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At present, app development tools have diversified to serve the utmost utility for web development. This is where the rapid advancements of technology have minimized the efforts of web developers through new-age interface of cross platform app development frameworks. These platforms have best app framework intended at reaching target audience in lesser time and reduced costs.

This technology is currently in the state of evolution and it should be understood before implementation. The cross platform solutions are easier to maintain and make web development process quicker. According to a survey, 60% of online traffic now originates from mobile devices. It further implicates that cross platform mobile apps are being preferred due to their single codebase feature. In fact, better user-interface and customization of the cross platform framework has made it the most reliable technological solution.Let’s take a look at the advanced mechanism, benefits and scope of this platform for mobile app:


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Mechanism of cross platform app development frameworks

Undoubtedly, mobile development is a comprehensive and time-consuming yet complex process. In the traditional app development work scenario, building an efficient application which turns out to be compatible with all the platforms is considerably a tough task to accomplish. However, with the help of the most popular cross platform mobile development platform, the businesses can serve customers in a better way.

Not only will the users be able to access the app on various platforms like android, windows and iOS, but, they can even access multiple features of the app smoothly. From the point of developers, it can be stated that they can manage good balance between quality of the outcome and cost by counting on the cross platform app development frameworks. The tools of these platforms add ease to the workflow of developers helping them in exploring their quest to build the efficient and effective application.


Basically, the cross platform framework is a software which enables application to be launched on multiple platforms without any glitch. It is one of the trusted and most demanded methods of empowering developers who can come up with better results by initially understanding how to develop cross platform mobile apps by using this software. On a statistical note, According to Statista’s 2019 report, worldwide mobile app revenues in 2019 amounted to 461 billion US dollars and by 2023, paid downloads and in-app adverts are believed to generate over 935 billion dollars in revenue.

What is cross platform app development?

If you are trying to understand what is cross platform app development, then, here’s what should be explored:

With the help of cross platform solutions, the development of apps becomes simplified and cost-effective. Most of all, these apps can be launched on various operating systems with the single interface. The whole idea of implementing cross platform development tools is to adapt its mechanism according to the specific digital environment and attracting larger customer base. It is possible to launch the app simultaneously on various platforms if the right multi platform mobile app development framework is utilized by the team of developers. The source code does not need to be written separately for various platforms while building the app through the cross platform app development. According to the survey reports, Android and iOS both are accounting for 98% of the total mobile OS market share.

In addition, launching and updating the software with the help of the tools within the best app framework. There is absolutely no need of hiring a dedicated team to handle and update process of the software as these tools serve the same purpose accurately. In order to know how to develop a cross platform app, you should understand the level of complexity offered by the software. Moreover, you should check the features, price and its utility so with at the app development process becomes easier. Following are some of the cross platform app development frameworks that should be considered before finalizing the best platform:

1. Sencha Touch 2

This software is compatible with Window, Mac and Linux operating systems to create apps. If you are familiar with extensive knowledge of app development and have handled HTML5, CSS3 as well as Java Script, then, Sencha Touch 2 is the right choice for the creation of cross platform mobile apps. You just need to install it on your device and type command by using Sencha Touch 2. If the older version of the app is detected, the software will download a delta update to add the changes which are missing in your app. The SDK command line tool will be added to the selected path in order to create new application template. In order to generate the application successfully, the command script needs to be written as explained in the help guide of the software.

2. Tiggzi

It is a drag-and-drop tool platform for creating the best app framework, wherein, standard buttons, videos, menus and other elements are added to the mobile app being built. The extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, XML and JavaScript is a must to implement native mobile apps share code across multiple platforms. If you are using Tiggzi for the first time, then, it has many tutorials and other resources to use the cross platform framework effectively.

3. AppMak

With this online tool, content centric apps can be created along with service-oriented mobile apps. AppMakr does not require programming, yet, HTML can be added to work on this platform. If you have utilized HTML and CSS knowledge in the past, then, it will be easier to use this cross platform for creating mobile apps. Access video tutorials to get walk through of the app before starting work on it.

4. jQuery Mobile

Experience the smooth mechanism of HTML 5 on the interface of this cross platform framework for mobile app development. The extensive knowledge of jQuery, HTML and CSS will be beneficial for you to understand how to develop a cross platform app. Watch demo videos of this software to get started with app development.

Apart from this, following are the other cross platform app development frameworks you can consider before choosing the best app framework:

  • Ionic
  • React Native
  • PhoneGap
  • iBuildApp
  • Xamarin
  • NativeScript

Factors to consider before investing on cross platform for mobile apps

  • Cost for multiple platforms Lesser cost of deployment as the code is same
  • Time for app development Code is written once, but, can be used on multiple platforms
  • Designing techniques Some additional designing features are required by developers to build cross platform mobile apps
  • Audience reach The framework allows extensive knowledge to reach to increased target audience
  • Cost of hiring new developers Hiring developers for cross platform solutions is cost-effective

Wrapping up

The prevalence of cross platform solutions has been witnessed lately considering the need to make app development compatible with all the platforms. Some of the features of cross platform solutions such as a comprehensive range of tools, open-source, fair documentation, tested code repository and ability to access device capability altogether make cross platform app development frameworks reliable. It is highly advisable to choose the best software after checking all its features and prime utility.

Lastly, it can be summed up that with the emergence of new trends due to advancements in the technology, it is ideal to choose the best cross platform framework for creating the mobile application with advanced mechanism.

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