9 Reasons: Why Customers Do Not Prefer To Buy From Your Website


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Whether you may have launched the new online store website or you are running the old one, an effective website plays an important role. If you are still in turmoils as how to grab right traffic to the website, then this is the matter that you should start looking at it. Having a great website is not enough if you are not getting any business at all. There’s no room for doubt, most of the websites fail to bring traffic & drive business due to the fact that either issues are not addressed properly or business owners do not know how to handle businesses?

Having a business’s website, but no business? Here are the reasons:

We, as a digital & a web development company in India, have rounded up powerful reasons why customers do not prefer to purchase from your business’s website or online store. However, the best thing is that some of the reasons are quite easier to fix.

1. You’re getting the wrong traffic.

According to experts, 10 relevant people are far better than 1000 people who do not know why they are there. You can’t get business until or unless you engage the right kind of targeted audience. In order to get the wrong traffic is the biggest reason for the website that is not getting enough buyers. Also, it is important to research the targeted audience.

To know more about How to grab website traffic, we can help you out.

2. Customers are getting confused as what you are offering.

When a buyer comes to the website, he/she must have queries that you as a business owner is supposed to solve. The thing is that you need to tell your audience that what exactly the problem is & what you can offer as a solution. In the very beginning, make it very clear in the sense how can your online store help the customers?

In simple terms, convey your services in a way that they can relate to.

3. Sales Pitch is not impressive.

You must have the right products on the board, but your cart is almost half filled. The reason behind is that your sales pitch is not as impressive as it could be to convince them to buy from your website.

4. Customers Don’t understand how differently, you can help them.

Most websites say that “We have the products as what you are looking for, click here & buy it.” However, most of them do not offer the same & do this bluff. Also, they do not say anything about the products & how can they help customers to solve their problems. It is pivotal to build the trust factor in order to make your customers believe that they are making the right decision to buy the product from you.

5. You Business’s website is all about you.

You may probably be doing great in your trade, but customers don’t care. When users are on your website, they must have a problem that you need to fix out. If every web page is popping up with a message that you & your services are awesome at all, then it does not make work.

A website must be designed in a way to address customers’ fears & desires. Simply, give your customer a reason to visit your website again & again.

6. The Website is so slow to load.

The poor loading speed of your website affects your website in so many ways. It affects your sales as well. Undoubtedly, your website may look awesome, but your customers are not ready to wait for decade to load. Simply, serve your customers with a website, which loads quickly.

7. The Website is not mobile ready

More than 50% of searches are made through mobile devices. That means 4 out of 5 customers use mobile smartphones to shop nowadays & you can’t afford to go without the mobile-friendly website of your online store.

8. Your Products have nothing different from others

If you really want to take your business to the next level, then you really need to keep your products exciting enough. Also, you need to stand out from the crowd with the experience that you are creating.

9. Customers don’t know where to go

An ambiguous buying path can make customers away from buying. In a nutshell, a clear conversion path helps out your customers to complete a transaction comfortably.

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