5 Benefits of Outsourcing Web Development Services from India


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India has become the preferred destination for outsourcing mobile development services and web development services. Several factors are responsible for this but the main reason behind this is the expertise of Indians in technical fields.

Every 3 persons out of 4 in India are directly or indirectly related to IT industry. This country has a population of more than 1.3 billion who is below the age of 30. Imagine the availability of resources in this subcontinent. IT industry is the fifth largest industry in India with a total share of 8% in the country total GDP. For the financial year, 2016- 2017 IT outsourcing has generated a revenue of around 120 billion dollars out of which majority of revenue came from Outsourcing services to the US.

Indian IT industry is growing every year with a minimum of 5 percent growth and it is expected to grow double by 2020. So, any government that comes in power will surely give attention to this fast-growing sector.

Why world preferred India?

1. Quality assurance

There is a high level of competition among mobile and web development companies in India. Developers know that the only way to survive in a hugely talented pool of skilled people is superior quality. So outsourcing services from India mean getting the best quality. Moreover, Indians are fluent in English communication which makes it easy for a foreign client to converse.

2. Cost-effective services

Getting web development services from India not only assure quality services but also lessen your budget as compared to the United States or Europe. There is a huge difference in per capita income of Asian people with Europeans. A costly work can easily do in a small fraction of the money in India.

3. Saving on infrastructure

You don’t need to invest in infrastructure and latest technologies, outsourcing companies take care of everything. To get a competitive advantage over others, outsourcing companies spend money and time on infrastructure and on employee training. Outsourcing will save you from long hiring processes and managing teams.

4. 24*7 services

A unique advantage of time zone makes it easy for development hubs to offer 24*7 services to client’s offshore. With Indian companies, you can utilize even the non-working hours. This will increase the productivity and efficiency of your business project.

5. Versatility

The biggest problem clients face with web development services is that the developers are not skilled in working with multiple stacks of development. This is not the case with web development companies in India, these companies possess such teams which have expertise in working with multiple platforms. So, your project will be built on such platform which is best suited for your project.

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