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With the increased demand for hand-held devices, most companies are looking forward to introducing the app of their product and services. The idea of choosing this step is to offer flexibility to customers indirectly utilizing the app for individual purposes. From the optimum utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Augmented Reality (AR), wearable devices, apps to empower teams and mobile applications to create solutions for making work productive, mobile app development trends have always updated. Experienced web developers test these apps for their functioning and compatibility with the devices before being launched. Keeping up with upcoming trends is essential to serve customers better and offer advanced services to them.


The crucial factors like technological advancements, growing consumer needs, and simplifying users’ experience lead to changes in the mobile app development industry. According to research, people spend 87% of their time on mobile apps, making mobile app development a must for businesses. It is a futuristic approach that enables organizations and web developers to explore the latest trends in mobile apps ideally. Let’s take a look at 15 Mobile App Development Trends of 2022, which are developed after considering the requirements of users and advanced utility:

Top Mobile App Development Trends of 2022 at a glance

1. Apps for foldable devices

Phones with flap mechanism and related utility seemed to be one of the favourite mobile app development trends. But, with the changes in technology, smartphones came up with new features with touchscreen and variations. However, from the past few years, foldable devices have made an appreciable comeback. These smartphones are designed to fold or expand depending on the preferences of users. In short, when it comes to using the phone to answer the call, using it in a foldable way is among the top mobile app development technologies to consider. On the other hand, watching videos on foldable devices needs the expanding feature to view fully.

In the context of mobile app development trends 2022, the content creators, resellers and app developers have to coordinate together to adjust the smartphone’s display on folding the screen. According to Statista, roughly 3.2 million foldable phones were shipped in 2019. No doubt, 2022 is going to witness the trend of foldable devices and their successful utility.

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2. Incorporating 5G technology

The mobile app development trends in 2022 witnessed the contribution of 5G technology to a better customer experience. As a part of this trend, the speed and efficiency of the device will increase to a great extent. The mobile app development company is heading towards modern advancements from boosting network efficiency and traffic capacity to improving app functionalities with 5G technology. Most of all, using this technology during the testing and development stages will fetch improved and quicker outcome for app developers in https://www.esferasoft.com/mobile-app-development-services-company/ in coming years.

Future 5G applications

  1. Driver-less vehicle technology
  2. Cloud computing
  3. Wireless medical/healthcare services

3. Internet of Things (IoT) app integration

The Internet of Things (IoT) is listed in the app development trends for adding digital intelligence to most of the devices being used today. This technology is sensible, smarter and responsive. Hence, it empowers devices in homes and offices. Some examples of IoT devices include medical sensors, smart security system, smart door lock, fitness trackers, etc.

4. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

Virtual assistants in smartphones are greatly demanded as a part of mobile app development trends 2020 and continue to be a part & parcel of everybody’s life. Siri, Google Voice Search and chatbots are some of the active examples of AI and machine learning. Besides, AI cameras, voice translation and user predictions are changing the perspective of finding data through smartphones or other devices.

5. Virtual Reality & Augmented reality

VR and AR or Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have shown their excellence in the gaming segment exclusively. From motion tracking, environmental understanding and light estimation to people occlusion, there are many features of VR & AR that make android app development trends worth an exploration. Industries like healthcare, retail, marketing, education, and tourism use AR-based apps for a better user experience.

6. Wearable devices

Wearable devices like a smartwatch, fitness band and trackers are buzzing due to their potential for the past few years. The mobile app development trends in 2022 show that applications are being developed, keeping in mind the wearable devices to support their utility.

7. Mobile Commerce

The onset of a pandemic, COVID-19 attracted several mobile app industry trends for business growth and mobile, or M-commerce was one of them. Whether it is to increase revenue or boost sales, the e-commerce segment has turned into M-commerce, further creating a pathway for app industry trends.

8. Enterprise mobile applications

Enterprise mobile applications lead to digital transformation and improve the productivity of an organization. All the complex processes become simplified with these applications while keeping the data secure.

9. Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology keeps sensitive information secured by recording it through Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Among all the mobile application development trends, this technology offers data security to users in a smarter way.

10. Geolocation based apps

These apps offer better suggestions, personalized recommendation, and AR in geography or astronomy by collecting the users’ geolocation. Getting an insight into the location and user behavior is also possible with this trend.

11. Beacon Technology

The mobile app development company focuses on the relevant notifications and relevant specifications to the user as he enters the beacon’s zone. The path between users and companies gets reduced with the Beacon technology.

12. Mobile Wallets

Quicker and smarter payment without any hassle becomes a realistic thought when mobile wallets are looked upon as significant mobile app industry trends. Currently, GooglePay, SamsungPay and many other wallets are effectively used due to their efficient payment processing system. No doubt, ApplePay is setting an example in ios app development trends for being a reliable mobile wallet

13. Chatbots

Instant assistance to customers and interactions with the bot may be prevalent for over a decade, yet, the increased demand for chatbots makes them listed among the mobile app development trends 2022 will promote for the coming generations.

14. Cloud computing integration

Storing data physically and then not tracing it due to some of the other reasons can keep the sensitive information at stake. Hence, cloud storage technology supports the mobile app development industry for streamlining operations and storing data directly on the cloud.

15. Bio-metric authentication

Apart from the regular bio-metric authentication, Face ID and fingerprint authentication to unlock smartphones or any other devices will continue to be trending mobile app development technologies. This security authentication method will also include hand geometry, voice recognition and iris recognition for mobile apps being developed in 2022.

Quora Answers

Q1) What is the current trend in mobile development?

Ans) Even though many mobile app development trends to watch out for in 2022, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things will be the most prominent ones. These trends will empower the users and offer real-time data to them while using smart devices.

Q2) What is the next big thing in mobile app development?

Ans) Mobile apps are being used all over the world to make life smarter and better. To simplify the processes, most of the mobile app development trends of 2022 like blockchain technology, multi-platform UI development and human behaviour modelling will be some of the changes to expect in the coming years.


The future of trends in the mobile app development company seems interesting and exciting considering the above changes. However, you need to select the best mobile app development organization to make the most out of these trends. Lastly, integrating 5G technologies in the varied mobile app industry trends will make app creation simplified.

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