches. Regular updates are also given on MLB and NHL. You can even watch their live matches. Other games you can follow on yahoo sports are cricket, boxing, cycling and tennis.

Since different sport blogs contribute to the site, you will be exposed to information from different sources. You can even watch highlights of important matches that you missed. Since the size of the app is small, it can run smoothly on almost all smartphones.

Unique features

  1. All major soccer leagues are covered
  2. Customizable updates on different teams
  3. Great content from different sports blogs and news websites
  4. Easy to navigate user interface
  5. Search for your favourite sports videos and articles.

CBS Sports


If you need customized updates on different sports, you should download the CBS Sports app. You can find stats, analyses and reports on your favourite sports. As you can stream the PGA tour live on the app, you can also stream NCAA basketball games.

If you enjoy listening to live broadcasts, you can always check the CBS Sports Radio. Videos can also be streamed on the CBS Sports channel. CBS Sports is free for download on all smartphones. If you use an Apple device, you can download the app on the apple store. On the other hand, android users can download CBS Sports on the Google play store.

Unique features

  1. Customized updates and analysis
  2. 24/7 access to CBS Sports news
  3. Daily betting tips and advice from experts
  4. Highlights of big games
  5. Easy-to-use interface


Livescore was developed in 1998. It is one of the best sports apps available on smartphones. If you want to check the score of live matches, live score is the perfect app for you to install. The app covers matches and games on tennis, football, hockey, basketball, and soccer.

You can even listen to the live commentary of your favorite matches through the app. With its clean layout, you won’t find it difficult to scroll through game highlights. LiveScore works on android and apple devices. Even though you can visit their website, you should install the app. It provides faster access to live matches and updates.


Unique features

  1. Mark matches and receive notifications on them.
  2. Place important matches in the favorites section
  3. Explore different options to locate favourite sports
  4. Follow games in pitch view mode
  5. Scroll through the calendar and find out the date of upcoming matches



If you’re a sports enthusiast, you should install 365Scores. You can easily use the app to learn more about your favorite sport. 365Scores covers all matches and updates of about 10 sports. As you can check for scores, you can also check for statistics, schedules, and videos. You can even find out more information about teams and read about their history.

Information on players is also available on the app. You can find out the current form, stats, and fitness of your favorite players. To enjoy new features, you have to keep updating 365 scores. With the addition of multistage football games, users are now more engaged.


Unique features

  1. Follow updates and news on your football team
  2. Track live games
  3. Check player ratings and status
  4. Interesting football games available on the app
  5. Frequent notifications to keep users updated



As Flashscore provides information and updates on about 30 sports, you can follow about 6000 matches and events on the app. There are sections for scores and standings. Since they offer live updates, you can be as updated as someone watching matches in the stadium.

There is the following option available on the app. When you follow any team, you will receive notifications on their recent news and matches. To download and install flashscore, visit the application store of your smartphone. If you use an android device, you have to visit the Play Store. Apple device users can also download from the apple store.

Unique features
  1. Push notifications to give updates on live matches
  2. Runs smoothly on all devices
  3. Live-text commentary feature on almost all sports matches
  4. Pre-match and post-match reviews
  5. Team news on your favorite teams
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