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Php framework ensures top-level web application development. But selecting the right PHP framework is a daunting task that requires a lot of research. With a wide pool of options available, it offers the most reliable, simple to use and top-notch development service. The overall functionalities and capabilities of the Laravel make it the best among all the options available.

Reliable framework

It is a highly flexible, open source framework that supports faster and customized web development. This efficient framework was developed in 2011 by Taylor Otwell. With numerous attractive features, it has become the top development option all across the globe.

What are the great features of Laravel?

As of now, you have got an idea of why Laravel is a leading PHP framework. Here are few reasons that will enhance your knowledge on this:

1. Object-oriented libraries

This framework contains object-oriented libraries along with several other pre-installed libraries. This feature is not available in other popular PHP frameworks. Among the pre-installed library, the most important is the authentication library. In its absence, developers has to write a code which takes enormous time. The update in Laravel 5 makes authentication easier.

2. Provide MVC Support

It supports model view controller architecture that provides a wide variety of built-in functions for developers to select from. It provides clear and easily understandable documentation and ensures clarity of logic. The MVC architecture provides overall support for enhancing the overall performance of an application.

3. Database migration

With Laravel, database migration is secure and fast, there is no need of replication for every change you made on your data. Moreover, it uses the data-encrypting algorithm for encrypting database passwords. This wonderful feature helps in keeping the database synchronised between different machines. Due to this most of the web development companies in India are adopting it for creating their client’s websites.

4. Caching

Caching helps in retrieving data quickly, it is basically a temporary data storage which is used to store data for some time. It helps in reducing the time which is otherwise used to store data on other devices remotely. This feature keeps the web application or a web page more fast and responsive.

5. Easy to learn

Unlike other frameworks, one can easily learn Laravel as there is a plethora of resources available online. This framework provides Larcast which contains free and paid video tutorial that illustrates how to use it. All of these videos are made by “Jeffrey Way” who is an expert instructor, all of his lessons are meaningful and thoughtful.
Bottom line

At last, Laravel has become popular in the recent years due to its amazing features. Developers are now using it as a primary framework and with support from the developer’s community all over the world, soon it will become more adoptable.

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